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Just love me
'n I'll love you back

just love me
Debra in Silence Mar 2018
I’m standing under the mirror ball looking up
Where are you?
no where
Show me your identification badge
my smile slides to the left
like a child
My whispering voice says I can’t find you
I know where I am standing

find me
Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i walked in to my house and breathed an Adonic perfume
it was purely
old dying flowers
An answer to the question
i saw illuminance in the heavens
i looked out my back door and saw
drive in movies social distancing
An answer to the question
i could hear a great chorus
it was john butler
swaggin' in ochre red dirt
An answer to the question

i saw a goblet full of colour from a profound fruit descendant from the rose
it was wine
bargain basement
An answer to the question
one eyebrow ascended to the left
only one
and a slight grin to the right
An answer to the question
it can be simple
it can be hard

i like it elementary

with a broad smile at the end
Debra in Silence Feb 2019
i'll squeaze out the words and make them my allergy
an interesting itch that makes me bleed
except for the few
if not but one who sees you for who you truly are
or reads you for what you are
and even then
you are lucky if it’s not of a dream or delusion

*as I **** and stitch and glue the atrocities, lies, arrogance & love
into my hobbies *

Debra in Silence Jan 2018
dragged me through a storm
Debra in Silence Mar 2018
You are the oracle
It's all right
The uncommon thought
Hallucinations chime
Detonate like a bell
A low slung gong
There is a distinct difference in the stance of the bourgeois
And you
It's exceptional
It is your faith that drinks in creation itself
It determines your mood on occasion
Truth is a flood
An undeniable perception of things in the mirror
Be overwhelmed by your objective mood and laugh
Accept the deluge
Debra in Silence Apr 2019

Take me to the festival
I'll bow at your feet
Leave me in the mud
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
What happened to the beautiful boisterous screaming queens of the 80's full of Gloria Gaynor dancing on bars & pianos & teasing & strutting & grabbing life by the *****?
Every time I go to the Op Shop & see a pair of size 11 patent leather red pumps I think of you & put them on & walk around the shop just to remind me of the fabulous times.
Are you making lounges in the shape of Cadillacs or corsets or sculpting **** - tail glasses delicately gold leafed - centre table?
Back up x 30 in the Botanical Gardens at Mardi Gras & remember the good times, the sad times, the Carmen Miranda, feather boer, wig, **** & lipstick times my friends........
smooth jazz grand piano

Debra in Silence Aug 2019
the wind was knocking at my door, my window, my pain.
i'm tired but all I can think of is birthdays
i hear an echo through the phone
deep in my ears
a whisper that I can barely hear
passion and heat

Debra in Silence Aug 2019
"not of an age, but for all time"
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
i don’t care about that
i care about the smell
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
"It was my sister." She said, after losing her mind.
"Sister sibling." I said.
I smiled.
And so did she.
& artisan crackers.
The wild turkey served it on a bread board
with a toothless, icy smile.
& what a smile it was
as the sun set in gold
& rose
in pink & blue hues.
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
i am my own
transparent solid concrete
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
let's all not
sleep together
Debra in Silence Dec 2019
Ya gotta play the game babe
If ya wanna stay in it
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
i bought a chair at an antique shop today
30 bucks
it belongs in my house
i've been talking to him all night
the man who sat in it has now taken centre stage
he was a good man
the chair is wide and made of wood
he is wise
don't get me wrong
if the chair starts looking ugly
i'll burn that ****** to the ground
he hung himself and he regrets it
i feel sympathy
and he feels freedom even though.....
i cook chicken with home grown oranges and cinnamon, cumin
ginger, honey, dates....
my chair is happy
it's all about the cinnamon and the honey
Debra in Silence Aug 2019
there are only two things that make your woman content
can you count?
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
zippidy ******* do dah
Blues Fest Byron Bay Australia
The best ******* pie I've ever eaten
Had to high five the guy who made it
Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i can't believe the perjury that's going down
i'm in Gotham City and the bad guy's got us all locked up
he's in the sky with all of our kids
all of them
chained up
and he's smiling smugly as he hugs them
he's removing the innocence
removing the freedom
very very fast
bit - by - bit
very fast
yesterday i walked in the street and spent my dollars
yesterday my child
now my child can't dance
now i can't walk in the street
i can't spend my dollars
my child can't speak
i can't speak
we're ******* and gagged
i don't know about you but
i like to think freely
and i like my child
and thinking freely
we can't
my friends
is a concern
Where is batman?

Debra in Silence Apr 2020
There it is.
Look at my face.
Do you want a second helping?
For the most part - it's different.
The satisfaction of the culture group.
Grandiose feelings of the forbearer.
Gigantic forces distinguish our lives regulating a mutual - agreement.
Doesn't it.
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
i talk to myself and i say
"No.  I'm not coping!"
i talk to myself and it's
Audible     Screaming     Whispers
part of my soul is dying
my umbilical cord is rotting
disgusting filthy raw meat festering
Beware the psychological trap
made of tungsten chromium titanium &

Diamond Doors

Debra in Silence Apr 2020
you are a book
with gold binding
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
do it.
don't do it.
don't do anything at all?
do nothing.

Debra in Silence Jun 2019
The Queen is always on the road because it's a ******* jungle out there boys
Your sarong is slipping and the straight women are trying to get romantic tonight
Don't fall for the sentimental sandwich
i know you won't
Your perfume smells like a million flowers in a hurricane
i love your evening gown
Me? Personally?
I go for the double talk
I didn't see the falls like you did but
I raised my eyebrows
bob and a bingadybing!


Debra in Silence Apr 2019
You come from a hard town.
A subtle statement a new friend said to a long time friend of mine.
A little slim for some, but a perfect recitation of her life.
The new friend asked me why I rushed for a pen.
I said, ".... because it's beautiful poetry."
Debra in Silence Feb 2020
yesterday i told you i loved you
then you didn't speak to me for two ******* years
the sun rose and set and the rope got tighter
it sc sc scratched
your generosity is sublime
but the love lacks immunity
self explanatory while standing on the chair
the sheets rose to my chin
soft and cool
but the thought of the sauna made me sw sw sweat
my face is in the dirt and it tastes good
earth dirt
and the sssssssssmelllll
i look at the view and see perspective
surreal comprehensive
lines and shadows
your lips
taste like
bourbon and *******
the dance is surreal
the art clock chimes on the 18th hour
the 18 hour clock
it's perfect
take me back to the underground easy
complexity intellectuality
and the respectability
of the love i told you
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
You are significant
Crucial and necessary to bind the balance
Of dignity and the intangible

Debra in Silence Dec 2020
I trace his silhouette in my mind & analyze why.
It is the key to arousal.
My luxurious hypnotic craving is an authentic perception of you.
I am your slave and you,
my secret.
If I am to survive I need to keep this private and keep my panic hidden when you catch me in the halfpace with tittynopes on my plate.
Scrumptious gullible cravings.
Your arrogance can be brutal but it leaves me begging so it's breathtaking.
And your brilliance is obscene.
It's satisfying & ruthless.
My stupidity is remarkable but brave so
I command the fascination we have for each other.
Blatant mind feast.
Perverse but rewarding.
Your protection is unconditional because you are ***** magic.
A master of ****** temptation &
naughty respect.
What a nerd trap you are!
Simply sensational.
Do you recognise the ******?
‘Two households, both alike in dignity’
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
You hold me in the palm of your hand
I try to leap out of it but that leaves me suspended in mid air
You climb inside my head & start eating it from the inside out
I'm like a rabbit in a warren
Running from one place to the next
Banging in to walls of dirt & dust
There is no light down here & it's hard to breathe

You play with your hair and scissor your fingers and dance on your toes and get a kick out of watching me squirm

All I can hear is the wind in the trees now but everything seems so still and silent
It's hot
But my heart feels ice cold
I haven't eaten for three years so I'm hungry and I'm tired even though all I do is sleep

You bounce

Listen ..... ..... .....

That is the guttural scream from my soul
My arms are outstretched reaching for freedom
Debra in Silence Mar 2018
Your shadow is sublime
It appears on a dismal day
Green is the colour of my earth
It makes the sun shine brighter
You are a reflection of thought
The scent behind my shoulder
Everything has changed but you remain the same
A shallow calm swell in the clear turquoise ocean
Rolling reflection
How do you do that?
What is your pain?
Debra in Silence Aug 2019
like     no one     will read it

Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I grin as I look into the new year
A new state of mind and heart
There is no ****** clarity anywhere to be seen
No expectations and no lined up jars
I smell earth on the breeze
There's a hum
A beautiful vibration in the dirt beneath my feet

Debra in Silence Jan 2019
We all get caught in the spiders web
It's not until the morning dew releases you that you realise
It's simply sticky
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I'm sweating your ******* out of my skin and I'm soaking in it
I'm soaking
My soggy misinterpretation
Your narcissism is sublime
Above and beyond the call of duty
You're shoving it down my throat and I can't
back up
back up

Debra in Silence Mar 2018
My hands are clasped in prayer to my forehead, my lips, my heart
I wipe lipstick off with my softly clenched fist
Naked face
I'm walking on the footpath beside asphalt road
I collide with city traffic where lights blind
And duck eggs make living smooth
this is a whole planet day off
My sister, the turtle shares a map of the snake that shows where the river is
It's deep
The port wine magnolia shares space with lemon myrtle
The creek slides in on the side like the footpath
I have a collapsed thought reclining in my chair
vegetables baked into the omelet
Wild food speaking
Unknowingly I fly
Straight into the sun
"With spectacles on nose my youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
My shrunk shank, and my faint voice, turning again toward childish treble, pipes and whistles in my sound.
Second childishness and mere oblivion ensues.
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."
Steel guitar flick - riff
The morning holds on to flowers and summer and clear free days that shimmer in the candle light under the tree
Fly away
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
You know when you feel that excitement of life in your throat?
it's a guttural tone
The gratitude zone.
When it hits you
You know it and you smirk on the right side of your lips
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
I come back to the waterfall I borrowed that flooded my house
I gave it back
Debra in Silence Aug 2019
maybe you'll understand

Debra in Silence Mar 2018
I'm caught in the matrix
The womb
there's a gli.. glit... glitch

The twilight zone
I'm at the bottom of the deepest ocean
i'm blinded by the light

The phone's ringing....... ?
I don't have one
i never answer the land line - I don't have one

are you there?
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
How's it going' out there?
Hangin' in there bro?

Me too.
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
You are afraid to remove your tedium
Fearful of the fallout
The banal europaeus is holding the leash at your throat to the studded collar around your neck
it digs in
A sorceress
She put toenail of beast in your brew a long, long time ago
She has fattened you up - for the banquet
You are the cheese platter when everyone is glutted
Don't look sideways or you might see something you can feast on
peripheral vision
The scholar has stalled
The pendant has curbed
The kittens have been sold leaving the mother cat a bitter Queen
Time to wander into the palpitating stream
It flows to the wild, capricious & abstruse white light of the sun
Debra in Silence Dec 2018
My (in)sanity has gone on holidays
It's in a place that's fluid, formless & welcoming
Cool, warm
My breadbasket is full, expanding - comfortably
Everything is relaxed and - lazy
I catch the songs of my childhood
Crystal dreaming
Silently screaming
That liquid breeze
I fold into myself and nurture the memories
Beautiful solitude
Private, personal space
No one can see me so
I'm safe here
Let this time never end
Everyone is on the move
And so am I
Being me
At home in myself
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