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except for the few
if not but one who sees you for who you truly are
or reads you for what you are
and even then
you are lucky if it’s not of a dream or delusion

*as I **** and stitch and glue the atrocities, lies, arrogance & love
into my hobbies *

Sep 3 · 279
lesbian man
men just make you


Jun 25 · 28
Sugar & Honey
silhouette in the dark
the orange tree was plump
smell the sweet
Jun 25 · 100
It Feels Like Flesh
I don't know what to say other than I'm glad to be back.
I've been wondering what I did with my time.
Then I realised I was writing.
Writing it all down.
Here I am.
Back on the black board.
Rub it off?
Leave it there.
Here we go.

Jun 25 · 174
i need confirmation
i thought i had an appointment tomorrow
i didn't get a txt to confirm
Apr 17 · 105
Mar 27 · 35
< 28 >
Just love me
'n I'll love you back

just love me
Mar 23 · 215
I realise that my delusions are far more pleasurable than my reality.
So I'm going to hang on to my delusions
And live them every single day.
Jan 22 · 19
Mortgage Broker
It's feeling' a bit like a Gary Clark Jr. night tonight.

My train's pulling' in
& I don't owe you a thang baby

this music sets me free

Jan 16 · 48
Blue Cheese & Apricots
& artisan crackers.
The wild turkey served it on a bread board
with a toothless, icy smile.
& what a smile it was
as the sun set in gold
& rose
in pink & blue hues.
Dec 2020 · 26
fair Verona
Debra in Silence Dec 2020
I trace his silhouette in my mind & analyze why.
It is the key to arousal.
My luxurious hypnotic craving is an authentic perception of you.
I am your slave and you,
my secret.
If I am to survive I need to keep this private and keep my panic hidden when you catch me in the halfpace with tittynopes on my plate.
Scrumptious gullible cravings.
Your arrogance can be brutal but it leaves me begging so it's breathtaking.
And your brilliance is obscene.
It's satisfying & ruthless.
My stupidity is remarkable but brave so
I command the fascination we have for each other.
Blatant mind feast.
Perverse but rewarding.
Your protection is unconditional because you are ***** magic.
A master of ****** temptation &
naughty respect.
What a nerd trap you are!
Simply sensational.
Do you recognise the ******?
‘Two households, both alike in dignity’
Dec 2020 · 23
passion & love
Debra in Silence Dec 2020
The game goes on.
The same goes for love.
Do you think I would die for immortality?
Socrates, are you sleeping?
Do you know I've been thinking?

Nov 2020 · 197
Solid Perspective
Debra in Silence Nov 2020
look to the mountains to seek your peace
the ocean is ever rolling
constantly questioning

the mist in the quiet blue of the mountains
gives solace
no misunderstanding
Debra in Silence Nov 2020
i regret everthing i do
until someone says
they've never done it

Oct 2020 · 43
Debra in Silence Oct 2020
they're all creatures from the storm
so she sits with a beautiful song resounding
in the palm of her hand

Oct 2020 · 71
i feel f*ck**g GREAT
Debra in Silence Oct 2020
ya know Trish?
i've been feelin'  GREAT lately
& ya know what else Trish?
it's  awesome!

lost in the woods
banging into dust and earth
looking for the way out
breathing isn't a priority

Trish. Grab my hand!
Oct 2020 · 141
Oct 2020 · 46
Holding Space
Debra in Silence Oct 2020
& hold it
to your heart
in the key
of G


& for those of you who like to read more.....

the key of G is warm
like toast & jam

holding space
is like chilli
& ice

in the breath of the one who knows
& feels
just like you
Sep 2020 · 103
Pump It
Sep 2020 · 189
Ethereal Grace
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
You are significant
Crucial and necessary to bind the balance
Of dignity and the intangible

Sep 2020 · 58
The Doctor
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
i feel my words (i hear my soul)
it is a warmth that
heals me
Sep 2020 · 71
Debra in Silence Sep 2020

i look in the mirror and i don't mind what i see
but sometimes
i just can't take that sideways glance
just in case i see the monster
that's always on my shoulder

Sep 2020 · 59
Pink Gin
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
It's a Nina Simone kinda' night tonight
Everything is plas
isn't it a pity
It's 3:30am
& the gin
just kicked in
Sep 2020 · 28
One... Two... Thr
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
First Person
Is it the jazz that soothes your soul
Or the thought of him thinking of you
In the silence of his personal time

Second Person
It is both but some, a knowing delusion
The jazz fills the want
The thought
Fills the desire

First Person
What if everything was real

Second Person
Everything is real
The jazz
The thought
Breath on my neck
Warm like my own blood
Head reeling & slowly....

Debra in Silence Sep 2020
my eyes
are being plucked out

by the AI in the sky
Sep 2020 · 68
Sep 2020 · 72
Over Cooked
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
why are the burnt bits always so


Sep 2020 · 37
Who Is The Painter?
Aug 2020 · 24
Diamond Doors
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
i talk to myself and i say
"No.  I'm not coping!"
i talk to myself and it's
Audible     Screaming     Whispers
part of my soul is dying
my umbilical cord is rotting
disgusting filthy raw meat festering
Beware the psychological trap
made of tungsten chromium titanium &

Diamond Doors

Aug 2020 · 575
it's ok to be ........
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
It's ok to be scared.
and it's ok to be mortified humiliated and
is there a word for that?
Rub your eyes.
cry and be angry and

Aug 2020 · 87
edible music
Aug 2020 · 73
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
forgive me for who i am
Aug 2020 · 580
i've got power baby
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
it's a pandemic panic
i'm just hanging out & listening to
Anderson . Paak
what about you?
i've got the red cabbage & brussels sprouts roasting in the oven
with a little salt and pepper & olive oil
it's going on in my house
dancing  in the kitchen
the heater's on
no one's f*ing with me tonight
what about you?

Aug 2020 · 63
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
"It was my sister." She said, after losing her mind.
"Sister sibling." I said.
I smiled.
And so did she.
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
i sit and i try to eat and i sleep and i drink and i think and i look at my feet and i can't help but shake up my
i listen to music and i dance and i cook and i tap my fingers on the table and i look at my nails and don't eat the
i sing and i sing in harmony to myself and the sound on the radio it's old school and it's new school and it's good and it's bad but when it's good it's pure and
it's winter so the heaters on and the slippers are snug and the gin is spicy and cooling and hitting the spot in the full moon no moon dark and
i think of the love that isn't and the love that is never found and the love that is and the love that just
i've got the music in my head and the lyrics in my head and the words repeating all at the same time singing speaking thinking and it's all
the owl is still and the orange tree is still and the tree of life itself is still and the beat repeats repeats repeats
re re re r r (glitch)

Jul 2020 · 82
the dance
Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i wanted a solid ground
but i don't have one
so i dance on my feet lightly
with absolute passion
Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i can't believe the perjury that's going down
i'm in Gotham City and the bad guy's got us all locked up
he's in the sky with all of our kids
all of them
chained up
and he's smiling smugly as he hugs them
he's removing the innocence
removing the freedom
very very fast
bit - by - bit
very fast
yesterday i walked in the street and spent my dollars
yesterday my child
now my child can't dance
now i can't walk in the street
i can't spend my dollars
my child can't speak
i can't speak
we're ******* and gagged
i don't know about you but
i like to think freely
and i like my child
and thinking freely
we can't
my friends
is a concern
Where is batman?

Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i know there are a whole lot of rules and regulations when you write - poetry
but blow it all out the window
and write like no one will ever read it
and the really good ones - you save for yourself - for later......
Jul 2020 · 99
Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i walked in to my house and breathed an Adonic perfume
it was purely
old dying flowers
An answer to the question
i saw illuminance in the heavens
i looked out my back door and saw
drive in movies social distancing
An answer to the question
i could hear a great chorus
it was john butler
swaggin' in ochre red dirt
An answer to the question

i saw a goblet full of colour from a profound fruit descendant from the rose
it was wine
bargain basement
An answer to the question
one eyebrow ascended to the left
only one
and a slight grin to the right
An answer to the question
it can be simple
it can be hard

i like it elementary

with a broad smile at the end
Jun 2020 · 36
don't do it?!
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
do it.
don't do it.
don't do anything at all?
do nothing.

Jun 2020 · 248
mulberry and sandalwood
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
He took the journal out that he doesn't have
He read the words that were not on the page
Out loud

I could smell the paper that wasn't there

He felt the wood on his fingertips
The binding that was old and frayed

I tasted life in my mouth like blood

Serenity crept in

I started to laugh

With a glint his eye
He stared intensely at the nothing

at everything

Debra in Silence Jun 2020
i am my own
transparent solid concrete
Jun 2020 · 169
The Windsong In The Tree
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
violins play in the wind in the trees
and the bats sing while eating oranges
i lay still and listen
eyes closed
it's hot
and cold
but i won't move because if i do
i have to wake up
eyes closed

May 2020 · 52
Debra in Silence May 2020
your opulence
my starvation
of course not
i'd like to say i don't care
but i do
i sit in
and i will to your end
i am your opulence
and you are my starvation
it hurts like a cut in the kitchen
the sharper the blade
the less it hurts
but the more you bleed

May 2020 · 143
Yes. That is the Question.
Debra in Silence May 2020
if i said to you i see the future
would you believe me?
no you wouldn't

if i said to you i feel you
would you believe me?
you wouldn't

if i said to you i
May 2020 · 53
The Actress
Debra in Silence May 2020
You regret what you said but it was so simple
So pure
You wait for the fire to die down
Their superiority turns to dust in the fireplace

Footsteps in your dreams and red velvet curtains turn the stage
to bare boards
Their silence is killing you
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