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with one look from you
i'm forever enchanted
you pull me back under your spell
by your everlasting beauty
it was in this moment
i realized
i am yours
now and forever
until the end of my days
and suddenly
within an instant
my heart belonged to you
once again.
  Jan 2018 Danielle Callahan
i do this thing
where i build bridges just to
jump off them
but i never build them high enough
to do any damage
so i lay on the ground
wondering why everything hurts
just long enough to
build another bridge
The tendons
in your body
must rip and tear,
must bleed
and suffer
to become stronger,

and I think
it must be the same
for our
I feel so stupid.
  Jan 2018 Danielle Callahan
and then I asked you,
"What's your biggest fear?"

you gave me a quivering sigh,
looked at me straight in the eyes
and said,

"It's that eventually, you will see me
the way I see myself."
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