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Mar 2015 · 1.6k
When you do Acid
Chima Mar 2015
I don't know...
When you do acid
It brings forth all of your demons
Your disorders
Your disability
What's been bottled up inside
It takes it from the internal
and brings it to the external
Like it is gently resting on your skin
For all of the world to see it
In all of its glory
Don't be ashamed of who you are
Embrace yourself, every inch of yourself
Because you’re all you have in the end
Even though we’re born into this world with our family
Friends, whatever
You only leave this planet with one person
And that's yourself
Now how you leave this planet, or where you go may vary
But just know that no matter what happens
As long as you have yourself
You’ll be okay
So I do know
When you do acid
You can look into yourself
And realize all along that you
Are all you have

— The End —