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2.0k · Aug 2018
A perfect Paralysis
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
We were holding hands as the snow started falling. Your face was red, as if you had been crying. As it covered the trees, the scenery changed. The heat from your body met mine in brief stages. I was falling in love in the silence, you were perfect, wrapped tight in your scarf. I knew you became lost in your thoughts, mapping every feeling out. I never felt closer to heaven, as my limbs slipped away from brain.  I wished forever, to be stuck in that beautiful day.
1.5k · Feb 2016
How the scenery pushes back
Bor ehgit Feb 2016
Sometimes even a wave coated in star light can't bring me to believe your wish came true.

Things that shine tend to be at their best already
Knowing that I can appreciate all things dull.
Bor ehgit Jun 2016
Why is it that every streetlight
Every passing plane
Every headlight
Every voice
Every face
Reminds me of you
1.2k · Aug 2018
Finding Solace
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
I know for now we will never be close or at least close enough for me to feel the heat coming off of your skin. Covering mine like the sunlight on a freezing day. I loved that about you, the storms that followed you. I loved being Swept Away in it, being pulled apart just to be pieced back together. Nothing ever felt the same after that. How the hair on my neck would stand when you would kiss me, or the hours we spent with our eyes closed, guessing who was blinking. Not knowing that one day we would regret not staring into each other's eyes. Because of how badly we would want that time back, the seconds we could have had, in love, together.

Knowing that we would eventually spend the rest of our lives, looking out windows into the past. Remembering the dialogue lightly but the feelings constantly.
1.1k · Sep 2016
Hoodies and Horror Films
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
The wind glides across the table,
Stiff fall leafs take flight.
On their way to a different destination,
Twirling up and down.
Yellow and orange flicker against the sunlight,
Looks like glowing ambers dancing.
They settle along the cornfields and scarecrows,
October is rounding the corner again.
1.1k · Nov 2015
Your face as a constellation
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
I guess I did what I did because I thought you wouldn't be hard to forget. Little did I know that you were the only thing keeping me together. Even in your  absence you teach me to better myself. I've learned to not take the small things for granted. Now every night I lay beneath an ocean of stars and just listen to the wind. I try to focus in on the sounds of the world, in the hopes that one day I'll find your voice.
1.1k · Jan 2016
A piece of a piece
Bor ehgit Jan 2016
Her heart was like a fall leaf, hardened  and always on the move. Losing little pieces of herself everywhere the wind took her.
1.0k · Mar 2016
An even exchange
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
Her eyes were like black holes with galaxies spinning within them. I was eager to be a part of her, even if it meant losing all of myself in the process.
960 · Jun 2016
Morgan Freeman
Bor ehgit Jun 2016
I could swim through wormholes until the universe ends and I'm certain I'll never find anyone like you. I'd be a billion light years away, still clutching that same photograph.
958 · Jan 2019
Kiss me three times.
Bor ehgit Jan 2019
I've finally realized that all these words were never meant to make you feel special.
I only used your ghost over the years to calm mine. Now that the ringing has finally stopped lovely,
so can you.
911 · Sep 2017
Not This Coastline
Bor ehgit Sep 2017
A day will come when your kiss will have me settled. No more shaky hands, just fingers tracing a familiar map. No more fire burning between the two of us. Only ambers and blackened walls. It will be on this day that I know, I can no longer love you.
It will be this day that all the fall leafs will cover the park walk ways. The bare trees will be on display like skeletons. The cold air will remind you more then ever that I am gone. Trust me when I say it’s for the best.
No matter how hard I try I’m unable to settle in. I still remember every beautiful face, with tears rolling down their cheeks. I still remember the sound of all the laughter.
910 · Mar 2016
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
Is there a place where we cross paths, a distant movie screen. Your blue dress sliding from the bones exposed on your shoulders. Where your eyes would slowley raise as they focused in on mine. As the background of flickering candles cast shadows along the walls and two shapes become one.
904 · Nov 2015
Can't seem to write anymore
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
The clouds still remain and the sea still crashes to shore. I don't know how I wrapped myself up for so long. I almost forgot the feeling of sunshine on my skin or the weird satisfaction of seeing your breath in a winters mist. I forgot these things because I simply had no space for them. I held so tightly to the things you said my own voice began to fade. I've missed you everyday since until I realized how quickly I became nothing more then a person trapped in a photograph to you. I could have been anyone on that day and that wouldn't have changed a thing. So today I will I dig a hole on the beach and sleep beside it. I will allow all the beautiful memories to leave my head one by one as I dream of them. They will eventually settle inside the sandy hole I've dug for them and wait to be swallowed by the tide. I will awake tomorrow without knowledge of your existence and I will begin to remember myself.
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
There's no sleep for the traveling heart, as the mind is always ticking. Unable to keep steady enough hands, to ever hold another's properly. Her face stays tucked away for nights, when the alcohol brings her to the surface. In my head she's dancing through the streets of a foreign city, the rain falls as her hair curls and sticks together. She's smiling as the mascara runs from her eyelashes, and just as she runs her fingers across her head, she disappears within the mist.
871 · Jan 2016
The kiss
Bor ehgit Jan 2016
From the blossom of your lips
Your pearly whites peak.
Your eyelashes slowly close
From the tilting of your head.
Your hands are fragile branches
On my neck they tremble
On a clock the moments passed
But it remains forever inside us.
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
I was an abandoned home until I heard your voice. My walls were crumbling until you reminded me what it's like to be held. I  had almost forgot that darkness is followed by sunlight. With the warmth you bring to me, I no longer need to be whole. I've accepted that some things just get lost over the years and the people who spend too much time trying to find them, get lost themselves. I'm not saying I haven't wandered but it feels **** good to be home again.
Some people are lucky enough to remain in one place and have the person they will love find them.
824 · May 2016
Stubborn gears
Bor ehgit May 2016
She was the hand that shakes with age, stubborn to turn the page. She was set far in her ways just routinely passed her days. I loved her for a year and she never knew me near. When she dreams it's shooting stars, burning bright like flaming cars. Everything she touches grows inside except her heart she always hides.
791 · Oct 2015
Bor ehgit Oct 2015
I want to remember the little things, the very detailed little things.
767 · Feb 2017
Later life, campfire night.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
A cup whiskey
Relaxing to the silence within me
Outside the snow is falling
A spinning globe is calling from a distant

Can you hear me
You old gumpy man

Accept the outcome
She's tearing his clothes to the ground
Only ghost remain now
As you howl at the moon from the yard of your house
756 · Nov 2015
Not a fan of parachutes
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
I remember you standing at the tip of the shore as lights from a near by bridge reflected off the waves. You motioned back and fourth as you walked me through your day. I tried to miss it but I couldn't, there was a look at one point and it was so clear we messed up. I wanted to be there so badly and for once you, who never has enjoyed the long term-company of anyone; wanted the same. A pair of  arms wrapped around you to comfort the chill and a warm pair of lips to greet your forehead. I imagined your feet tangled in mine as we spoke throughout the night of space and time. How vast and unforgiving, was the universal theme and how amazing it was to finally feel some comfort. At that point it didn't matter if the sky fell because we my dear, were falling with it.(I never was a fan of  parachutes)
739 · Jun 2017
Bor ehgit Jun 2017
The weight of your body and the pressure of your lips. Leaves me in suspension. Endlessly gravitating ever closer to you. Until two points become one machine, one that's built to withstand all of time. In short, I'll spend every moment I have madly in love with you.
729 · Nov 2016
Relaxing at Twilight
Bor ehgit Nov 2016
What are the odds we speak again? Possibly in a different time. Where we can meet again as strangers, and fall in love all over again.
727 · Dec 2018
Bor ehgit Dec 2018
Lay, calm and still. I'll put the kettle on. Our sunday morning routine begins. She lays in bed and rolls from side to side. Occasionally extending her arms to stretch away the nights rest. I, boil the water and line the ceramic mugs evenly on the counter. Tea bags already placed inside and tied to the handle. As the sun creeps through the blinds, it's heat settles into the wooden floors. From the kicchen I can hear the sound of our vinyl player dropping a record into place. Then, as the music slowly starts, the kettle begans to whistle. A soft morning kiss and our day has begun.
723 · Feb 2016
Bor ehgit Feb 2016
What is the true cost,
People see one another in red.
There's no bonding as
Love and humanity slowley die.
The brightness in the flowers
Blends sadly with the greenery.
718 · Sep 2016
Even-ing stroll
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
You said you would be that light across the dock, the one you used to speak of.  The one that even if the fog rolled in and engulfed everything in view, it would never dull . You said you would be like a compass if I had ever got lost. Well, that time has came and that light is no longer vibrant. The Wolves howl along the tree lines, and the moon lays perfectly on the lake. I'm trying my best to navigate through the darkness and stars, leaving small objects to be found by. I've ventured quite far this time and fear this trip may be permanent. I have to say the forest at night is quite peaceful, life happening all around you. The acoustics of the owls and cracking branches. The leafs blowing about and the insects chirping. There's just so much more going on then we care to notice. Something tells me I'll be alright out here. Something tells me I never needed that light to find home.
681 · Nov 2015
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
I know the oil of my skin still lingers on your fingertips. My voice still repeats through old voicemails as you break old photographs down into increments and seconds. Your friends carry news of your happiness and impending engagement. I hope you are still able to achieve everything you aimed for and I hope he never finds out that it would be impossible for you to love him like you loved me. Those things only happen once, if they happen at all.
665 · Sep 2016
Pupils in suspension.
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
Darling, I have eyes for only you.
Faulty as they may be,
I promise not to blink.
In fear of missing the second,
you decide to notice me too.
650 · Sep 2016
Getting older eyes.
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
I don't want material things, or money. I just need time, just a little extra time. I need to see the mountains blanketed by waterfalls and smell the ocean salt on my skin.  airplanes, airports, and ***** white vans. Coffee, craft beer, and sunsets. That's about it.
649 · Feb 2017
Casual friends
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
Your face is love, in its absolute form.
Your body is the canvas, I long to trace stars on.
Your laugh is the warmth, of a summer breeze.
My long time friend, you're growing in me.
624 · Dec 2016
The unsuspecting victor
Bor ehgit Dec 2016
I'm feeling a little weaker now, that you have finally decided to leave. There's not an ocean deep enough to chain me beneath, I'll still see the sun and compare it to your eyes. I'll still feel the knifes from when you said your goodbyes. Darling, times standing still, as my fingers tap nervously. Lying to myself, about how this couldn't be purposely. It's impossible to think all that love could be gone, or that there's a stranger in your room, putting your shirt back on.*

I've spent the last week hoping that I'd be fine, I've written hundreds of poems that I tried to trap you inside. But you seep through the cracks, you always remain. Your the one person I loved I guess I couldn't escape.

Are you proud babe?
well you should be.
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
We have chosen the harder road, the one where quiet lips last forever. Ghost spend the calendar year accompanying us. Occasionally sending a soft breeze down your neck to keep you guessing. The stars dim a little closer to non-existence, but remain the same to eyes so far away. As we stare into separate mirrors
but always find one another.
600 · Feb 2017
Blue blanket, blue sheets.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
I never thought I'd be completely crazy over you. I guess I was simply too busy getting lost in your eyes with the hopes of slowly navigating my way across your body. Your skin was softer then a thousand flower petals and with each movement I felt you settling deeper inside my bones. Rewiring all of my faulty pieces, from the inside out.
Bor ehgit Mar 2017
Sometimes I see you, in the swirls of my cigarette smoke. Hair pinned back, effortlessly beautiful. I'd break my arms to hold you again, and drowned in your blue eyes one last time.

Do you remember the first night we met?
Young and awkward, I remember the very second you entered the room. It was like the breath was pulled right from my lungs as I caught your eyes. You were smiling and completely oblivious that I even existed. What I would give to be frozen in that moment again, lost inside my own body. I was so full of life and hope, wondering if there was some way to make you mine.

After I finally had you, I pushed you away and it happened.
I don't want to remember the day you fell out of love with me, because to me that day didn't happen and it never will.
I still stay up all night hoping to not fall asleep, knowing as soon as I do I'll see your face. Knowing I'll fall right back in love.
594 · Jan 2017
Like breathing
Bor ehgit Jan 2017
It was easy you know
To fall in love with you
It was the very moment I laid eyes on you
I can make this very drawn out and wrap my words in a thousand metaphors
but it was simple
Probably easiest thing I've ever done
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
We are that small section on the beach lit by the night sky, just listening to the waves break at our toes.
588 · Mar 2016
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
If I wasn't sure before , I'm convinced now. Time runs in all directions while some move toward the future others rush towards the past. Trying to gather all the good memories they can so that  they can work to patch the holes in the present.
581 · Sep 2016
A sampling of the carbon.
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
He tries his best to ignore the beads of water forming on his eyelashes as he settles on a park bench. He stares blankly across an empty field lost in a memory from years back. Hand in hand two phantoms walked, barley visible as water blanketed them. He listened in as they spoke about the butterflies forming in their stomachs. Laughing uncontrollably every now and then, and about absolutely nothing. Question she says, " you think I'm beautiful?". I think your beyond beautiful he lipped without a single sound. Following the phantom's dialogue word for word. As the rain picked up, he snapped out of the moment; unfulfilled. At least I had it once he said, at least I know what it feels like.
567 · Aug 2016
Bor ehgit Aug 2016
There were bones on bones, covered by warming flesh. Marks were left on my neck, from where your lips had pressed. We sat and we spoke, about stars and the sky. We talked about living forever and about how we both would die. It was unreal how easy this was and it was clear these moments do not repeat. Underneath those summer street lights, you became a part of me.
567 · Oct 2015
Time against times
Bor ehgit Oct 2015
With age I fear I will forget your face and the things you made me feel. I'm afraid you will become nothing more then another black hole. You will have long forgotten me by then and have no intention on remembering. All of the memories will be left to battle time itself and inevitably disappear. Imagine your younger self dancing through a feild of flowers and June's sunbeams shinning off your hair. How beautiful you looked as your eyes lit up and your dress flowed with the wind. Think of how we wrapped our arms around one another and fell into the softness of the greenery. How we outlined each others name in the dirt with fallen tree branches. I will try as hard as I can not to forget these things and not have them existing only in a nursing home chair. Replaying over and over again in my broken mind. If you would just come back for a minute I promise to remember you forever.
522 · Aug 2018
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
When the sun goes,
I find myself haunted by you.
I've convinced myself I've gone mad,
after all these years.
Finding comfort in waiting for you each time I close my eyes.
516 · Feb 2016
Oh, Carol Ann
Bor ehgit Feb 2016
Is there nothing my love, to tame your ghost?
I've spent plenty of nights trying to re-wire my circuits.
For a bottle makes for a carousel of memories.
Faulty and distorted overtime.
For a picture traps a moment.
A smiling face to re-live a feeling.
Nothing ever sorts the holes left now.
Accepting the distance is harder as the distance itself grows.
510 · Dec 2015
Nightmare before Christmas
Bor ehgit Dec 2015
I'm sorry, I was never able to move you with words. You deserved to feel like the only women in existence and the only one with my absolute love.  I've thought it out a thousand times the perfect poem to make you remember me.  I wasn't born with a spark in my fingertips or on my lips.  I know there's no debating that and if there was it wouldn't matter. I've filled notebooks and laptops with thousands of words but they will never do what you did; with a smile. I've spent months trying to forget everything about you but somehow I seem to just remember more. I've been embedding  you into the very seams of my skin, the last layer of protection for the faulty skeleton I've become.
510 · Nov 2015
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
I've been living with such delicate walls here, bracing at every slight  disturbance. At night I imagine the outline of your body surrounded by a billion stars. Even in all that beauty it's hard to excuse the pressure of his finger prints throughout your skin.
502 · Mar 2016
A pace away
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
The moon settled behind the midnight clouds as its glow illuminated the landscape. I imagined you sleeping peacefully somewhere inside a warm pair of arms. Dreaming of waterfalls and mountain tops. No longer trapped inside a snow globe , taking in life a thousand miles an hour. You were always able  to free yourself from that birdcage you loved so much, you just weren't aware of how far your wings could take you. Now each night I lay beneath the stars waiting for the sun to slowely rise in hopes to get a glimpse of you soaring through the mornings orange and blue sky; free like you always should've been.
471 · Apr 2017
She's feeling it too
Bor ehgit Apr 2017
The wind along your neck is mistaken for her breath. Your eyes begin to close. Can you see her laying along side you? Can you feel her body heat tangling with yours? Is she rubbing her feet against yours? Over and over again, like she's marking her territory. She's completely un-layered.Her hair settled between your fingers as she falls asleep to your heartbeat. Dreaming, dreaming about how she wishes it wasn't a dream. Wishing you were falling back in love with her.
Bor ehgit Aug 2016
We rushed through the summers green,
Burned sheets up like ivy leafs.

The feelings felt infinite.
466 · Dec 2021
Bor ehgit Dec 2021
Our memories will remain our best kept secrets.
Lingering like held piano keys.
463 · Jan 2016
The day I reach the clouds
Bor ehgit Jan 2016
One day I will find a way to trap the clouds and I will shape them just for you. Everyday they will cycle the memories of our time together so as you lay beneath them, you will remember how I loved you so.
458 · Sep 2017
I wish I knew black magic
Bor ehgit Sep 2017
Beth, don’t let me break now, as I see you dancing throughout the house. You were always the stronger one, always smoothing over my not so perfect parts. I’m still waiting for you to walk through the front door. Shivering as you hang up your winter coat, and then smiling as you run to the warmth inside my arms. The memories  are becoming stronger every day your gone. Last night I sat out on our back porch and listened to the sound of rain drops. Imagining that every drop on my cheek was a soft kiss from your lips. Goosebumps crawling up my arms, leaving that weightless feeling inside my stomach; like you always did. I found myself smiling, hoping you were watching somewhere and smiling too. In short, I’ll carry you with me forever. Every wrinkle on my aging skin a constant reminder that soon we will be holding hands again.
449 · Jul 2017
A witch hunt of a dream
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
Was it time,that really made us distant? The transition between strangers beds and arms. The words, the feelings, the promises, or the waking up after everythings gone. Here we are, back at square one trying to figure ourselves out. Pretending we are much stronger then we really are. I can still smell the perfume you wore our last night together. The words "I Love You" still appear on my mirror after a hot shower. The records are still in the order you left them in. I'm not sure I've ever really tried to forget you but I can't seem to remember your face.
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