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 Sep 2018 Laura
Tessa Marie
I have.....
curly hair
a sunburn
a black cat
a blister! AAAHHH get a bandaid!!! MOOOMMMYYY!!!

I am.....
left handed
long legged
a girl

My ID card describes me as:
caucasian-whats that mean?
blue eyes
red hair

All of this describes me
None of it defines me
My daughter is 4 years old, autistic, non verbal, and as cool as it gets.  I'll do my best to speak for her until she finds her own voice.
 Sep 2018 Laura
Tessa Marie
You can pray to your god for forgiveness.
You can forgive yourself.
This doesn't make you forgiven.

Oh, so you feel better now?
You can move on with your life without the burden you have given to me.
Good for you.

You are not forgiven.
Somethings can't be.

Behind your facade you know this to be true.
You can bury your guilt behind walls of self help and tales of dead carpenters, but it doesn't change how guilty you are.

You're a thief.
The thief of my childhood.

You know it's true.
 Sep 2018 Laura
Tessa Marie
This girl doesn't care that it's August. She will wear her snow boots because she likes that they light up.

This girl doesn't care there is no music. She will dance where she wants to the music in her mind.

She doesn't care who is watching. Or who disapproves.

I wish to be more like her.
I wish more were like her.

I hope no one stifles it out of her.

No, "Sit still"
No, "Calm down"
No, "Be embarrassed"

Be you.
Be like her if you're inclined to.
Be a dancer in the street.
My daughter has autism and doesn't care what you think of her. she lives life to the fullest.
 Sep 2018 Laura
 Sep 2018 Laura
I stay up all night again
trying to convince myself I don’t need to make myself feel bad
I don’t need to make myself hurt
in any way my mind comes up with
I can just feel emotions and let them be
can’t i?
Back here again, but with a different poison...

— The End —