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Aug 2022 · 243
Is that really you?
Enoch Aug 2022
Is that really you?
I now see all your flaws,
Is that really you?
Because of love, I was blinded to them all,
Is that really you?
I thank God I saw on time.
Is that really you?
Because I'm sure your flaws wouldn't cancel with mine.
love loveblinded flaws
Sep 2021 · 1.0k
You Made It Break?
Enoch Sep 2021
I can't take back the love that I gave you,
You found another one, but it's true
That I'm the better one....
I gave you my everything,
My love and affection,
But you give me a heart full of mistakes,
I gave you my heart, and you made it break?
I just made a poem out of one of my friends WhatsApp statuses.
May 2021 · 151
Just let it go
Enoch May 2021
I know it's hard to let it go
but it's for the best,
Letting go will make you grow,
so it'll not become a pest.

You're struggling,
I know,
But if you let it go,
The pain and suffering,
I know will surely go.

— The End —