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17.9k · Feb 2019
A Truth :
Callamasttia Feb 2019
The universe loves a bad joke.
2.4k · Feb 2019
Like Riding A Bike
Callamasttia Feb 2019
They say somethings are just like riding a bike, you can't forget
I remember I learned pretty young how to get by on my own and in self defense my head was set
Then you came around, it was like in all my beliefs you pressed reset
From one minute to the other the world wasn't grey anymore, I could finally see a colorful sunset
I didn't have to struggle so much anymore, I've put my defenses down cause then I wasn't alone to defeat the threats
Then you went away, and I was on my own again
I tried to calm myself because I've been alone before, I knew how to get it right, I know how to pilot this plane
Told myself "somethings are just like riding a bike, you can't forget"
So here I'm asking why the hell life ain't fair
Because I'm going crazy trying to figure it out how to keep sane without you there.

- I'm starting to think you were a drug disguised as a person.
Callamasttia Apr 2019
I dont have the mind
Neither the time
To be thinking about this
To be feeling like this
To be so overwhelmed
To say the damns farewells
I just wanna
I just gonna
I don't know

-Maybe if I keep myself busy I won't have time to remember
997 · Apr 2021
Callamasttia Apr 2021
I read to forget
But I never
Forget what I read
702 · May 2022
I love you
Callamasttia May 2022
I don't think
That "I love you"
Makes justice to what I feel
Doesn't matter how many times I say it
There's not a word
Not a sentence
That will put in words
This feeling I have in my stomach
When I lock eyes on you
656 · Dec 2022
Callamasttia Dec 2022
The sky is pouring outside
So I won't have to cry all by myself
581 · Jun 2021
Damaged floaters
Callamasttia Jun 2021
It's not that
I don't care about you
It's only that
I care about me

- enough it's enough
523 · May 2022
Callamasttia May 2022
Did you wait smiling for this?
507 · Aug 2022
Words and people
Callamasttia Aug 2022
I thought being good with words
Meant I would be good dealing with people
But these two things are so far
From each other

What use is it knowing what to say
If I can't bring myself to open my mouth?
499 · Dec 2021
Callamasttia Dec 2021
I want you
So desperately to love me
But I honestly can't tell
If it is because I like you
Or if I only want to know
That I can make you fall for me
If I want to
484 · Aug 2021
Sun days.
Callamasttia Aug 2021
I don't like hot days
Neither beach party's
Even less heat and sweat

But it's been so long
Since the last time sun kissed me
I even enjoy the feeling
Of melting wings

- Icarus, I do understand you a bit more today
468 · Aug 2019
Callamasttia Aug 2019
My eyes won't dry
The days keep passing by
I used to have all the answers
Now I only have the questions
And every day they double themselves
And I just can't, I can't
452 · Mar 2021
Table talk
Callamasttia Mar 2021
Sun and wind
When I got to your location
We greeted
As past wasn't screaming
Coffee time
Small talk
How have you been?
Your hair is longer
And this is were we are
Table talk
We're older now
Not bedroom gossip
Table talk
How are your parents?
And about work?
Ignoring the real questions
We want to make so badly
Because real questions
Aren't suitable
For adults table talk
423 · Apr 2021
The price we pay
Callamasttia Apr 2021
To live like a king
It's to die like one

- Name a king through all history that died honorable
411 · Aug 2019
Callamasttia Aug 2019
I'm still writing about you.
400 · Aug 2021
Callamasttia Aug 2021
I don't expect for nothing
I'm just a spectator
383 · Sep 2019
Callamasttia Sep 2019
I'm bad at letting go
376 · Jan 2019
Family Sunday
Callamasttia Jan 2019
All these kids running and screaming
"They're just kids,
They're just being"
I don't know why,
but I just can't.
All this play-by-the-book thing
"We hate each other but on sunday we play it nice
Cause family it's our bigger treasure, right?"

So go on little girl,
put that sunday dress on and come to grandma house
Your cousins will be there
So you better do something nice on your hair
When your aunts ask about boyfriends,
satisfied them with whatever dumb story they can tell others later on
And ignore the fact you're hurt that they never even questioned if you like boys at all
And when your uncle make a sexist joke
laugh and shake your head
Because there's no place in the fam for a woman who speak up
Do never forget,
You're suppose to be a good pet.

-They really don't know why I don't go to family sundays anymore?
371 · Sep 2021
Selfish girls
Callamasttia Sep 2021
She's a daydreamer
A storm in it's physical form
Made straight out of boldness
The key to every door

She smells like that time at night
Where everything feels possible
And the world fit in ours pockets

As there's only the open road ahead
And nothing can hurt us
Because we're untouchable

There's no living thing
That won't bend to her wills
Because she's just too pretty
To be let unsatisfied

I guess that's why it hurts so much
When you wake up next morning
And she's just not into you anymore
Because the adrenaline went gone
The night made out of possibilities is dead
And she's realized you're not so interesting
As you were last night

- I fall for the dreamer every time, and every time they wake up from the dream
337 · Jun 2021
Callamasttia Jun 2021
They call it
"Funny feeling"
The weird thing is
It never got me laughing
335 · Jan 2022
Bleeding out
Callamasttia Jan 2022
I bleed poetry
When the wound you left on me opens
Ink dripping out of my skin
And words streaming out of my lips
The shadows that are passing by stop to hear
And after a few minutes they plead
It's so beautiful
And so sweet
The art you make out of me
But no poetry is worthy enough
For the blood and pain
I had to go through to pick up the pen

- art isn't beautiful until I make it so
318 · Dec 2018
Like Never Before
Callamasttia Dec 2018
I wanna cry like I've  never cried before.
I wanna die like I've never died before.
Because I've died too many times
and today I'm dying a little bit more.
I do not even understand,
wish I knew why we do this kinda of stuff for.

-Everytime I think the fall will end
                                                             I fall
                                                                      a little bit
313 · Sep 2021
True colors
Callamasttia Sep 2021
And I got lost into emotions

Of the past
Of others
Of moments

Of every emotion
That buried my own

- how much it's too much?
291 · Aug 2019
Callamasttia Aug 2019
She is a "believe in the universe" kind of person
I'm not, but when she talks I get nervous
It's like she gets me into another dimension
And I can fully see the world through her eyes and get some comprehension
I don't know how but she catches my whole attention
Maybe I'm just curious about how you handle life
Maybe I'm just curious how you honestly care about mine
Maybe I'm just curious how you take me out of my comfort zone and I'm still fine
You make me want to try to see the world through another view point
Your eyes sparkles alive when I humor you, you're putting on me all your coins
I'm a spreadsheet kind of person so I should know that the pros and cons
Aren't really rooting for you
I never really like what's new
Trying out new things always make me looks like a fool

- Curiosity will be the death of me (do I really care?)
275 · Apr 2022
Callamasttia Apr 2022
Once upon a time
I wanted to be a writer
I wrote and rewrote
All the things I had inside my mind
But it was never good enough

Then the colors got shattered
And red dripped from everywhere
I thought it was ironic
Words flood on the pages
After, and only after
I felt like there was nothing inside to give

- I got the writing and gave all else in exchange
268 · Jul 2022
It's Exhausting
Callamasttia Jul 2022
Crying for you
Every single time
267 · Nov 2021
Callamasttia Nov 2021
I came to that point
Where there's no turning back
I either go
Or go
So I take a deep breath
I hold hands with my fear
And kick my legs forward
With my best fake brave face
Taking all of me to keep my jaw up

And I go
263 · Aug 2019
I can't tell
Callamasttia Aug 2019
I love  you to death
But do I love you enough to keep away from me death?
260 · Jun 2021
The lie you told
Callamasttia Jun 2021
it's us against the world
254 · May 2021
Callamasttia May 2021
Today was bad
But at least
It was the only
I will ever had

- tomorrow might not be better, but it's another day
251 · Jun 2022
Callamasttia Jun 2022
I wish I could
But I can't

-Anything at all
250 · Nov 2023
Suffocating in myself
Callamasttia Nov 2023
I'm suffocating in myself,
drowning, drowning,
inside the person I am.

No one to talk to,
So I made myself my best friend.
After a few moons together,
I realized I didn't want my company either.
And that's when I knew
I was completely alone.

I keep trying to shut myself down,
But I've been so loud this week,
I keep suffocating in me.
249 · Dec 2019
I am my own stranger
Callamasttia Dec 2019
And I'm still not knowing
If when the night falls I become someone else
Or I'm the raw me because I"m alone with myself

- I'm not a good company
234 · Nov 2023
Callamasttia Nov 2023
People that only
love poetry
when it's short
don't know what
poetry is
230 · Aug 2019
Callamasttia Aug 2019
She is made of sunlight
While I'm made out of snowflake
226 · Apr 2021
Callamasttia Apr 2021
And everything I struggle to put in words
Someone else certainly did before
And yet it still so hard
To come in conclusion with that
Nothing is really new
But I guess is still valid if is new to - you -
226 · Aug 2021
Callamasttia Aug 2021
Even having a good time
Its a bad time

- Why can't  I just enjoy?
213 · Apr 2022
Callamasttia Apr 2022
Bound tight to the earth
For the couple last months
Didn't see when
My feets began to float
Didn't want to mess my life up
I had just rearrange
But it's hard to avoid
When you don't see the changes
Now I'm in foreigner waters
And I never learned how to swim
Do I step back?
Do I keep it up?
Do I say that?
Do I take this turn?
I don't want to want
But I do
I want everything
I also want you

- Promise me you'll catch me
211 · Mar 2021
A forever moment
Callamasttia Mar 2021
It felt endless
It ended.
210 · Jun 2022
One sided
Callamasttia Jun 2022
When things get blue
I'm always there for you
But when I get there
Then I'm no good

- not enough
209 · Jul 2022
Emotional damage
Callamasttia Jul 2022
Who decided
love was supposed
to hurt this much?
207 · Aug 2022
Callamasttia Aug 2022
It must be really good
To be far from me
Since it's so late
And you still
200 · Jun 2022
Callamasttia Jun 2022
When all you get from me
Is silence
When I just agree
Nodding my head
So you'll shut too
That's when you must know
You've lost me
195 · Aug 2021
Callamasttia Aug 2021
I often get lost in your words
Even when I understand what you saying

- drowning in your thoughts
195 · May 2021
Callamasttia May 2021
I've felt so much
I don't think
I feel

- Too dead to be alive
188 · Jun 2022
Callamasttia Jun 2022
What a kid
Are you kidding me?
What a kid
And with me
Getting caught in the crossfire
I'm so tired
You're such a kid
Playing with me
But obeying tightly
Who buys your snacks
182 · Nov 2018
Callamasttia Nov 2018
I have killed the myself I was yesterday

and saw as a new me were born alongside with the sun.

Would do better than the past me,

undo the bad that I have done.

But the new me wasn't much better

because it was me, after all.

I was trying to step up and give you all a good show

but my new deck fell away with the first wind blow.

Not better.

Not faster.

Not smarter.

Ended up I have killed the old me

for a fantasy that I wished to reach

someone that I will never be.

176 · Aug 2021
Arthur's sword
Callamasttia Aug 2021
I always think
I won't be able to write
Another line as good
As the last time

The ink resembles
Arthur's sword
And I can't pick it up
For months
Because I know
Whatever I write
Won't be good enough
To get close of what
I once wrote

When I finally do
Push up the sword
It's surprising how the hilt
Suits perfectly my hands
Callamasttia Dec 2019
"It doesn't matter, she loves me as well"

- Spoiler alert: it mattered.
169 · Nov 2021
The colours of us
Callamasttia Nov 2021
There's blue
There's green
There's purple in you
And red down his knees

There's that fun yellow in your arms
And a touch of black under her eyes
I search for the white of your hands
But they've disappear under the light

I miss the orange
It keept it a little lighter
Now we're left with gray
And empty ink bottles piled higher and higher
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