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Justin Racine Sep 2020
All Philosophy Is


                                But Can You Grow Anything


      A Little

Justin Racine Aug 2020
A deep exhale
I can feel each beat of my heart
It hurts but I really don't know why
My stomach feels tight
I had a burrito salad for lunch but it wasn't filling like that
I'm just unsure of why I feel this way
My mind feels like a beach
Waves coming in and out
I just wish the beaches today were as empty as mind
I don't understand what's going on
I was happy earlier, why am I so upset
What could have possibly changed?
The music isn't helping
A deep breath
I'm just confused
This *****
Justin Racine Aug 2020
What Is Strength?
It is not something you are born with
Rather something you see
A skill that is trained
Understanding that falling off the bike does not mean give up
Seeing your father lose his job only to return to searching
Life ain't easy
Never was and it shouldn't be
Surround yourself with strong people
I want you to succeed
I want you to be happy
I love you for you
Let's be strong
I am really attempting to bring a new form of encouragement and love to my poetry. I hope that whoever reads this feels the warmth and care that I am putting into this.
Justin Racine Aug 2020
As I walk I stumble
But stumbling never hurt anybody
I don't fall
I don't waver
But sometimes I stumble like everyone else
Keep walking
Keep stumbling
And eventually balance will be found
Justin Racine Aug 2020
An eyelash blown away
Gods among sheep
Upturned squirming roaches
Stuck in place until released
Another god controls me
Save me now
Save me fast
tin man in quicksand
Puddy in your hand
Soft as u need
Nightshades and tulips
Budding and slaughtered
Evening angels waiting for their time
A drip on the head
Blood on the leaves that raised me
**** the gods **** the sheep
Leave the buds
One long scythe to cleanse the world
Ashes rain
This future haunts me
A soft place to lay your head
A step into space
3 stripes black on white
The sheep are back
They want you dead
The ones you want to love
Escape the room
Salmon in the maw of a bear
12 pigs at your door
I can't breathe
A trough of black currants
The eagle rings the bell
Squirming hogs rush to eat
This is the future that scars me
Frozen atop a peak
The orange sun melts the ice
The eagle falls from the summit
History burned the steeple falls
Your mountain has crashed
The tape rewinds in a broken vcr

— The End —