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Sîr Collins Nov 2022
Just around noon,
An hour that sun burns,
And beams ecstatically,

I walked along a path,
That lead to my ex girlfriend's home,
Poor me!
I got nostalgic and missed her.

Every move and everything that we did,
Could be seen a fresh,
even the evergreen live fences,
appeared just like they were a decade ago,
Sharp pends and the road's serenity notwithstanding.

I could see her Smile and giggle uniquely,
I could see her run to meet me by the road,
I could see her medium height that was my type.
Talk about her curvaceous and well endowed shape,
And the cute dimples that mounted on her smooth face.

In the day dream I could see her clad,
In a pure white top and a flare skirt,
With dazzling white open shoes,
And a Small bronze-coloured watch,
How amazing the lass appeared!

I could see her fingers beckoning and gesticulating,
I even recalled her sharp but sweet perfume,
How she called my name with her soft voice!
Nobody could ever predict our fall
If only old days could be brought back ...
That was Veronica 💕
Sîr Collins Oct 2019
Mr Oji looks disturbed yet at the wheel,
Now that the month is dying for real, He manoeuvres around with bills,
Bold as he demands the arrears of the deal

Emmanuel come see him,
Come along with the entire team,
You will be sceptic about the scheme,
Scheme to make our eyes deem,

See Oji cleans the compound,
So satirical how he hoovers around,
Don't you think he Is broke and no more pound,
That he badly misses the coins sound?

I just eavesdropped,
Heard him tell Kevo that he once knocked,
His tenant to death as others watched,
His tact to fast track payments is surely crooked.

No alcohol in his breath for sure,
The atmosphere is so pure,
His  usually fierce tone seems to have got a cure,
And this are signs that his coins are now fewer.

We better call at his door ,
All of us at once especially at four,
We precipitate our challenges to this bro,
No pay unless he improves we vow.

Let's remind this drunkard,
That His days are numbered,
That the narrative have been pondered,
And the hare  this time is not to be spared.
Sîr Collins Sep 2019
A week of your absence
Set in my soul a loud silence.
I get weak and sick,
I get lost and totally frantic.

How I wonder what it could be,
My days without you my loving pea,
My heart  bit gets quite strange,
When this thought comes from a range

See me on your way home from school,
How I look out of place yet cool,
As i wait for you to appear ,
Just to touch your palm as they watch us at the rear.

Whenever I miss out  as I usually does,
After all my trial and err means pass,
My heart gets wounded and lonely.
It in turn invite me to your  home finally.

Sometimes I hate my fishy hunts,
But for you it doesn't matter what comes  ,
After all I am risking for my joy.
My soft and  sweet source of joy.

My heart is jailed  by your love,
The other day I got a chance  though tough,
I rejected instantly that filthy deal,
For I feared that my angel could fall out for real  .

Hear I sit  desperately decided ,
Memo I hope u stay unmoved,
And forever see your love soldier in learns,
sure and I swear you are in the safe hands.
Sîr Collins Sep 2019
As I sat on the shade,
One sunny hot midmorning,
Memories of August holiday,
Loom large in my brain.

I think about this lass,
Cynthia my hearts' nurse,
Images forms about us,
How I scored as she pass.

I love my daring doll,
For she spares my soul,
Even after the world tells her all,
Choreographed to make us fall.

I love to hear her giggle,
And smile with her innocent face,
Face full of live ,love and hope,
That surely reads clean tommorow.

Every time she talks I get touched,
By her utterance that sounds true,
She got a cute voice that merges ,
Her Immaculate nature .

The ardent ambition to succeed,
Is second to her nature,
'er shy look and reservedness,
Proves that she is my malkia.

Chebet come with a ring,
You be our witness on this thing,
Come along with your king ,
We celebrate all as we sing .
Sîr Collins Jun 2019
I loved to play,
Football in the day,
Till they see gray,
That guy with big pay.

you could see learns ,
beat them not once
On and off the banks,
Hailed by the fans
All clapping their hands.

There came a season,
Season of doom was born,
A rough moment for the son
Overhaul beckoning like a bad loan
All in a bid to  demolish the "clown"

I stopped being a player,
When they took me for a lier,
After exposing this layer
Of secrets to them betrayers,
Who crucified me up higher.

one mess and the crowd is booing
Allies showcase competing,
Unclothing our dark chats laughing,
Me taken for a virus in room dressing,
No one cares ideals that Built whispering.

perfect player always rearing to go,
Escaping by all means the upheaval,
When he laughs with them in the table,
Fooling them to come to his level,
And destroy 'em like God does to devil
Kmg  I am watching
Sîr Collins Jan 2019
I start frm everest leeward
you from its windward
Step by step wayward,
To top we fight hard.

There we shall meet ,
There we shall eat,
Rest after we beat ,
All odds to clinch it.

The wall looks rough,
At times we laugh,
Others we sulk enough,
To a point of abominable silence.

We like to compete in a way,
Checking each other's move and say,
Judging each others act in dismay,
Our heads in unsaid depression.

The abundant love is there,
We can manage to everest top,
Only if we drop this nuisance
And naivety by all means.

You are great on appearance,
My greatness is unmerged too ,
let's drop the bad attitude and give everything
To make it to the end.
Sîr Collins Nov 2018
Mix and match thing,
As he used to put it,
Sing it as well till,
Our eardrums could ache,

Hear him talk to all and sundry,
Like a preacher of outreach mission,
You hate the message but may love him,
For his utterance is but an ordinary co sumption,

Build bridges and ladders of life,
That us but his two themes,
With which he mean,
To promote human interdependence.

No need  to hate this prank,
That kidded you one day,
Or either broke your sacrosanct deal,
Just assume that all will be okay.

Tommorow is still as good as today,
The crap is vital for tommorow,
Much needed than even your closest ally,
Very unavoidable like oxygen.

His never ending plea,
Coming after the bridge he built,
Bearing juicy fruits and great harvest,
A clever opportunist this lad.
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