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2.0k · Dec 2019
Cinx Dec 2019
There is this friend I have,
with a heart that's full of love
A flower color of a moonlight
Not dull, not bright

An angel with a ready smile,
as if she's always high!
with a sweetness like her own?
you wouldn't want to make her frown

A lady who'll sing you a melody
If needed be, a lullaby
But when she's acting crazy?
She'll define catastrophe

For tens of years, a hundred face
Few have caught my gaze
You'll never find someone like her...
Says her lover, one named Euller.

Though not a princess of a fantasy,
she's beautiful, not just pretty.
At dahil english ko ay paubos na...
To you my friend, I dedicate this poetry.

— The End —