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 Aug 2021 Syomone
Thomas W Case
When people annoy me with their
constant complaining or their
non stop arguing, or even worse,
their illogical demands:
"For the last time, you can't buy
***** with food stamps."  Or,
"There is no way a crow took the
rent money out of your hands and
flew off with it."

What I do is close my eyes and
pretend they're squirrels chattering
in squirrel language.  
Then they don't bother me so much.
I just want to reach out and pet them,
or give them a handful of nuts.
It's not hard; half of them look
like squirrels anyway.
 Apr 2020 Syomone
Jacob Reilly
Leave me here
On the floor
Reaching out
Wanting more
Watch you leave
Through that door
From my soul
My love, it poured
I called your name 
But what's that for? 
As you left
My heart had tore
Because you are my lover 
And I was your war
Find yourself, before you let others into your life.
 Jul 2019 Syomone
 Jul 2019 Syomone
Please stop this hurting,
and this confusion.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Are you really just an illusion?

This isn't a decision.
I'm being shoved,
making me lose vision
and questioning "am i really loved"?

I want to stay for my beloved,
but I need room.
Why won't you let me feel loved?
I just want to bloom.

Please won't you let me?
Please just set me free.
my fight..
 Jul 2019 Syomone
love is
 Jul 2019 Syomone
Love is complex;
     it is not fair;
     and is filled with vex.
Love means to dare.

Love is rare;
   it is filled with bliss;
   and happiness making you want to just stare/
Love is best shown with a kiss.

Love is to miss
   someone you adore dearly,
   causing you to reminisce.
Love is to care fiercely.

Love is like the sun,
   especially when it is with your special one.
Trying my first spenserian sonnet

— The End —