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Dec 2020 · 23
new years' eve
Dawnstar Dec 2020
snowpiles won't move plows
as much as eyes move plows
i feel like floating over snows
in every dream i seem to be

home is a far-off place
a black silhouette
of an urban mountain

i will journey today
and cross the threshold into night
with you this sleep i'll spend
no fare i offer, sorry
no fee did you demand

above the blind vanes we want to rise
not beholden to time's winds, like
incorporeal beings

and have the hopes of the world
as stars pinned on our refrigerator
each of them keeping us warm
in the voyage from
midnight to midnight

the clock will strike
the sun will fall
the world will stall
in a moment
a pale moment
surrounded by our visions
ribbons of a bright future

nothing will change
as we fly towards ryukyu
our last journey

but my world will exhale
as the days get longer
and sun-up again, stronger
and somehow this comforts me.
Dec 2020 · 40
when you
Dawnstar Dec 2020
when you
got a promise of gold
some things
more than others get
stay out in the sun
it all seems to fade a-right away

tell me
what do you see
in them
that you can't find in
well, life isn't fun
i just wanna fade a-right away
a song
Dec 2020 · 19
Dawnstar Dec 2020
what is wrong?
i ask myself
and always say:
i'm far from the mountains
that cradled my soul
i'm far from the rivers
that carried me home
i'm far from the grasses
i hugged on the plain
i'm far from the islands
i won't see again
since i've the vital strands of nature left
no wonder 'tis my heart that stands bereft
Sep 2020 · 53
Dawnstar Sep 2020
branching out into the universe
a solitary butterfly learns that
pestering God won't turn him
back into a caterpillar.
sometimes our wills can only go so far
Aug 2020 · 78
Love Oath
Dawnstar Aug 2020
I vow to you an oath
from now until my death
to starfall and the rise
of the blood moon in the skies:
I'll love you, I'll love you
till the west wind creeping strong
comes along, comes along
to beat the mountains down!

Till the sun, far above
and the heav'ns and earth collide
making every green thing die
there I'll lie, there I'll kneel
over eons, overzealed.
Till the river changes hue
and escapes the ocean's blue
I'll love you, I'll love you….
August 1
Jul 2020 · 53
aircraft into dragons
Dawnstar Jul 2020
My brain is a bowl of hot steaming stew
Never decided on what it shall do:
Boil this moment, pop in the next
Outline an opus or spew scattered wrecks
Catch on a small thought, stubborn as steel
Caring not for what its owner might feel
Ruin a party, clothesline a dream
Embrace a stranger, mend a torn seam
Lead me to valleys ahead of the wind
With constant recalling of how I have sinned
Jul 2020 · 51
Dawnstar Jul 2020
bluebird, blackbird
sailor, sun
multi-star, hegemon
chariot, gun
tree-perched wings
sea breeze cloud
laughing, crying
dying out loud
May 2020 · 57
singular hopes
Dawnstar May 2020
even if nothing arises
from the smog of a
million desperate minds'
hopes and beliefs

even if the world is
cold and without soul
and reality is
just what we see

enjoy those thoughts
those beautiful thoughts
if just for their sake
at the least
May 2020 · 70
The Corpse
Dawnstar May 2020
south of a skyward stretch of mounts
lies England, green and white land
her towers felled by ducklings

her geese have joined the wild
the frayed cacophany
of a godless post-empire

now we stare at coffee pots
and think ourselves profound
while Ur's voice grinds a whisper

despairing through weary pixels
each stitch of the telegraph cable
buried in fallen time

and down through the maps
terrifying mutations ravage earth
hurling us far from apotheosis

till the last sod of root
dangles from a broken tree
our rage grows with it, each day
May 2020 · 72
i'm a child
Dawnstar May 2020
i'm a child
of the ocean

i'm a child of the waves
where nighttime is day

i'm a child
of uncertain parents

all i hold is my head
all i hold is my head
a sequel
May 2020 · 74
pale pianist
Dawnstar May 2020
how am i still getting used
to your mourning elegance
even after so many breakfasts?
how many times have i
thought and forgot
about what matters most
and left our stomachs
growling cats
at the foot of a jungled coast?
Dawnstar May 2020
in like lions and out like lambs
you ride the burgeoning tide
and hold the world-cross
in your hands
in your hands
made of fine and polished clay
what you offer i accept
what you say i must obey

counting dreams and memories
leaping high while sitting still
in my bed i am fine
the buzz of a nagging bee
reminds me
there is one who loves me still

all good things come in threes
so i venture to write a third
verse, without counting
any line or any word
so as not to be drunk on ink
but solely focused on an impression
an obsession
which has been growing and now
looses itself from rulebound chains
to love you as freely as any
green field born child
May 2020 · 261
i have come
Dawnstar May 2020
i have come
to the waters

i have come to the seas
for we to be free

i have come
to lament my glory

all alone that i am
all alone that i am
Dawnstar May 2020
if the products of your despair
are relatable enough
they can make art
May 2020 · 88
Dawnstar May 2020
warm palm
backhand tattoo
cold cheek
May 2020 · 82
pep band
Dawnstar May 2020
pep band night
hornsmen file out
the rival team to fight
Apr 2020 · 50
familiar faces
Dawnstar Apr 2020
people always pass away
seems this truth will never change
those whose faces burn in mind
sudden endings leave behind

i thought they'd always be around
i never thought their suns would down
but, worst of all, what makes me cry:
i never got to say goodbye

now i fear of growing old
living with the newer mold
swimming in a sea of hate
against the hurried current's fate
schools of fish that can't relate
to memories shared and friendships rare

take this sad reflective sigh
let it make a last goodbye
to those i loved and knew
with whom i lived and grew:
at the going down of the sun
i will remember you
Dedicated to Chris Thompson, who died too young Sunday in my hometown.
Apr 2020 · 60
effortless love
Dawnstar Apr 2020
i long to fall down in the shadow of you
to be paralyzed by your secondhand chill
my heart stolen by your unconscious banditry
Apr 2020 · 115
Dawnstar Apr 2020
the moment you were born
a quasar shed its form
and starkly breathed the essence
of purple effervescence

to the rafters of heaven
a joyous song's occasion
Apr 2020 · 60
again down lays he and
Dawnstar Apr 2020
and he lays down again
after raging and slamming his brain into a bed
something muted, absent observant words
objective words, perspective words
can never quite encapsulate

that raw emotion all feel always
like the jaw-taste of vaughan
the van jazz neon net
(an album his father kept)

young hearts and their dreams
exhausted muscles at their seams
into the wake of venus
and still bleed even with the advent of therapy

and he lays down again
Apr 2020 · 226
Dawnstar Apr 2020
stop giving me news
pulsate my rhythms differently
cities and urban life

i read your views
and all i hear are hatters
convinced of their own greatness

fox worm
shine on down

Dawnstar Apr 2020
slick sentences afford me frisson
yet i'm not sure i like this chill

feels pretentious esoteric
not vital nor sinful nor ill

one seasoned word of calm
captains fifty voices shrill
Apr 2020 · 55
Dawnstar Apr 2020
shoot me if i must wait
Apr 2020 · 68
chair quarantine
Dawnstar Apr 2020
my legs daily grow stiffer
as i descend deeper into
which is a kind of madness

maybe by the end i'll have it all figured out
but this i doubt
Apr 2020 · 52
the boy that dug the sand
Dawnstar Apr 2020
ago in a forgotten land
there was a boy that dug the sand
who hoped to split earth like a knife
to reach the eastern sea of life

he toiled away for mindly things
and never wanted priceful rings
the grand bands grew, as he did too
while shade fell on the canned brook stew

at mattress bugs the teachers squinted
of rose and lime, their glasses glinted
they recognized by nose and ear
astute a student passèd here

but, tongue and teeth, head topped with heath
the singing sword had smith'd its sheath
and decked itself in a fanciful wreath

and down he went beneath the sand
and nevermore to surface land
Apr 2020 · 59
unicomma differendum
Dawnstar Apr 2020
as much as i want to rage out about dandelions
and how i can never seem to find one in teary-eyed dinge
i cannot forsake objectivity
Lord, Lord, what is the Word?
here i am wishing i was more well-read
here i am wishing i was more, or less dead
Apr 2020 · 44
Dawnstar Apr 2020
see this steady improvement
surpass surprising leaps
achieving quality in quantity
is it better for a product to start strong
or improve with iterations?
Apr 2020 · 50
ignorance is bliss
Dawnstar Apr 2020
all things being equal
humanity doesn't know
what lies within or beyond

whoever sang the oldest song?
can man and woman get along?
has rightness left, is leftness wrong?

the Bornean native lives in peace
among the trees, he doesn't see
the alien ships approach his isle

there's power in the pocket wood
dimensions where there still is good
and safety in denial
Mar 2020 · 281
Dawnstar Mar 2020
born of silence
cutter violence
Dec 2019 · 109
Dawnstar Dec 2019
Popes weigh loomy on the chapel ground
By gardens delightful our ancestors found.
Brush thinned for us, yet the leaves of yore
We green lovers blissfully ignore,
Amazing our elders how such tyrants bore.
Nov 2019 · 63
Dawnstar Nov 2019
I'm half a man
And half a child
Half times tame
And half times wild

One half strong
And one half weak
One half bold
And one half meek

Friday: cold
Saturday: warm
Sunday: whole
Monday: torn

I know, I know
Like bull from calf
I must outgrow
My lesser half
Oct 2019 · 97
Dawnstar Oct 2019
all pictures of poets are gray
and cold like handled dusty brooms
like staves that wait at iron dooryards
to clean up attics of being-sold barns
and houses where children cry in their beds.

i put on gray some years ago
a volunteer of duty, not joy
i was the reluctant doorbelling boy
and rarely i roamed beyond it.

winter's messengers are legion crows
its implements: charcoal smoke and snow
winter and company built a monopoly
over the hemisphere whole; no man
gave them permission. God did.

summertime sometimes gives rust
often the sun shines on ashes and dust
but, on the far side of a mountain
one evergreen pine sprite fountain
in the heart of a Maine May
can fill up our lungs with day
and free us this moment from gray.
Dawnstar Sep 2019
Need you not my life to hear:
I was born, now I am here.
If few words disinterest thee,
Cut the limb and leave the tree.

Will you jump to laugh and jeer
Something slim or slight or mere?
Tales without a finite end,
Records played out, year by year, is
All I have to offer, and to
You, who whistles troves of them,
Heaps of wool 'twould be to shear.
Why pay mind, when all I wrote were
Songs of a resolving note?

If but one would come sincere,
I would, glad, delight their ear.
I would start to weave a thread,
Then my life would seem less dead.
But, as prying faces peer,
Wherefore I remain austere.

So there's nothing more to see;
Birth and death defineth me.
I was born, now I am here:
Need you not the rest to hear.
Sep 2019 · 270
The Sky Jeweler
Dawnstar Sep 2019
Four enchanted rainbows
From earth's fair far corners
Surge west at red canyons,
Cris-crossing my heartstone.

One by one, each sect fades—
Blue, yellow, every shade—
Becoming one pure white.
The Sky Jeweler fuses
The flowing lava streams
(Decanted airs, sunbeams)
With cloudless glints of light.

O jovial Jeweler,
Take this magic mission:
Cast a precious diamond
From carbon flakes and coal;
Meld my multicolored heart
And make me truly whole.
Sep 2019 · 173
Dawnstar Sep 2019
oh speckled albatross
purveyor of stacked rocks
when you float
how a worthy note
issues from your auburn throat
golden's the cap
on your pope hat of brass

oh gallant albatross
eleven feet across
when you glide
how your wingside
sweeps beats with the swollen tide
proud is the wash
wind that keeps you aloft
Sep 2019 · 225
I clung contemptuously
Dawnstar Sep 2019
I clung contemptuously
to summerborne auburn misgivings
I sung a tempt to you thusly
but truth overshadowed forgivings
Sep 2019 · 123
Dawnstar Sep 2019
the sun is orange
it blazes hot
but doesn't warm me

i am cold
i am blue
for you, for you
Sep 2019 · 539
Dawnstar Sep 2019
I live in a nation called America,
and, today, I am human.
Aug 2019 · 465
Can ebon wings ever quell
Dawnstar Aug 2019
Can ebon wings ever quell
The mockers' cry over hell?
The thunder of their wrath?
And starry things, other worlds,
The rent, sour universe,
Which seldom halts their path?
Aug 2019 · 66
The War is Over
Dawnstar Aug 2019
Take off your shoulder
Your rifle and mortar
The war is over!
The war is over!
Take off your shoulder
The banners and
Rockets and targes

We're stirring the best
Of a fine hurrah,
We fought till the last
And we won the war,
We're spirited now
To home on bonny barges!

The lanes of home
Will be all aglow
When we get home,
When we get home,
The lanes of home
Will be lined
With many people

The mothers and fathers,
The lasses and lads
Will shout for joy,
And dance and be glad,
While church bells ring
Returning in the steeple!
Aug 2019 · 135
Dawnstar Aug 2019
composition: epileptic epistle
philosophic peruvian piper
coronation: kibbutz tzitzimitl
Aug 2019 · 76
Dawnstar Aug 2019
head poundings
thick broom tidings
jovial jungles
standing atop
little dark city
white shoe brings
moon death to
crater polis.
Aug 2019 · 113
parlor rapture
Dawnstar Aug 2019
ornate blue mosque
smoky jazz risque
enchanted beat desque
question i asque
drum soul mahogue
undercurrent analogue
Aug 2019 · 74
Dawnstar Aug 2019
heavenly signal
as his wife's car left
and the church pastress,
a lurch of sad grace
which struck a dead horse.
"don't go, please don't go!"
but the whip came to bone,
the horse wailed alone.
Aug 2019 · 205
Dawnstar Aug 2019
down demolish
smallish college
floorish, wallish:
allish fallish

them astonished
knowledge goneish
(near abolished)
us impov'rished

them admonish
gaulish polish
lawless snobbish
tarnish promise

go accomplish
modest homage:
solid, honest
amish cottage
Aug 2019 · 230
Dawnstar Aug 2019
but I won't cry
   because I'm a Gemini
and you won't say you're sorry
   because your sign is Taury!
I don't believe in signs
   but I've been grieving so…
look out brother Leo!
Cosmos Universal Band
"Back Home Together"
Jul 2019 · 227
Grand Central Station
Dawnstar Jul 2019
Trains arrive and trains depart
But none so jolting as my heart
Joy and sorrow, love and pain
Is how my station gets its name
Jul 2019 · 95
tonada del cabrestero
Dawnstar Jul 2019
coming from over the hillock
the pathway to solitude
the cabrestero singing, ahh…
his couplet in the morning dew

the moon searches for the shadow
the shadow the moon eludes
because that shade is hiding, ahh…
behind the early morning dew

cry no more, watercloud
silence, bitterness
as all milk gives cheese
so all grief is cured
butterfly, watercloud

the morning is making its bedding
over the palms and shoots
the cabrestero continues, ahh…
moaning out his mournful tune

… oh …

when I leave
who will remember me?
only the jar
for the water I drank
bright star, watercloud
a wonderful traditional Venezuelan song
my favorite version is by Simón Díaz
Jul 2019 · 151
live on
Dawnstar Jul 2019
put on cool dream
of calm river stream
take off stiff rein
of undersun strain
Jul 2019 · 273
Dawnstar Jul 2019
you've landed now
sukiyaki soul
after death smile
(3/3) - Dedicated to Kyu Sakamoto and all who perished aboard JAL Flight 123 on August 12, 1985. May you rest in peace.
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