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  Jan 2015 Mayte
Ariel Taverner
It's not completely true
you know
Thry say that you have a process you follow
Get born
Go to school
Get a job
Meet a nice girl
Marry her
Have kids
Grow old


But it's changed  
You know
Get born
Have a sweet little childhood till highschool
Start thinking
Become sad
Have the emotions
Become numb
Get the rope
Kick the chair out

Its changed
  Jan 2015 Mayte
Do you know what a knife is?
The one your mum uses to cut onions...
The best excuse for battered mothers.
Bring that knife,
Hold it as if you're holding a god.
Bring it slowly to your neck,
Slowly, slowly...
Let the sharp tip cut the blossoming vein.
Let it bleed.
Close your eyes.
Do it now, little one. The world needs not another innocent victim.
  Jan 2015 Mayte
Cut a little deeper
Cry a little louder
Shed more tears
Show a little more

Maybe they'll notice

The fraud behind your smile
The trick to a fake laugh
The way you hide it all
The way you show nothing

Maybe they'll notice

Maybe then, it won't be too late
  Jan 2015 Mayte
The worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.
Mayte Jan 2015
While you are watching tv, I am cutting the pain away.
  Jan 2015 Mayte
she used to be okay.
always a smile on her face and
she talked with a sweet voice,
which is something i don't want to under state,
and she never really cared that she was
40 pounds overweight.

but now as she lays on the beach
and no boys and no girls look her way
she feels invisible, even while she dreams of
being able to tell her parents that she
might be gay.

her parents talk about her figure
and how she'll never compare to how her
sister looked when she was her age.
thin, toned legs and a stomach with abs.
after all, who wants to date a girl
with flabs?

she has a blog dedicated to the thin girls
who make her feel so bad,
it makes her feel less,
it makes her feel sad.

if only she counted calories and
if only she could fit in that size two,
maybe she's be the perfect daughter that
her parents wish they knew.

but even as she drinks a sprite and
takes all her bites in spite she knows that
if she was skinny then
everything would be alright.

all she needs a push and a pro ana friend and
maybe she can be the perfect daughter
again. She can't like girls and she
must skip dinner, by the end of the year her
bones and boyfriend will
show that she is a winner.

  Jan 2015 Mayte
Danielle L Cook
What happened to her smile?
She never seems to do that anymore
Not without faking and forcing it,
While her heart lies on the floor..

****** and broken

She use to be the happy one,
Always up for a laugh,
Now she's the depressed one,
Thoughts of suicide run through her head

Broken and ******

People see her walking alone,
But they don't wave to her anymore
They hide their faces behind their books
Afraid of her tears, her hurt, her sorrow..

Blue to red

She hates all the scars, the bruises, the tear stained cheeks
She always has and always will
Her hobbies include cutting open her wrists
In front of her broken mirror..

Red to blue

She doesn't see them working on her,
Just a darkness pressing in
They're trying so hard to bring her back,
Mais il est trop ****, c'est la fin

Light to dark

Her mothers crying, school was cancelled
There are people sobbing everywhere
They never worried, didn't see it coming,
Could have done more to show they care..

Dark to light

"There's 70% chance that she won't wake up
And if she does, she probably won't remember a thing"
This mans voice sounds very far off,
But she can hear someone close by singing..

New and old

Her hand is warm but her name is still lost
Someone's breathing is felt close by
"I miss you, please come back to us..
I promise this time I'll try!"

Old and new

She knows this voice, if not anything else
She clenches her hand around the warmth
I'm coming The girl thinks to herself,
*Have patience, I won't be long..
Mais il est trop ****, c'est la fin = But it's too late, this is the end.

Also, Not even sure how I feel about this poem, wasn't even going to turn out this way until I was almost done lol #Don'thate
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