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Dec 2017
You hold me in the palm of your hand
I try to leap out of it but that leaves me suspended in mid air
You climb inside my head & start eating it from the inside out
I'm like a rabbit in a warren
Running from one place to the next
Banging in to walls of dirt & dust
There is no light down here & it's hard to breathe

You play with your hair and scissor your fingers and dance on your toes and get a kick out of watching me squirm

All I can hear is the wind in the trees now but everything seems so still and silent
It's hot
But my heart feels ice cold
I haven't eaten for three years so I'm hungry and I'm tired even though all I do is sleep

You bounce

Listen ..... ..... .....

That is the guttural scream from my soul
My arms are outstretched reaching for freedom
Debra in Silence
Written by
Debra in Silence
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