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Syomone Feb 2021
While there
are guys
In here
who looked
At a guy
like you
all they
Saw was
the color of
There are people
out there
Who look at
me and all they
See is the
color of my
So you would expect
to know how a
black man feel;
but they don’t
because they get to
take there uniform off
Syomone Oct 2019
I woke up and I saw her getting ready to go to work, I thought about telling her something, but when I realized she didn't see me awake, I decided to stay silent watching. Concentrated she looked in the mirror and carefully took care of every detail, hair, eyes, tone of skin and contours, sometimes she strayed from her reflection and as who so much already did that understood details that only a woman can understand.

She was beautiful as usual, but not as amazing as when we met or even when she was dressed to go out together. I stayed there, thinking about all the time she took to stay irresistible.

I kept thinking about how many times I forgot to tell her how much she was wonderful. That morning I pretended to be asleep and when she came up to kiss me goodbye I threw her surprise for my side of the bed, looked in her eyes that seemed to understand nothing and I said, " I'm sorry when I forget to tell you You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

I'm lucky that she chose me she just smiled, with the same amazing smile as usual and that I did so long I didn't value the **** custom. That morning that came out to work I felt a great nostalgia for her, a nostalgia that I didn't feel a while ago.

I really realized how lucky I was to have her at my side and the luck I had to understand that without losing her.
Syomone Feb 2022
I was afraid
of you losing you,
until I realized you
never really belonged
to me
in the first place
because even
though my heart
was with you
was with
everything and everyone
else so instead
of being afraid
to lose you
I sat back
and watched
you lose me
Syomone Jul 2021
They say money
the root of all
it just depend
on who you’re
cause that money
could turn that frown
upside down,
turn that crying
into laughing
it’s all about
your hustle
your hustle
can get you
your hustle
can make a woman
who ain’t never
showed you no love
go to wanting
all your time
your hustle
can take you far
if you have a
strong mind see,
we living in a time
where loyalty
that seldom seen,
where the one
you love will cross
you it’s all bout
how you play
your hand
Syomone Oct 2020
Make her promises
without breaking them
Love her
without hurting her
Uplift her
without putting her down
Compliment her
without Degrading her
Claim her
without throwing
in her face you have options
Encourage her
without discouraging her
Spoil her
without neglecting
her emotionally
Build with her
without breaking her down
Become her fairytale
without being her night mare
Add to her life
without subtracting from it
Last but not least
be the person you
were in the
Syomone Jul 2020
How to find my
soul to home
Where water
is not thirsty
and bread loaf
is not stone
I came up
with one thing,
and I don’t
I’m wrong
That nobody,
but nobody,
can make
It out here alone
Syomone Nov 2019
not a flower or a tree.
Much prettier than that,
and only I can see.

Loving and caring
right down to the core.
Filling me with happiness
and so much more.

Eyes are so stunning,
cannot look away.
Gorgeous and shining
all throughout the day.

Here in your arms
is where I belong.
The beating of your heart
is like a beautiful song
Syomone Jul 2019
A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can't deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.
Syomone Nov 2019
In my possession
Is something that does nothing
To spark a threat,
But in the eyes of those
Who propose prejudice
And negligence against
The natural color of elegance
Shows why we as a people
Become more arrogant.
To think that we are ignorant
Yet we can read the disbelief
Of how humanity doesn't accept our culture,
Blue vultures taking the life
Out of what was suppose to be dead
As chivalry overcomes
The troubles we once fled.
Syomone Apr 2020
As deep as
our love was,
my self love is deeper.
Yeah I want you,
but I don’t need you.
I wanted to take
care of your heart,
but I needed that
real from the start.
Let’s grow together
and have some kids,
a few dogs and
a nice *** crib I said.
I’m on hers
and hers type of ****,
**** Jordan’s
and lame ****.
I’m talking about stocks,
vacations and savings.
But you played instead
Syomone Dec 2019
Your beauty as a woman
Is not in the clothes you wear
The figure that you carries
Or the way you combs her hair.
Your beauty is seen
from in your eyes,
Because that is the
doorway to your heart,
the place where love resides.
Your beauty is not
in a ****** mole,
But true beauty is
reflecting in her soul.
It is the caring
that you  gives,
The passion that you shows,
And your beauty
Within you passing only grows.
Syomone Jan 2020
She Can't Pray Right Now !!!!!
So let us pray for her
She Has No Strength Right Now!!!!!!
So let's hold her up
She Has No Words Right Now !!!!!
So let's let her moan and be her voice
She Has No Understanding Right Now!!!!!
So let us be reminded that He's or she’s Sovereign
She Has NO recollection of just 1 Feeling !!!!!
So let's show her LOVE
She's surrounded by Onlookers
So let's be her private Warrior's.
Syomone Nov 2020
Your not a
wife when
I marry you
You’re a
wife when
I find you
You become
When I marry you
A wife is not
the presence
Of a ring
It’s the presence
Of your character
Too many woman
Want to be married
But you walking
In the spirit
Of girlfriend
Syomone Jul 2019
I promise to cherish
every moment with you
and to share more
new memories with you
Don’t give up on me and
I won’t give up on you

Why are you so beautiful?
Why do you take my breath away?
How did I get so lucky?
How are you perfect in every single way?

Your laugh should be illegal because it's too cute.
I never want to spend a minute without you.
The way you talk to me takes my breath away.
You are so special,
And I'm glad that
I can say you are mine,
Because when I'm
with you I feel
All of the time
Syomone May 2020
It's all so confusing.
my pain seems
to linger feeding your
Everytime I try
to heal your heart
you just take mine
and use it.
I tried to pull you
into me to show
you we can do this.
But what's the point
of love if
only lust seems
to move it.
giving you all my body
with intent
to show and prove it
and all
you seem to think is  
Yeah shorty
let's me abuse it.
And now i've
taken all the
pieces of me...
with love I placed
them in you carefully.
and now with
nothing left of me.
you say it's
nothing there to be
Syomone Oct 2019
Call me crazy...
your fault.
I almost lost
my mind waiting
on you to make
up yours..
Syomone Dec 2019
I never thought that I would ever
Experience such hurt,

The things I would do
To reverse this curse.

The amount of rain that has fallen
In the past few hours
Wouldn't measure up to the tears
That have rolled from my cheeks
Onto this hospital floor.

Although this fight isn't over,

The Mother that has honored
My life in many ways
And has taught me how to pray
Is getting close to her last days.

No matter how many heart beats,
No matter how many wiggly lines go up and down that screen,
My Mother will always and forever be my Queen,

She knows that all I will do is just pray
And cry harder.
Syomone Aug 2021
I don’t know what
You doing
if this
Message reach you
I want you to know
I pray for you
Not just today
But on a daily
I pray that God
Keep your soul
Cleanse & most
Of all I hope he
Keeps your mind
At peace & at ease
With everything
That surrounds you
I’m praying that
I’m becoming the
Woman that
you need
Also praying
that I know
How to love
you correctly
With you I don’t
want to
get it wrong
No more
With you I
some thing
If the this
Reach you
I pray for you
Syomone Jul 2019
How do I describe
My love for you?
How can I explain
That this is true?

Love is a funny thing
We'll never understand,
But hear this truth ring:
I'm in love with you.

These butterflies,
Shy smiles,
Late nights.
Thoughts are constantly
About you.

I can't tell you
All the times
This heart beats faster,
Even when you're out of view.

Always in my thoughts,
Always in my dreams.
A life without you would
Tear me apart at the seams.

It's you who keeps me up all night
And gets me through the day.
It seems to me that there
Is only one thing left to say.

I've said it already,
But to make sure you know it's true,
I'll say how I feel:
I'm completely in love with you.
Syomone Mar 2020
Or sometime
If they can’t
be there
for you all
the time,
they’re not
even worth
your time...
Syomone Dec 2019
I’ll **** to love how I love
don't break my heart
Don't tear
me apart
I know how it starts
Trust me,
I've been broken before
Don't break
I am delicate
don't break my heart
Trust me,
I've been broken before...
Syomone Sep 2020
They showed you they
were a player
before they
They showed you
how hard it was
to tell the truth
before they became a
They showed you
how Good they were
with their words
before they became
a maniuplator
They called you a *****
before they became
an abuser
They showed interest
in your friends
before they slept
with them
They showed you
they weren't ****
before they
reminded you
ever day
Syomone Feb 2021
I never had a problem
With humbling
See what you
Didn’t understand
When you gravitate
Yourself to me
You didn’t understand
You saw my price
You saw my work
You saw my value
Apparently somewhere
In there the spirit of God
Dropped somewhere
in you heart
And show you this
girl not only is she
A mechanic she can
fix things she
didn’t break
She’s also a doctor
she can heal
Someone she never hurt
Sometimes it’s a
blessing and a cures
I’m cool with the
blessing but I
don’t like the cures
now I got to leave
you in a situation
To humble you
in a different type of way
But don’t ever
treat me like
I’m a option
Because I with
opt you out
Syomone Jul 2022
I wanna know
are you safe
with love
I wanna know
if I can trust you
with love
I want to know
if I tell you my secrets
will you respect
me in the morning
Don’t use my
Talk against
That will just
Silence me
Syomone Jul 2021
I don’t want
move fast
I want to
Move correctly
If it’s something
That’s gonna
Take us a
Year to make
That’s fine
Maybe even take
ten years
To make
I just don’t want to
waste no time
Syomone Aug 2019
When did my feelings get so deep?
Why did they take that big long leap?
Going from friend to crush,
What a rush,

And I don't think she knows.

Since when did her smile make me go weak?
Since when did her tears make mine start to leak?
Why does this happen when I'm always so strong?
When people called me Superman I guess they were wrong,

And I don't think she knows.

When she talks I can't help but watch her lips,
To notice their shape and curves when they dip.
Wait, why am I looking? I don't even know.
And I can't help but wonder if she even knows.

Her beautiful eyes are nothing like ours.
They're so deep and bright; you'd believe they were stars
They pour forth emotions in raging rivers.
They could make even me believe that Santa always delivers,

And still she has no idea.

Her body is perfection, though she denies it.
It makes my head spin with every glance I give.
She could put any woman under her spell,
But she doesn't know how I feel, and I don't think I'll tell.

I love how she looks and who she is
And how she makes me feel like this.
I love how she's beautiful and smart with a heart so strong
And how she lives every day like nothing could go wrong.

Still she hasn't got a clue.

Now school is at an end on the 11th at noon.
I wonder if she cares that I'm moving soon.
We're parting that day after school for many months.
I just wish I could have kissed her just once.

Now that I've said it with my poetic skill,
I don't think she knew, and now she never
Syomone Jul 2020
I’m just trying to escape
Live to fight another day
Poor choices,
bad karma
Causing the threat,
more drama
Wild nights
crazy days
Should’ve known
Was a price to pay
Was a life I lived
Got myself into
So much *******
Cant believe
Some of the things
I did; but everything
I gotta live with it
Syomone May 2020
With someone who
wants you,
Who waits
for you
who understands
you even in
the madness
someone who
helps you
and guides you
someone who
is your support
your hope
fall in love
with someone
who talks
to you after
a fight
fall in love
with someone who
misses you and
wants to be
with you
Don’t fall
in love only
with a face
or with the idea
of being in love
Syomone Aug 2019
Every time I close me eyes,
you all I think of
call me crazy
but I think I’m falling
in love with my angel
sent from above
you are in my thoughts
the feelings been
there even through
I fought to love
like this I never thought
was taught you do
something to my soul and heart
pictures of you
in my mind
are like beautiful
works of art
I begin to miss you
the second we apart
it’s like you have
a grip on my heart
that you squeeze so tight
that makes me
want to love you
with all my might
feeling I use to fight
but it’s hard to fight love
when it’s feels so right ..
Syomone Dec 2020
I don’t
wanna make
An empty
I ain’t
got time
To tell
you lies
I ain’t gonna
Pull you
Through the
But I can
show you
Where to
find a light
Syomone Jul 2019
From the day I met you,
I never knew our love would be so pure and true.
Every time I see you, you make my heart skip a beat.
Since the day we got together, I have felt so complete.
You light up my world like a shining star.
I know that what we have will go very far.
Sometimes the things that we say are so wrong,
But I know that our love will always stay so strong.
Syomone Oct 2020
Forever isn’t
So just be
My baby
Whenever &
If **** goes
Just be
My friend
Til we get
Back together
Syomone Oct 2019
If forever
a minute
with you,
I'd spend
every second,
for two.
Syomone Apr 2020
For it was
in the madness
of the night with
the moon
guiding my thoughts
that I lay
here and pour
out my heart,
lay out my flaws,
while trying to express
to you the depths
of my feelings...
Even with me
reaching deep
letting my feeling
take the lead ..
I still don’t see
how u could ever
believe that loving
you wasn’t
good enough for me .
when time  
after after time..
i continued to
give u all me ....
Syomone Nov 2020
In a new place
With the same face
But nothing
Is familiar to me
But there a strong rush
In the winds touch
And it bringing
Out the woman
In me I know
That you’re
Out there somewhere
Waiting on a deeper
Connection now I’m
Lookin to my left
Searchin on my right
Cause we could be
The greatest adventure
I’m ready come and find me
I’m not gonna hide, got the sun
On my side it’s heady
Cause I finally open
For the one
Syomone Nov 2019
You got insecurities?
I got kisses for that.
You got trust issues?
I got communication
and consistency for that.
You got haters?
Then I got
distance for that.
I'm not talking
about running,
I'm talking vacations
to an island
to make them
even more mad.
You got a broken heart?
I got love
and attention
for that.
And I got
a whole life
time to spend with you
putting those
pieces right back."
Syomone Sep 2021
Running out
Of time
I can’t wait
Feels out
Of place
When I’m
Not with
Bout you
I can’t erase
I cannot
Even if I
Wanted to
You make me
Feel so right
You give me
Peace of
Syomone Sep 2019
They say silence is Golden,
I believe it is true,
Because in that Golden silence,
my thoughts occur of you.

You are the flame in my candle
that lights the darkness of my room,
You are the scented flowers
that makes my heart full bloom.

You are the butterflies
that flicker in my stomach all day long,
When I know I will be holding you
before my day is done.

You are the stars that shimmer and shine,
You light up the skies above
In this Golden silence
it's truly you I love.

You are the thunder of the night,
your lightning strikes whenever,
Into my soul that makes me whole,
and excites my heart forever.

You are my paradise, my oceans wide,
My mountains standing tall,
So in this Golden Silence
I love you most of all.
Syomone Nov 2019
Girl, I love you
better with no makeup
Especially in the morning
when you wake up
You make
me wanna dive in
You make,
you make me
wanna put a child in
you got the thing I like
And I never trip
cuz I know that it's mine
Love every flaw you possess
And if you ask me
ten years from now
Are you beautiful
the answer is yes
Syomone Sep 2020
Many have
said no,
I don’t
choose the
Path of
wild and
Even though
I know I’m
Dying without
I think I’ll
Just settle for
Good enough
Syomone Jul 2019
Happiness is what
I found in you.
Loveliness is in your heart,
so true.
No doubt you are
the best as ever.
I will love you
more until forever.

When I'm down,
you keep me up.
When I'm tired,
you'll tell me to stop.
Whatever my pain,
you know the cure
I know your love
for me is pure.

So today is made
for us to treasure.
Every single tears,
pain and pressure.
To celebrate the
only truthful lover
Happiness forever
with you
Syomone Aug 2019
Happiness is what
I found in you.
Loveliness is in your heart,
so true.
No doubt you are
the best as ever.
I will love you
more until forever.

When I'm down,
you keep me up.
When I'm tired,
you'll tell me to stop.
Whatever my pain,
you know the cure
I know your love
for me is pure.

So today is made
for us to treasure.
Every single tears,
pain and pressure.
To celebrate the
only truthful lover
Happiness forever
with you
Syomone Jul 2019
Have you ever met someone you think about
every night and every day,
someone so beautiful it's breathtaking
and words just aren't enough to say?

Have you ever met someone so special
you can't imagine life without,
someone you want to talk forever
and learn everything about?

Have you ever met someone just as crazy
who wanted to have just as much fun,
someone you can dance all night with
and together watch the rising sun?

Have you ever met someone so amazing
you wish you could pause the time so it doesn't end?
This someone is you,
and I'd like you to be my girlfriend.
Syomone Aug 2020
It’s her energy
that makes me
want to do more
Her smile
that gives me
Her boss mentality
that keeps me
Her love
that can’t
be compared
for once I’m
100% sure
Syomone Feb 2020
Your heart only
get broken
where it don’t belong
we walk in
every situation
with our blinders on
leaving a piece of
hoping it feels
like home
Syomone Apr 2020
I love loving you.
I no longer
want to be  
in love with the wounded.
And I no longer
want to be your shield.
I have bathed
in these waters
for much too
long and now
I want to
submerge shed free
Syomone Aug 2019
I'm standing on the edge
My toes hanging off the side
The wind blows sweetly
Rustling my hair
And relaxing me
Causing me to lean towards the void
All around me
I hear your  voice whispering
"You're beautiful" and
"I'll always be there for you"
I close my eyes
And I can feel your hand in mine
And your arms wrapped around me
Then my head is filled with memories
Of your lips
Pressed against mine
In the softest manner
And then
I've fallen in love with you
And it's the most exuberant feeling
The air rushes around me
And makes me lightheaded
It's like I'm flying
And nothing can stop me
All I hear is your voice
Telling me I'm the only one for you
Then you come along
You mend my brokenness
And help me to my feet
And before I know it
I'm on top of the building again
And yet again
The wind blows
Trying to push me off the edge
But this time
I brace myself
I don't want to fall
And get hurt
I try to back away from the edge
But something stops me
I hear your voice
Calling to me from below
"I will never break your heart
I swear"
I move towards the side of the building
I picture the times we've talked for hours
The times you've held me when I cried
The times you stuck by my side
When no one else would
"I'll never hurt you like the others did"
You whisper this in my ear
As I drift off to sleep one night
I never remembered until now
And yet again
The feeling is amazing
Only this time
It doesn't end with brokenness
Instead I land in your arms
In your heart
Syomone Sep 2020
Her eyes
Stole my heart;
Her smile
Gave me life;
Her presence
Made me high;
Her touch
Left me
Syomone Oct 2019
I don’t
think you’re ready
for how much
I’ll love you or
how much
I won’t show it right
And I don’t think
I’m ready for
how you will
think I don’t
love you at all.
Syomone Oct 2019
If I was your Valentine
I'd touch your heart not your body,
Let this love grow inside me
Then express it to you proudly.

If I was your Valentine...

I would steal your attention
While giving you happiness
And continue to show I care
For the days that come after this.

If I was your Valentine...

I'd have you smile at your fears
And recycle every tear
Since this lovely day
Would make a cloudy day clear.

If I was your Valentine...

I would simply make you mine
For as long as the sun shines
You'll forever have my time
Cause everyday would be today,

If I was your Valentine.
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