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Brother Jimmy Aug 2021
He’s pulling up
She’s stepping out
The way she got me feeling
Makes me want to scream and shout

She’s on her knees
He’s standing tall
Don’t even want to think about
The covenant at all

She’s on the floor
He’s pulling out
They wouldn’t want to make another
God-forsaken mouth

He lets it fly
Stinging her eyes
She got the only thing he wants
In between her thighs

Whoa Nellie!
Whoa girl!
Don’t you think you’re good?
Especially when gagging down
Your lover’s pink hood

Whoa now
Stop it now
What about them kids?
But how can you fold when
You’ve gotten better bids?

He’s become so sad
She’s not really so bad
The way she nursed his wounds,
She was the best he ever had

They write each other poems
In between the moans
Send each other songs
In mellifluous tones

Baby, there she goes
From underneath my nose
It’s easy to be blind
When you’ve lenses, colored rose

Kicked me in the gut
Mother, …*******, …****…
It took me but a week
To squeeze my tear ducts shut

Oh Baby,
Oh princess,
Thanks for the heads-up!
I hope you feel the poison
Bitter tears that fill your cup

Hey Momma
Hey girl
You go on your way
I hope we both can find a way to be old friends some day…

For now though, go away.

I have just lost my best friend of 27 years
Mother to my kids
This isn’t how it was supposed to end
My hearts been torn to shreds
Brother Jimmy Aug 2021
Oh, a scoundrel met a pretty maid
And he fell so hard it hurt
And he set about to being near
Her countenance...and skirt...(wink!)

Well, it turned out that this pretty maid
Was betrothed a while back
And so the scoundrel tarried there
And made to plan-out his attack

The scoundrel was overjoyed to find
The rascal was gone at sea
And the lovely maid he so desired
Was a tad inclined to flee

And one happy day he kissed her
And the world melted away
On an island not far south of here
And they both knew from that day

For a while they loved in secret
‘Till she shirked her foul plan
Of playing the role of officer’s wife
To (let’s face it) the wrong man

And the scoundrel tried to straighten up
And he set himself to workin hard
He’d ask the maid to marry him
‘Fore the sun was over yardarm

The maid was a pirate captain’s daughter
So one sunny day, with trembling heart
He walked along beside the Pirate
Attempting to sound smart

And he told the Pirate his intentions
Conveyed politely what he had planned
And with carefully chosen respectful words
Asked for his daughter’s hand

And the Captain said it was fine with him
If his daughter would consent as well
And if the scoundrel would treat her right
Remaining atop the swell

Well, the Pirate was a handy man
With blunderbuss and musketoon
And jabbing with his cutlass
By the light of the silver moon

He captained well his ship
Through breakers plenty tall
And not till he was seventy two
Did our dear pirate captain fall

On that day the ocean rumbled
And a gale was on the water
And the ship on which we sailed
Tossed and tore the pirate’s daughter

We trembled there in silence
For each crew mate held their breath
While the hungry sea kept roaring
And the breakers talked with death

And monstrous creatures from depths below
Around our ship did gather
Knocking hard at the timbers
Working the sea into a lather

The Kraken on the starboard side
Leviathan to port
And the sails were torn and tattered
And the yardarm was cut short

The main mast it had splintered off
And the ship was tipped and tossed
Disastrous destruction from the deep
Meant the ship was nearly lost

And again and again the waves they crashed
O’er the scoundrel and his wife
And he and the Pirate’s daughter
They held on for dear life

And amidst the many perils
And the never ending storms
The scoundrel and the pirates daughter
Learned to raise their arms

The held their arms high in the air
As down each swell they raced
As each fresh peril they endured
And each disaster, bravely faced

Praying they’d have it figured out
How to navigate these icy squalls
Without the pain and angst
Pinning them against the walls

They’ll say, “Here comes another”
But smile with strength and cheer
And though the night will rattle them
The morn’ll be smooth and clear

And when they cling to each other
And to God who sees it all
They’ll be anchored safe in harbor
Protected from the squall

Though the tempests are never-ending
And they can’t quite see the way
When they cling on tight throughout the night
And hold each other through the fright
And pray to emerge into the light
They’ll embrace the bright warm day
This poem was something I wrote for my wife recently.
When I met her she was engaged to a guy in the Navy who’d been out to sea for 6 months. She was 19, I was 21, (her fiancé was in his late 20s) …we worked at Chi-Chi’s waiting tables together.  
We hung out with a whole group of friends after work and became very close.  She asked me to play guitar at her wedding. I declined.  And at some point professed my love for her.  And she professed hers for me. It was terribly romantic.
We ve been together now for 28 years (23 married)


Found out on 8/2 at 3:30 AM that after nearly 22 years of marriage and 3 kids, that she’s been ******* a guy named Enrique… and they’re in-love.

I thought I’d post this anyway.
For ***** and giggles.

(Filed for divorce this morning.)   ******* yay
Brother Jimmy May 2021
Ok, I’m ready
Tell me how to start
Show me what the next step is
To heal my weary heart

I want happiness
Like anybody would
I’m ready now to do the work
I hope that’s understood

If I’m going to fail
At least I’ll know I tried
Let’s smooth it over and move on
My defenses have all died

I’m past the foolish pride
Brother Jimmy Apr 2021
It’s all a bit of *******
It’s wordplay and it’s noise
These tortured, bent, crafty minds
Have dark, insidious toys
Brother Jimmy Apr 2021
What have I become?
Do you turn away?
Supposing it is I
Who has gone astray?

I’ve grown these horns and fangs
My claws grasp at each straw
There’s rumbling hunger pangs
Take note my gaping maw

You put me in my cage
Toss me crumbs and scraps
My hunger to assuage
More than my fill, perhaps

Now my eyes have blackened
The id wrests all control
And these constraints have slackened
Please, petition for my soul
The beast inside this hole
Brother Jimmy Apr 2021
Love feels like being strangled
Like a churning in your stomach
Like an unquenchable longing

Love is helplessness
Love can be almost unbearable

There was a time I thought
Love was sunshine and breezes

Oh but it isn’t always lovely feelings
It isn’t always fun

It is holding on for dear life
Brother Jimmy Apr 2021
Driving on
Where'd I go wrong
In the creases

When did I
Decide to die
In pieces

Self sacrifice
To pay a price is ******
And zephyr blows but I have never heard her

...Too ...far
Down a road I shouldn't have taken
I live for vacation
I take one everyday

Driving on
Where'd I go wrong
In the creases

When did I
Decide to die
In pieces

can take you crazy places
When you don't know
the folks behind your faces...
Can help you force
yourself into tight places

Watch your pace, yes,
It can ***** you too
So sad so blue
Oh what to do
Oh what to do

Come alive
Come alive
And drive
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