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CoLe Oct 1
Train your dreams how to fly,
    On their wings __you'll reach horizons
         For they have no limits,besides the one who wields them.
CoLe Sep 28
Our paths have crossed not once,
But I cannot say I don't know you
When my eyes burn to get lost in your world
   all the nerves beneath my skin crave for your touch_for the fragile cherrylips_.
   My muscles lust for the excitement when my skin kneads your delicate skin  
  I cannot say I don't you know you, when
          my hands ache to explore every inch of your diamond body.
CoLe Sep 27
Accompany my eyes for the words never spoken
Dab my heart to calm the storm with in.
Quietly whistle the songs that ignite  beneath my skin with chills
As my nose flawlessly lets in the calm seduction of your presence.
As my eyes close to meet you in my dreams.
CoLe Sep 25
The roses that now  sprout in the garden of my heart are lifeless,
the brilliant red that preyed upon the  love we shared is now all but a heatless fire_-with Lovat it's new reflection.

Shadows of despair corrupt the shine in my heart and a mask of heart break suffocates my mind
I can't feel or tell reality,for the colour that painted my life faded away.
When love is the colour in your life... heartbreaks devour all the colorful pieces in your world...leaving you empty
CoLe Sep 15
I have a tale  of burden in my life,
as God has forgotten me_ he stopped writing my story.
As though he saw it imprudent to schedule my happiness, like my destiny has no girth -it doesn't even exist.

Have had a bitter, still on going,  battle with life.
Have been bruised, broken like a vase
The scars I dare not Destroy to show that I showed up for the fight.

My life are ruins one dares to explore
lest they become part of it.
Earth, my new compass, blurred my eyes with fragile desires
I got lost
Traces of light that loitered my darkness departed,
i am an empty vessel filled with aeons of mere darkness.

I just forgot one detail, Christ is the light_
CoLe Sep 14
In mortal confinement
The love we bore made commitment,
As a contagion,our hearts became more found of each other
But in silence it blossomed,like lilies in the artic with none to adore the aesthetical sense.
Petals on the winds,our love out into the cold world a beautiful aura unexplainable in word
But the love we bore couldn't be,
For fate never  let in ,
to let us be.
But what  we shared was real, for even in the unseen world our souls remained intertwined _ even if fate never let in to let us be we'll always be meant to be_ .

By C•o•L•e

— The End —