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Brother Jimmy Apr 2021
She has chains
Around her chest
Slowly tightening
Give her rest

She’s in danger
Every day
She can’t continue to
Work this way

She’s saving lives
And skirting death
Ushers joy
Or one’s last breath

This blight has taken
A toll on her
On ALL of us
It has, for sure

But on the caregivers
So much worse
On every doctor
Every nurse
Brother Jimmy Mar 2021
You are living
In the past
Thinking you could
Still outlast
Some vague timeline
In you head
Some fake past
You think you read

You project
Your memories
And imagine
They’re the keys
To good feelings
But alas
All good moments
Seem to pass

Far too quickly
And you find
That nostalgia
In your mind
Is a poison,
Keeping you
From the things
You ought to do

Like moving forward
With your quest:
To bleed-out love
From your chest!
And make a difference
Here somehow.
Loving living
In the now
Brother Jimmy Dec 2020
Hate has no place here
So put your tongue to rest
There’s nothing you need fear
No imp upon your chest

Stop grouping them as “they“
Be true to your best creeds
Try seeing things their way
And if the Spirit leads

Try looking past their skew
Into their very souls
Into their motives true
Despite their fool-cajoles
Brother Jimmy Sep 2020
As the plaster
Cast around me
Starts to crumble
When I shake
Convulsing waves
Of body shivers
Undulate and
******* break
Pulsing body
Popping, pushing
Pupil of my
Nature’s plight
Pleading with my
****** and power
Body burning
Still I fight
Just to emerge
Into the light
Brother Jimmy Sep 2020
A new day
Rife with possibility
Insert some new tranquility
Into your mind

A new way:
Looking at the positive
Believing life is causative
A new lens we must find

Truth is
Difficult now to discern
But even so down deep I yearn
Now to make headway

Love is.
So don this mask for now, shall I
And in the face of fear I’ll fly
For today's a new day
Brother Jimmy Aug 2020
My thoughts race~
In my inner monologue I hear:
     (I mean in my head, ...not actually in my ear)

“I hope we can make it through all of this”


How did I “hear” that?   And who spoke those words?

...’cause, if that’s a thought that came from in me...

           Then who is the “I”?     ...Who is the “we”?

And how is it that I can take note
           Observing these thoughts that ring

Who is thinking and who’s observing...
           The conscious mind is an amazing thing
Brother Jimmy Aug 2020
I journeyed out to find
...And here along the way

Having glimpsed my mind
And holding little sway

What fascinated first
Had become cliche

For what was blessed was cursed
And God feels far away

A blessing once upon a time
Was treated as a high

By my own hand and tongue, and I’m
A shriveled ghost, a sigh

Persuade me to embolden now
Regain the mystic eye

To see the golden glow somehow
Without the paper tie

The crispness of this air
Feels like a fetter, oh

I long for sweet despair
I’m getting better though

One day I will be healed
Or ...I like to think so

Toward the great reveal
The conclusion of this show

Inexorably, I go
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