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Debra in Silence Dec 2017
What happened to the beautiful boisterous screaming queens of the 80's full of Gloria Gaynor dancing on bars & pianos & teasing & strutting & grabbing life by the *****?
Every time I go to the Op Shop & see a pair of size 11 patent leather red pumps I think of you & put them on & walk around the shop just to remind me of the fabulous times.
Are you making lounges in the shape of Cadillacs or corsets or sculpting **** - tail glasses delicately gold leafed - centre table?
Back up x 30 in the Botanical Gardens at Mardi Gras & remember the good times, the sad times, the Carmen Miranda, feather boer, wig, **** & lipstick times my friends........
smooth jazz grand piano

754 · Jul 2019
can't sleep?
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
let's all not
sleep together
580 · Aug 2020
i've got power baby
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
it's a pandemic panic
i'm just hanging out & listening to
Anderson . Paak
what about you?
i've got the red cabbage & brussels sprouts roasting in the oven
with a little salt and pepper & olive oil
it's going on in my house
dancing  in the kitchen
the heater's on
no one's f*ing with me tonight
what about you?

575 · Aug 2020
it's ok to be ........
Debra in Silence Aug 2020
It's ok to be scared.
and it's ok to be mortified humiliated and
is there a word for that?
Rub your eyes.
cry and be angry and

Debra in Silence Jun 2020
i am my own
transparent solid concrete
402 · Jun 2019
the intercourse
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
the simplicity of words
consultation & exchange
a caress in the fray of animated hands and eyes
and breath
distance near
orbit the sensitivity
conversational sensibility
withdraw with gentle salutation
don't look back
or you won't leave
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
my eyes
are being plucked out

by the AI in the sky
394 · Jul 2019
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
I come back to the waterfall I borrowed that flooded my house
I gave it back
369 · Apr 2020
Our Wall
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
it's the rhythm that takes me to the place i want to be
i'll dance in the kitchen when you're not there
i'll dance anyway
life is like a brick right now
one single brick
we'll build an empire
starting with
that one
366 · Apr 2019
We Are Unique
Debra in Silence Apr 2019
It's all going to be okay
Hold on
Are not alone
362 · Nov 2018
Just Let It Go, They Said
Debra in Silence Nov 2018
I sit with my legs crossed &
All I want to do is
Open them.
I don't think you could handle the
I can see you
Dribbling, so
I tuck my skirt into my knickers
Only on one side
And sache to the bathroom

As I sit
I ponder
*** to the conclusion that,
It's all in the perspective
279 · Sep 3
lesbian man
men just make you


257 · Aug 2019
preservative free
Debra in Silence Aug 2019
giggleticklebellylaughfeathersmarshmallowbrownsugargrassicecold waterontoeslustrousairbreathinghugsgolden huesoldtreesdamaskpuresilk&Shakespeare

248 · Jun 2020
mulberry and sandalwood
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
He took the journal out that he doesn't have
He read the words that were not on the page
Out loud

I could smell the paper that wasn't there

He felt the wood on his fingertips
The binding that was old and frayed

I tasted life in my mouth like blood

Serenity crept in

I started to laugh

With a glint his eye
He stared intensely at the nothing

at everything

237 · Mar 2018
Debra in Silence Mar 2018
You are the oracle
It's all right
The uncommon thought
Hallucinations chime
Detonate like a bell
A low slung gong
There is a distinct difference in the stance of the bourgeois
And you
It's exceptional
It is your faith that drinks in creation itself
It determines your mood on occasion
Truth is a flood
An undeniable perception of things in the mirror
Be overwhelmed by your objective mood and laugh
Accept the deluge
226 · May 2019
215 · Mar 23
I realise that my delusions are far more pleasurable than my reality.
So I'm going to hang on to my delusions
And live them every single day.
214 · Jul 2019
Black Musk
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
i don’t care about that
i care about the smell
210 · Dec 2017
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I'm sweating your ******* out of my skin and I'm soaking in it
I'm soaking
My soggy misinterpretation
Your narcissism is sublime
Above and beyond the call of duty
You're shoving it down my throat and I can't
back up
back up

205 · Nov 2020
Solid Perspective
Debra in Silence Nov 2020
look to the mountains to seek your peace
the ocean is ever rolling
constantly questioning

the mist in the quiet blue of the mountains
gives solace
no misunderstanding
Debra in Silence May 2020
and inferior we are not
you and me
biological ancestors
mother father
we are identical companions
in this parallel universe
realise the existence of human rights
and the extreme planetary cleanse
195 · Apr 2020
integrity reigns
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
he said he could play the piano
he can't
i said i could sing
i can't
a beautiful deception
189 · Sep 2020
Ethereal Grace
Debra in Silence Sep 2020
You are significant
Crucial and necessary to bind the balance
Of dignity and the intangible

186 · Dec 2017
Fuck The Clarity
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I grin as I look into the new year
A new state of mind and heart
There is no ****** clarity anywhere to be seen
No expectations and no lined up jars
I smell earth on the breeze
There's a hum
A beautiful vibration in the dirt beneath my feet

185 · Nov 2018
it's all about the pag
Debra in Silence Nov 2018
the pag
there you go
it's all about the 'pag'
what ever the ** that is
179 · Jun 2020
The Windsong In The Tree
Debra in Silence Jun 2020
violins play in the wind in the trees
and the bats sing while eating oranges
i lay still and listen
eyes closed
it's hot
and cold
but i won't move because if i do
i have to wake up
eyes closed

174 · Jun 25
i need confirmation
i thought i had an appointment tomorrow
i didn't get a txt to confirm
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
You hold me in the palm of your hand
I try to leap out of it but that leaves me suspended in mid air
You climb inside my head & start eating it from the inside out
I'm like a rabbit in a warren
Running from one place to the next
Banging in to walls of dirt & dust
There is no light down here & it's hard to breathe

You play with your hair and scissor your fingers and dance on your toes and get a kick out of watching me squirm

All I can hear is the wind in the trees now but everything seems so still and silent
It's hot
But my heart feels ice cold
I haven't eaten for three years so I'm hungry and I'm tired even though all I do is sleep

You bounce

Listen ..... ..... .....

That is the guttural scream from my soul
My arms are outstretched reaching for freedom
151 · May 2019
The Mighty Dollar
Debra in Silence May 2019
If you take my money I want it back
I won't ask for it but if you turn up with a bit of paper for me, without me asking
I'm going to respect that
It's easy to forget the $$$ when it isn't yours
I do love that look of surprise when the money is given back like
I forgot
What a laugh
149 · Apr 2020
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
How's it going' out there?
Hangin' in there bro?

Me too.
148 · Dec 2017
The Catch Of The Day
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I stood in the wind and I could smell myself
I liked it
It was heady
I caught myself on the wind and it was good
I turned and walked away and was sad that it was only me that caught it

Debra in Silence Jul 2020
i can't believe the perjury that's going down
i'm in Gotham City and the bad guy's got us all locked up
he's in the sky with all of our kids
all of them
chained up
and he's smiling smugly as he hugs them
he's removing the innocence
removing the freedom
very very fast
bit - by - bit
very fast
yesterday i walked in the street and spent my dollars
yesterday my child
now my child can't dance
now i can't walk in the street
i can't spend my dollars
my child can't speak
i can't speak
we're ******* and gagged
i don't know about you but
i like to think freely
and i like my child
and thinking freely
we can't
my friends
is a concern
Where is batman?

143 · May 2020
Yes. That is the Question.
Debra in Silence May 2020
if i said to you i see the future
would you believe me?
no you wouldn't

if i said to you i feel you
would you believe me?
you wouldn't

if i said to you i
141 · Oct 2020
140 · Dec 2017
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
Run to the dawn, run run, the sun rises over the pain and the head within your head within your head, stretching, bending making no sense but it's real.
Run to the end of day, body over there, mind in the palm of your hands and looking at it so - strange.

136 · Dec 2019
Debra in Silence Dec 2019
Ya gotta play the game babe
If ya wanna stay in it
136 · Apr 2020
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
There it is.
Look at my face.
Do you want a second helping?
For the most part - it's different.
The satisfaction of the culture group.
Grandiose feelings of the forbearer.
Gigantic forces distinguish our lives regulating a mutual - agreement.
Doesn't it.
120 · Jul 2019
the moon is in ....
Debra in Silence Jul 2019
you know
that last blast before bed
chet baker or the faker
take me to the moon tonight
119 · Apr 2020
The Ribbon
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
the bow tie is tight
i have a penchant for - bow ties
especially the gold ones
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
I see comfort in my work because it's easier there
I'm not starving anymore
I ate the cake
I rub my thumbs together and stare at them, wondering
The universe is asking me WHAT DO YOU WANT?
I don't know!
But if it's good, I'll take it.
I'm confused
In the void
There is a transition happening
I'm caught in the middle of a muddle bug
I speak Latin don't you know
Oh My God!
Your knees are bleeding
Debra in Silence Jun 2019
savour the delusion
exclusion zone
steel grey cloud
luminous silvered trim
morning light
sunrise touching fingers stretched
twist & twitch
a belated moon
ascending golden shadows
sans angst
115 · Aug 2019
Benjamin Jonson
Debra in Silence Aug 2019
"not of an age, but for all time"
114 · Dec 2017
Lost in the Labrynth
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
I'm a simple woman
There is no complexity
I sat opposite her and
She turned her back
It took me a while to process that
I wonder if she knows happiness
Her dress was emerald green and ruby red
I drank another glass of wine
Intellect is intimidating
Until you drink that last glass of wine
You get lost in the hallway
I sat opposite my nemesis
She gave me what I wanted

109 · Apr 2020
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
Debra in Silence May 2019
you know when you look for words so hard
scouring through words
it's all in my reality with no words in an index or list
alphabetically speaking
i'm not sure if the words i'm looking for ......
they're floating on air
Debra in Silence Jan 2019
Everyone can ignore, smile & laugh as much as they want
The truth is harsh
If we ALL stood up for justice
We would win
What is it that terrifies people enough to make themselves suffer
I stand alone in the constant conversation of truth
I stand alone in
And I WILL raise my voice!
105 · Apr 17
105 · Mar 2018
Debra in Silence Mar 2018
I’m standing under the mirror ball looking up
Where are you?
no where
Show me your identification badge
my smile slides to the left
like a child
My whispering voice says I can’t find you
I know where I am standing

find me
103 · Sep 2020
Pump It
103 · Apr 2020
The Dance in the Kitchen
Debra in Silence Apr 2020
okay so
let's just go back to self indulgence
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