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Syomone Jan 12
I want a woman
That won’t me
She don’t need me
& I don’t need her
But I want her
We want each
A wise woman
Told me that
To want somebody
That more powerful
Than to need them
So I want to want
And I want
That person
To want me
Jan 3 · 348
What about me
Syomone Jan 3
I’m suffering in silence
Because you don’t
Want to be a inconvenience
What about me
I have no medial training
But I got to do open
Heart surgery on myself
So I don’t become bitter
And folk don’t know
That I’m really broken
& hurt
What about me
They ruin my life
And go on as
If nothing has happened
And here I am
Picking up the pieces
And I’m the one
That loves you
What about
Syomone Jul 2022
I wanna know
are you safe
with love
I wanna know
if I can trust you
with love
I want to know
if I tell you my secrets
will you respect
me in the morning
Don’t use my
Talk against
That will just
Silence me
Jul 2022 · 42
Lost summers
Syomone Jul 2022
Lost summers
here as we
both bathe in
sweet sin
Leave it to me,
I’ll give you
To believe in.
Serving ***
With some
Mangos on the side
Personal space
& privacy
No longer
Exists around
Jun 2022 · 59
The Question
Syomone Jun 2022
Her name
his name
Your name
my name
Your tongue
my lips
Their war
our forbidden
Bitter feuds
sweet roses
A new desire
that exposes
Do I risk it
all and
deny my name
Will she do
the same
or is this
all a game
Apr 2022 · 292
The love I carry
Syomone Apr 2022
I carry
that kind of love
in my heart
that you will
never find
see some people
scared of they demons
I make friends
with mine
I might of bend
the truth
but I never lied
I need something
to feel alive when
I’m dead
inside all
my personal issues
I’m learning
to set aside
cause I planted
the seed and
people came
with pesticides
give y’all my
but never
will I testify
Mar 2022 · 89
On purpose
Syomone Mar 2022
I had my heart
once before
but not anymore
the person
I left it open
too shattered
it to the core
left pieces
of it all over the floor
I trusted
with it
who I truly
treated it like
it was worthless
feels like
their intentions
was to
break it on
Feb 2022 · 405
Syomone Feb 2022
I was afraid
of you losing you,
until I realized you
never really belonged
to me
in the first place
because even
though my heart
was with you
was with
everything and everyone
else so instead
of being afraid
to lose you
I sat back
and watched
you lose me
Oct 2021 · 322
Your not here
Syomone Oct 2021
When I run
I’m running
Into your arm
And when I sing
I’m singing to
Your heart
I feel you near
In my moments
Of fear but
When I open
Up my eyes
I see it clear
It’s only in
My dreams
That you are
You’re not
The thing people don’t say grieving never really ends
Oct 2021 · 109
You & I sometimes
Syomone Oct 2021
You and I
To happen
I won’t
be mad
If it happens
I stumble
I lay awake
At night
I drink and I cry
Cause I’m
Only strong
I’m okay with
Losing my mind
That’s why
I only
Feel strong
You and
Oct 2021 · 48
I’m most afraid of
Syomone Oct 2021
I ask myself
The same question
Every day
In the face
Of certain death
Would I make
The same choice
Will I give
Into the side
Of my over
Cautious mother?
Or will I rise
To the side
Of my brave father?
Whose courage got
Him killed ?
And even through
I was too young
To really know him
I’ll do anything
To be like my
Just don’t ask
Me to risk my life
For my work
Because that’s what
I’m most afraid of
Oct 2021 · 44
I’m yours
Syomone Oct 2021
One kiss
Is never
Enough from you
So perfect there’s
No way there
Could be two
You hold me down
Like an anchor,
I swear
So if there’s a
Storm I ain’t
Going no where
All I want and all
I need is
your loving next to me
So take my heart
And you can keep it
Cause I believe that
I’m yours
Sep 2021 · 214
Looking at myself
Syomone Sep 2021
Take a hard look
In the mirror
Do you see
The trace
Where once
Was your face
Now is fading
Stranger in
the mirror
Don’t know
Who you are
Nothing left
But the
Broken glass
It’s never been
So clear
Why I’m
Standing here
I need to make
A change
Sep 2021 · 121
Last night A angel
Syomone Sep 2021
Angel cried
But her tears
We’re left undried
The words
We’re left unspoken
No clouds my
Wings are broken
Now my heads
At war
Do I just let
Go of what
I see
The night
A stranger died
Is when she found
Herself inside
Like a pearl
Deep in the ocean
You’ll never find a
Tear your eyes
are open
Sep 2021 · 39
You & I
Syomone Sep 2021
me right
me right
me right
All night
me tight
Never lie
Feel so right
Sep 2021 · 42
Giving me a peace of mind
Syomone Sep 2021
Running out
Of time
I can’t wait
Feels out
Of place
When I’m
Not with
Bout you
I can’t erase
I cannot
Even if I
Wanted to
You make me
Feel so right
You give me
Peace of
Aug 2021 · 51
My purpose
Syomone Aug 2021
Must be to
Love you
You tell me
You’ll keep me
Close to you
And all
You ask is
Dedicate my
Heart to you
It my pleasure
To give you
All of me
It’s the love
I have that
Keeps me
You’re so
Good to me
I can’t image
Losing you
No there’s
No one
That can
Compare to
Syomone Aug 2021
If I knew the
Next door
Would’ve been
I would’ve
Been nice
too you
A little
More kind
Too you
I’ve would’ve
Looked twice
Depending on
How close
We were
We would’ve
Been in love
Aug 2021 · 92
Real love
Syomone Aug 2021
I just wanna be loved
by one female
who’s really down
for me and only me,
only has eyes for me,
wouldn’t let ANYTHING
come between us.
I just want someone
that will never
let me fall asleep wondering
if I still matter...
I want an old fashioned
kind of love.
And I don’t mean
I want to be courted,
It’s the kind of love
that seeps
through your
every vein.
The kind of love
that is entle
and innocent.
The kind of love
that doesn’t ever
stop even when
the other person’s
heart stops..
I want the kind of love
that is just as strong
fifty years later
from the first meeting.
I want my heart
to beat out of
my chest every single
time I see this
person smile at me.
And I want to
remember all
the first times.
And all the milestones
we have gotten
through together..
and I want the kind
of love that is worth missing.
That’s so worth it,
even when you
lose this person.
I want the kind
of love that
I would never ever regret.
I want the kind of
love that breathes
even when
I can’t anymore.
Because if I ever find
this kind of love,
I won’t need anything else
Aug 2021 · 80
Dear, Soulmate
Syomone Aug 2021
I don’t know what
You doing
if this
Message reach you
I want you to know
I pray for you
Not just today
But on a daily
I pray that God
Keep your soul
Cleanse & most
Of all I hope he
Keeps your mind
At peace & at ease
With everything
That surrounds you
I’m praying that
I’m becoming the
Woman that
you need
Also praying
that I know
How to love
you correctly
With you I don’t
want to
get it wrong
No more
With you I
some thing
If the this
Reach you
I pray for you
Syomone Aug 2021
Yeah I got
trust issues
Truth be told
I’m scared
I’m scared
To give
A hundred percent
I’m scared
Of being invested
In one person
I’m scared
Of being so
In love
With you
Just for
one day
To come
And you be
In love with
Somebody else
And that’s
my biggest
you dig
Jul 2021 · 162
Quite mind
Syomone Jul 2021
Ever went to sleep
But woke up tired
The mind was never
Quite the mind
Never received true
Risk but I’m not happy
But I am at peace
Right now I’m
Tell you my
Pure peace
I never been
The things that
I’m doing right now
Is amazing to me
Syomone Jul 2021
I don’t want
move fast
I want to
Move correctly
If it’s something
That’s gonna
Take us a
Year to make
That’s fine
Maybe even take
ten years
To make
I just don’t want to
waste no time
Jul 2021 · 42
A hustler state of mind
Syomone Jul 2021
They say money
the root of all
it just depend
on who you’re
cause that money
could turn that frown
upside down,
turn that crying
into laughing
it’s all about
your hustle
your hustle
can get you
your hustle
can make a woman
who ain’t never
showed you no love
go to wanting
all your time
your hustle
can take you far
if you have a
strong mind see,
we living in a time
where loyalty
that seldom seen,
where the one
you love will cross
you it’s all bout
how you play
your hand
Jun 2021 · 59
Something about you
Syomone Jun 2021
It’s something
about you
That’s so
that’s got me
wanting to
know you
and I
can’t put my
fingers on it
but it feels
oh like;
I’ve been here
before it something
about you that
makes me
wonder I swear
I met you
but you’re a
stranger and I
can’t put
my finger
on quite
what it is
May 2021 · 51
See the Un-Rise Queen
Syomone May 2021
See the un-rise  
Before you speak
I couldn’t
I’m scared
What I’m
gonna through
When it rains
I been
seeing you
The days
really move
Sunrise before
You speak
You know it’s me
Goin through
You love
heavy on me
two nights
City we saw
From the
May 2021 · 709
Life is limitless
Syomone May 2021
What if there is no
limit to what we can do?
What if there is an
overflow of
we need pouring
out of us....⁣
Would it change
how we do things? ⁣
Would we be
more confident? ⁣
Less afraid?
What if you could
walk on water ⁣
and every time
you open your
eyes you see infinity?⁣
What if all this t
is already true?
Apr 2021 · 47
This is me
Syomone Apr 2021
I let you
Tell me
Was right
I lost myself
In the light
I felt I’d
Never, ever
win the fight  
So I changed up
Just for you to like
This me
with no
I’m exactly
Who I wanna be
This me with
But we still
Just don’t
wanna be
All the courage
That’s inside of me
I’m exactly who,
I wanna be now
That you’re woke
Wake up out of
Your twisted fantasy
This is me
Apr 2021 · 47
What is Curiosity
Syomone Apr 2021
Ten months in
Still be
I’m curious
Is that you
Looking at
her shirt
You chose that
grey shirt
today it brings out
the flex in your eyes
I’m curious why’d you
pick they color
Apr 2021 · 38
Let’s talk about Love
Syomone Apr 2021
We finally
got settled
And things
to do
Then it got
Hitting the
That I
also do
She love’s
we wrestle
Secrets in
my respite
In my bed;
We don’t
Stay left
Let’s talk
Apr 2021 · 126
Our Neighbors
Syomone Apr 2021
Our neighbors
Are often
Our best
They teach
us to find
Joy in
turbulent times
they’re where
We learn
And empathy
being a good
mean mastering
The arts
Of selflessness
and compromise
Our neighbors
help us
Define and
Our concept
of family
Feb 2021 · 129
What is love
Syomone Feb 2021
Love is a
funny thing
Yea it’s
gonna hurt
But when you
And unselfishly
You want
to see that
even if
It’s not
with  you
Syomone Feb 2021
I never had a problem
With humbling
See what you
Didn’t understand
When you gravitate
Yourself to me
You didn’t understand
You saw my price
You saw my work
You saw my value
Apparently somewhere
In there the spirit of God
Dropped somewhere
in you heart
And show you this
girl not only is she
A mechanic she can
fix things she
didn’t break
She’s also a doctor
she can heal
Someone she never hurt
Sometimes it’s a
blessing and a cures
I’m cool with the
blessing but I
don’t like the cures
now I got to leave
you in a situation
To humble you
in a different type of way
But don’t ever
treat me like
I’m a option
Because I with
opt you out
Feb 2021 · 50
Me and You
Syomone Feb 2021
You’re so
sweet to me
Your touch makes
me calm
yet so fearless
Your presence makes
me feel so ****
yet so vulnerable
Every look,
every kiss,
every touch,
every prayer
let’s me know
God secures us
Me and You
Syomone Feb 2021
While there
are guys
In here
who looked
At a guy
like you
all they
Saw was
the color of
There are people
out there
Who look at
me and all they
See is the
color of my
So you would expect
to know how a
black man feel;
but they don’t
because they get to
take there uniform off
Jan 2021 · 50
I’m grateful
Syomone Jan 2021
Let me undress
your mind
And make
love to you mentally
Penetrate your soul
Connect with
u intellectually
Lemme deep
dive inside you
And Baby-
I don’t mean sexually
Listen, you are
a Queen
You are worth
more than *** to me
I’d rather massage
ya scalp
While u relax-
laying next
to me
Your heart
is my peace
Nothin about
u stresses me
I am so thankful
God never stops
blessing me
I am so grateful
Jan 2021 · 55
Syomone Jan 2021
The reality is,
I didn’t truly
love my ex,
I loved her
hard I loved
who I painted
her to be.
I loved the
idea of us
& what she
could become.
If I had accepted her
for who she really was,
I wouldn’t have
loved her at all.
Jan 2021 · 33
Syomone Jan 2021
I’m tossed
can’t live
tryin to
my way
Jan 2021 · 42
Playing games
Syomone Jan 2021
Treat me so bad
But she feel
So good
Know you
Do me bad
Baby take me
Like you should
Ought to know
You had it good
a girl gone
Bad but you
Feel so good
Not just anybody
You can play
With my emotions
Baby; you know
You drive me crazy
Never raised that
But not gained for
After that I paid for
Act as if it’s not
A game
Jan 2021 · 41
When you love
Syomone Jan 2021
When you love,
you get hurt.
When you
get hurt,
you hate.
When you hate,
you try to forget.
When you
try to forget,
you start missing.
And when you
start missing,
you'll eventually
fall in love again.
Dec 2020 · 58
I want you
Syomone Dec 2020
I want you
You want me
I don’t wanna
Do you wrong
Ima give you my all
And I’m always keep
It real just
Gotta tell me
How you feeling
If we ain’t got
No trust
Then I ain’t got
No feelings
You say you need my love
We ain’t got no limits
Said if we ain’t got trust
We ain’t really got nothing
Dec 2020 · 137
Lay this burden down
Syomone Dec 2020
Can I lay
This burden
Who’s gonna
Take it up
For me
I’m a river
I keep running on
I’m a pillar
You’re used to
Leaning on
Just this once
Can I lay this
Burden down
Can you
take up for me
When you run
me in the ground
That’s the day
you’re gonna see
all I’ve done
I’m alone
Just for a moment
Could I not be strong
Wish I knew how
to lay this
burden down
Dec 2020 · 48
Find a light
Syomone Dec 2020
I don’t
wanna make
An empty
I ain’t
got time
To tell
you lies
I ain’t gonna
Pull you
Through the
But I can
show you
Where to
find a light
Nov 2020 · 54
I tried to be a good wife
Syomone Nov 2020
I never said
I was perfect
I just try to
Live the best life
I can
So many times
So many times
Heart broken
By a woman
She knew I loved
That woman, that
Woman she
knew I cared
She knew
I would have died
For her and
now she’s gone
And I’m alone
and that’s
just isn’t fair
Nov 2020 · 279
Becoming a wife
Syomone Nov 2020
Your not a
wife when
I marry you
You’re a
wife when
I find you
You become
When I marry you
A wife is not
the presence
Of a ring
It’s the presence
Of your character
Too many woman
Want to be married
But you walking
In the spirit
Of girlfriend
Nov 2020 · 58
Sweet love
Syomone Nov 2020
sweet love
It’s the
Only thing
That there just
Too little of
What the world
Needs now
No, not just
For some
But for everyone
What the world
Needs love,
Sweet love
Nov 2020 · 170
For the one
Syomone Nov 2020
In a new place
With the same face
But nothing
Is familiar to me
But there a strong rush
In the winds touch
And it bringing
Out the woman
In me I know
That you’re
Out there somewhere
Waiting on a deeper
Connection now I’m
Lookin to my left
Searchin on my right
Cause we could be
The greatest adventure
I’m ready come and find me
I’m not gonna hide, got the sun
On my side it’s heady
Cause I finally open
For the one
Nov 2020 · 144
What comes with marriage
Syomone Nov 2020
A symbiotic
The compromise
The sacrifice
The service
Now no one
Is no one
Else’s responsibility
To make you feel
Good about you
You cannot completely &
Totally rely on you spouse
For validation for self
Love but to the extend
You add to
there life
You add security
You add levels
Of happiness
Nov 2020 · 64
Sad thoughts
Syomone Nov 2020
she isn't the easiest girl to love.
She has this bad habit
of overthinking,
she tends to overreact
more than she should
she gets a little insecure
every once in a while.
She'll be needy for your attention,
she'll want to literally
take up all of your time,
and she'll require
a lot of reassurance.
If anything,
she is everything
you wouldn't
want in a girlfriend.
She isn't capable
of fully trusting you,
she doesn't know
when to stop
fighting with you
even if she's wrong,
and she has no
problem pushing
you away
if she feels like you're
close to hurt her.
Loving her will
stress you out,
loving her will
make you angry,
loving her will
break your heart at times,
loving her will test you,
loving her will challenge you,
and loving her
will change you.
It may get so
demanding that you'll
be tempted to walk away,
it may get so hard
that you'll think
about giving up,
and it may get so
complicated that you won't
want to deal
with her anymore.
Loving her means
you get to see her
at her worst and most
vulnerable and that is
something that you'll
have be strong enough
to handle because
she needs someone
who's patient
enough to understand
why she is who she is today.
It's not gonna be
an easy relationship with her.
But if she is in love with you,
then she can promise
that you'll be loved
with such passion
and intensity that
you'll forget what life
felt like before she
came along because
she'll always be there
to put your heart
back together after
breaking it.
Maybe she's not the
best at being loved,
but she's pretty
amazing at loving.
Oct 2020 · 66
It’s Carter time
Syomone Oct 2020
I’m light
Like a kite
I’m might
get life
My light shady
My rice gravy
My nights daily
My life crazy
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