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Yet another night,
I sit and let time pass.
Know it isn't right,
Eyes stuck unto my glass

As I sit and stare,
I gaze at my reflection,
As if I am aware,
I look in my direction.

But the eyes staring back,
look dark and empty.
What is it that I lack?
It's not narcolepsy

A window to my soul,
a phrase quite literal,
A sin tho, didn't know
the toll is more than physical.
Too many nights with no sleep
Too many nights with no dreams,
Too many times, felt empty,
Too many times with worries.

Too many things that bother me,
Too many things that hurt me.
Too many ways you'd offer me,
broken promises, surely.

Many hurtful words hurled,
at me and so of-ten
2 hearts, too many, to keep
happy and content.
Weird how fallen angels
become lost demons,
A change in altitude,
and it's all un-even,
They say it's because
there is sin in pride,
Internal debates with
the demons inside,

People love us more
when they have to grieve us,
No one is an angel,
til the day they leave us,
Only then, it seems,
that our wings are mended,
Fallen angels live again,
when our lives are ended.
Dear me,
how are you doing?
I know how you're feeling,
that **** is **** consuming.
You're at the end of your rope,
So I wrote this letter,
To maybe help you cope,
I promise things get better.
It's okay to hurt,
But don't hold to that pain,
For what it's worth,
I went through all the same.
And look at me now,
I'm proud, I'm still here.
Thanks to the family and
friends I've kept so near.
So when you're hurting and
it lasts all day long,
remember I'm proof you made it,
just stay strong.
I just want you to know,
I'm still here and, oh so proud.
And if you ever feel low,
That's something I cannot allow.
Cuz you've come so far,
you're better now than, you were at the start.
I know that times are kind of hard.
But I promise that I, am never apart.
If you ever feel the need to cry,
I hope you know that it's fine my friend.
Just promise me that you'll try,
To dry your tears and smile at the end
I know you hold regrets,
and wish things didnt end that way.
But I swear I'm proud of you,
and the person that you are today.
Make something from nothing,
that is just too strange.
All things have an equal.
equivalent exchange.
An eye for an eye
A good deed for another,
The love from a daughter
for the love of a mother.
So half your life, for half of mine,
does that sound so strange?
We'd be trading precious time,
equivalent exchange.
Life's a b-
Well you know what they say
Even the best laid plans,
often go astray.
But hey, even then
I think it's okay.
Cuz they say,
where there's a will, theres a way,
there's a whole lotta idioms,
from the good to the hideous,
Either it's highly perceptive,
or maybe they're just ramblings from an idiot
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