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Bor ehgit Apr 19
You speak of love like it’s something you lost, when truly you just chose to leave it behind.
Apr 19 · 26
Bor ehgit Apr 19
My eyes were wide, yours were closed. I couldn’t look away for a second. I still remember the way my nervous hands reached for your cheeks. Trembling fingers, climbing across your face like piano keys. I took a deep breath, almost as if I wanted to pull you inside of me and trap you amongst the butterflies. You smiled in between the locking of our lips, as you tucked your hair behind your ear.  The streetlights lit up behind you, and suddenly the world was brand new. I fell so hard, I’m still looking up for your face.
Bor ehgit Feb 28
Sometimes we think so much, our initial thought is lost. We find ourselves drowning within our own minds. Swimming over some feelings and right through others. Like a Rubik’s cube we gently run our fingers across them, trying to move them with calculation. Trying desperately to not change the mood. Every breath a fragile step, a pirouette between safety and sadness.
Bor ehgit Feb 21
If you can still feel them in your bones, and tomorrow feels the same way yesterday did. It’s time to tell them it’s not over.
Jan 24 · 76
Your silent passenger.
Bor ehgit Jan 24
I stepped from the doorway, to find you waiting. My nervous eyes immediately fixed to the nearest piece of furniture. I guess looking was just to hard. My anxiety followed into the room, in awe of the beauty that was your flesh and bones. I remember feeling so drawn to you, as you just stood there in your dress. Your shoulders exposed, silently calling for my lips. The sunlight that escaped through the blinds, seemed to light your brown eyes ablaze. Highlighting every soft orange hue.

I don’t believe in these kind of things, love at first sight? My shaking knees steadily in disagreement. Every word that came to mind, I fought to try and mumble. Not a single sound passed through my lips. I guess I’ll admire you from here, for now. Quietly embracing your company.
Bor ehgit Jan 20
I stepped from the doorway, to find you waiting. my nervous eyes fixed on furniture, because staring was just too hard. Beauty was flesh and bone, as my anxiety followed into the room. I just remember feeling so drawn to you, as you stood there in your dress. Your shoulders exposed, like they were calling for my lips. The sunlight that escaped through the blinds, set your brown eyes ablaze, highlighting the soft orange hues.

Love at first sight? I don’t believe in things like this, although my shaking knees would beg to differ. All the words that came to mind, I fought to try and mumble. Not a single sound passed through my lips. I will admire you from here, for now. Quietly embracing your company.
Jan 11 · 36
Bor ehgit Jan 11
Its a freedom only few possess, to choose to pick up or stay without worry.
Jan 9 · 40
Bor ehgit Jan 9
Well I guess I’m living proof, that skeletons aren’t just skeletons. The dark clouds that follow, drowned out all the noise. So trap me beneath this rain. I want to shiver, I need to feel. Let me live inside my head forever, it’s the only place you are real.  I tried to trap you in these pages, but the essence fades away. They are nothing like the memories, they are nothing like the day. I still remember feeling weightless, as your hands keep me in place. I’ve filled my body up with everything, hoping to forget your face.
Oct 2019 · 232
Sandy cheeks
Bor ehgit Oct 2019
A blanket beneath the stars, she laid her head down on my lap.

We spoke about the future, and all things that make us scared. All the creaking of the floor boards and all the love that’s disappeared. I felt something for you that I’d never thought I’d feel, after all the years of *******, I hope that this one is for real.
Oct 2019 · 101
The flowers you picked
Bor ehgit Oct 2019
Time has changed the way I see you,
I'm long past, falling in love with the thought of you.
Trying so hard to remember what your touch felt like,
Trying to remember the sound of your laugh.
I've finally accepted letting you go.
I must say it played out differently plenty of times.
Like the two of us slow dancing in a field, while the world falls silent around us. We lock eyes one final time and gently loosen our grip on one another's hands. Your longing eyes and haunting smile grace me one last time, as we drift further into the brush.
Somewhere inside of the sadness I find acceptance,
I find the truth. The truth that the most extraordinary things are rare and usually don't last long. This is why these things change us forever.
Aug 2019 · 108
Trying to find a new well.
Bor ehgit Aug 2019
It's buried now, those things I promised not to forget. I finally cleaned the slate and with it my sense of touch. I remember wearing a stranger's shoe, as they kissed one another on a train one night. I felt them aging happily, wrapped in each other's warmth. Now I can't even feel my own, cold sheets now match a cold pillow. An occupied ship without it's captain, drifting an endless sea.
May 2019 · 155
A ghoulish glow
Bor ehgit May 2019
Staggering along the streets, just howling at the moon. I hope to hell you hear me, echoing through your room. Headlights on the move, I appear as they speed on.
Like how I knew your face, before you were gone. So I've been hiding out, I've got no coins left to throw.
Just a boy with tired eyes, and a ghoulish glow.
May 2019 · 211
Leave the covers on.
Bor ehgit May 2019
I can no longer feel your ghostly hands.
I wish I could tell which one of us is disappearing.
Mar 2019 · 240
Bor ehgit Mar 2019
It's lips of lead, that will be our greatest mistake.
Mar 2019 · 156
From A to Be.
Bor ehgit Mar 2019
You said to forgot you once that key turned in the door, stubbornly I choose to keep you close. No longer in arms reach, but tucked safely inside my heart. Sown into the fabric of every passing day. A place to retrace the steps that I never wanted to forget. Even now, that you have choose to not remember the feeling. I promise to never let the ambers go dark. I'll keep that warmth, and remember your soft embrace.
Mar 2019 · 235
The hidden life raft
Bor ehgit Mar 2019
The words she said then,
Settled somewhere deep at the time.
I find myself now,
Tracing any path to feel them again.
Jan 2019 · 346
Only for screens and pages
Bor ehgit Jan 2019
From the lips of a frost bitten heart, the sound of self isolation is heard. Never searching to find hands that fit theirs.
Only seeking strangers hearts to fill thier own. Swallowed innocent and still beating with curiosity. Passing along the emptiness, forever leaving the best kinds of love in books and movies.
Jan 2019 · 146
Bor ehgit Jan 2019
It should be a room covered with pages of poetry, one for every day that I've been in love with you. Scattered all across our sheets, the floor, and our dresser. The room should be softly lit, by white Christmas lights draped around the ceiling. It should be so intimate, that as you step inside, you should feel each word coming alive. Each feeling resurfacing, every kiss, and all my love.
Jan 2019 · 858
Kiss me three times.
Bor ehgit Jan 2019
I've finally realized that all these words were never meant to make you feel special.
I only used your ghost over the years to calm mine. Now that the ringing has finally stopped lovely,
so can you.
Bor ehgit Dec 2018
Time has changed the way I view you,
I'm long past, falling in love with the thought of you.
Trying so hard to remember what your touch felt like,
Or trying to remember the sound of your laugh.
I've finally accepted letting you go.
I must say it played out differently plenty of times.
Like the image of the two of us slowing dancing in a feild,
While the sound of "There goes my baby" plays in the distance. We lock eyes one final time and gently loosen our grip on one another's hands. Your longing eyes and haunting smile grace me one last time. The music gets louder and louder, as we drift further into the brush.
Somewhere inside of the sadness I find acceptance,
I find the truth. The most extraordinary things are rare and usually don't last long. This is why these things change us forever.
Dec 2018 · 658
Bor ehgit Dec 2018
Lay, calm and still. I'll put the kettle on. Our sunday morning routine begins. She lays in bed and rolls from side to side. Occasionally extending her arms to stretch away the nights rest. I, boil the water and line the ceramic mugs evenly on the counter. Tea bags already placed inside and tied to the handle. As the sun creeps through the blinds, it's heat settles into the wooden floors. From the kicchen I can hear the sound of our vinyl player dropping a record into place. Then, as the music slowly starts, the kettle begans to whistle. A soft morning kiss and our day has begun.
Dec 2018 · 303
Jonas and his time machine
Bor ehgit Dec 2018
Theres an old cabin at the edge of the ocean, where salt and the summer sun are trapped in it's aging wood. Small peices of the past still linger within it's walls. Like ripples leading us through the worms holes, and back into thier arms. The scent of purfume softly misted within the passing breeze, will feel like its stopped the world around you.

As you close your eyes in the moment, you could still feel the sensation of their warm lips grazing yours. The unforgettable feeling of thier body heat dancing around you. The oils from the fingertips, pressed firmly against your jaw line.

Thier essence slowly fading, but never quite gone.
Oct 2018 · 31
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
You keep me anchored, while I was constantly at battle with the holes in my mind. Warm, soft, hands among freezing skin.
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
We have chosen the harder road, the one where quiet lips last forever. Ghost spend the calendar year accompanying us. Occasionally sending a soft breeze down your neck to keep you guessing. The stars dim a little closer to non-existence, but remain the same to eyes so far away. As we stare into separate mirrors
but always find one another.
Oct 2018 · 127
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
I believe if you follow your heart you will someday experience that fullness we all seek.  There's a darkness that we all posess, that reminds us to continue being reckless. Making us think that because we are not permanent we should give into temptations to feel the moment. When moments are best felt by things we as people cannot control. Things that reminds us that are minds could never possess all the answers and with that comes beauty. The beauty that allows us to never stop learning and growing. See the truth always comes back to the heart. When we follow it sometimes things hurt and they hurt real bad. But we shed that damaged skin and emerge with a stronger sense of self.
Oct 2018 · 144
Slowly goes my ghost
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
In the mind.
There's a constant breeze.
Blowing against the scattered pieces.
Trying to find somewhere they fit.

Sometimes they settle.

Memories all dilute over time.
Even the few that you could still feel.
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
The leaves around were falling, I felt the chill back in the air. The memories from the summer, have all but disappeared. You say you found a lover, someone who truly understands. But don't act like I'm gone, because I know that I'm still there.

I'm buried deep inside your late nights, when you're in your room alone. All the static from the TV, makes you wish you were back home. Laying warm beneath your blankets, my hand soft on your thighs.

You have never been so in love, but why does it still feel like something's wrong. How can the only one you hate still be the one who holds your heart.
Sep 2018 · 135
Happy little pills
Bor ehgit Sep 2018
She was sleeping soundly when I arrived back home, her hands tucked beneath her pillows, she would've been a perfect still. I woke her from the sea of dreams and she tight roped her way back to me.

I couldn't have come closer, to trying to feel something. But honey I am selfish man, my heart will never understand.

So I'll take a beer for breakfast, you take the car to work. Now I'm drunk and lonesome, although I'm not alone. So I try to call you but no answers the phone. You should probably ring the doctors, all of my happy pills are gone.
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
A perfect Paralysis
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
We were holding hands as the snow started falling. Your face was red, as if you had been crying. As it covered the trees, the scenery changed. The heat from your body met mine in brief stages. I was falling in love in the silence, you were perfect, wrapped tight in your scarf. I knew you became lost in your thoughts, mapping every feeling out. I never felt closer to heaven, as my limbs slipped away from brain and I wished we had forever, to be stuck in that beautiful day.
Aug 2018 · 207
No good love.
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
The world will never truly exist, if I'm without your lips.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Finding Solace
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
I know for now we will never be close or at least close enough for me to feel the heat coming off of your skin. Covering mine like the sunlight on a freezing day. I love that about you, I love the storm that followed you. I loved being Swept Away in it, being pulled apart and then put back together all at once. Nothing ever felt the same after that. How the hair on my neck would stand when you would kiss me, or the hours we spent with our eyes closed, guessing who was blinking. Not knowing that one day we would regret not staring into each other's eyes. Because of how badly we would want that time back, the seconds we could have had, in love, together.

Knowing that we would eventually spend the rest of our lives, looking out windows into the past. Remembering the dialogue lightly but the feelings constantly.
Aug 2018 · 468
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
When the sun goes,
I find myself haunted by you.
I've convinced myself I've gone mad,
after all these years.
Finding comfort in waiting for you each time I close my eyes.
Aug 2018 · 157
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
I need to move, much like an old shoe to a rusted can. I'm wasting away here, desperately in need of different scenery.
Jul 2018 · 165
Bor ehgit Jul 2018
I need to trap the essence of your love somewhere between these white pages. So I can visit you whenever I want.
The theory of persistence of vision, to create an optical illusion.
Jul 2018 · 375
Couldn't forget a thing.
Bor ehgit Jul 2018
Call me selfish, because I couldn't learn to go. Only steps from the foot of your bed, but you don't feel much like sleep. Ripples are coming over us, and the fragments are coming together. Reminding us that there was no such thing as too broken. Even if the time comes and machines keep me breathing. Know you'll be half of every breath. The subtle twitching of my eyes will be a reel of memories. One last rollercoaster ride, you'll holding me tight. Preparing me for the things I could never face alone. Like being alone.
Jun 2018 · 309
Growing a garden.
Bor ehgit Jun 2018
So I hear,
You've finally settled in.
You've let your hair down,
And I hear your pregnant now.
The road has opened up,
Giving you breathing space.
I'm sure he melts like me,
Oh that pretty face.
Outside the bird's chirping in,
The early morning sun.
Another beautiful day has come,
Another night is done.

But now you don't know what to do.
Until he looks at you.
Your minds a racing mess,
But the creative type.
You place his hand on your stomach,
You both laugh as the kicks begin.
Your loves a garden dear,
That you've only begun watering.
Jun 2018 · 301
A wandering of self.
Bor ehgit Jun 2018
I still pause,
before I speak your name.
As I steal another's breath.
In my dreams I'm still in love with you.
So at times you catch me when I'm awake.
I imagine galxies colliding,
if again I could look into your eyes.
Know my skin is still white,
From where your hands were gripping.
You sense that I'm still lost,
Somewhere between our sheets.
Twirling forever,
To the melodies of your breathing,
and to the twitching of your knees.
I would lay down for this battle,
you've already won my dear.
Hours and hours spent watching your ghost, dance over aging hard wood floors.
Rain taps steadily against the windowsill,
keeping one ear with the moment,
Knowing I can't lose myself in you.
Feb 2018 · 272
About 2:34
Bor ehgit Feb 2018
There’s something about the cold air, breaking layers down to skin. Warm lips against cold limbs. So we tumble in the blankets, all the dreams scattered about. You’ve got my head above the mountains, Love I ain’t ever coming down.
Dec 2017 · 324
Bor ehgit Dec 2017
The madness is what drives the creativity. It started the day I began to fall in love with a stranger, while still learning to let go of you.
Nov 2017 · 258
Bor ehgit Nov 2017
Finger tips along your cheek bone,
Candles light the room just like a cosmos.
But you can hear strangers dance as sounds echo from the next room.

But you still move, floating through. Your floating through, any moves. He makes his move. Now just move. Your waves are crashing through, with every move.
Nov 2017 · 202
Leslie and her thoughts
Bor ehgit Nov 2017
She’s walking alone on this particularly cold October night. Stopping occasionally to throw rocks into the near by pond. She has her ear buds in, she’s escaping. Music plays, as the cold air projects each breath. Life is about moments like this she thought, as the wind picked up and her bones ached beneath her chilled skin. It’s the world reminding us that’s it’s here, and that some people unfortunately will never be reminded of that again. She continues to walk as snow now begins to fall, and tree branches begin to shake. It’s a ****** moment she thought, but it’s still a moment. she decided to then lay down where she was standing. She happened to be on the third base of an old baseball field. The snow began to accumulate around her, covering the bases and glittering like a field of diamonds. Reminding her once again how beautiful even the small things are.
Sep 2017 · 391
I wish I knew black magic
Bor ehgit Sep 2017
Beth, don’t let me break now, as I see you dancing throughout the house. You were always the stronger one, always smoothing over my not so perfect parts. I’m still waiting for you to walk through the front door. Shivering as you hang up your winter coat, and then smiling as you run to the warmth inside my arms. The memories  are becoming stronger every day your gone. Last night I sat out on our back porch and listened to the sound of rain drops. Imagining that every drop on my cheek was a soft kiss from your lips. Goosebumps crawling up my arms, leaving that weightless feeling inside my stomach; like you always did. I found myself smiling, hoping you were watching somewhere and smiling too. In short, I’ll carry you with me forever. Every wrinkle on my aging skin a constant reminder that soon we will be holding hands again.
Sep 2017 · 851
Not This Coastline
Bor ehgit Sep 2017
A day will come when your kiss will have me settled. No more shaky hands, just fingers tracing a familiar map. No more fire burning between the two of us. Only ambers and blackened walls. It will be on this day that I know, I can no longer love you.
It will be this day that all the fall leafs will cover the park walk ways. The bare trees will be on display like skeletons. The cold air will remind you more then ever that I am gone. Trust me when I say it’s for the best.
No matter how hard I try I’m unable to settle in. I still remember every beautiful face, with tears rolling down their cheeks. I still remember the sound of all the laughter.
Aug 2017 · 291
It's the mornings
Bor ehgit Aug 2017
I awake in the morning with her eye lashes along my pillow. The heat still lingering where she laid only hours before. I stretch my arms wishing they could land beneath her neck. She warned me that she couldn't stay but I'm not convinced. I see the way she looks at me. The way the shape of my body fills her pupils and all the empty space inside her heart. The way her feet shake right before she falls asleep, almost  eager to fall. I'm so close, I know I am. If only she would stay long enough for warm coffee in bed or to be awaken by gentle lips along her wrist. Some people ache when the sun goes down, for me it's always the mornings.
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
I've been watching from the ledge, as the world is in transit below. Every time you look at me, I know it's only a matter of time before I fall. I hope that when I do, I'll fall like a rain drop and settle along your lips.
Jul 2017 · 388
A witch hunt of a dream
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
Was it time,that really made us distant? The transition between strangers beds and arms. The words, the feelings, the promises, or the waking up after everythings gone. Here we are, back at square one trying to figure ourselves out. Pretending we are much stronger then we really are. I can still smell the perfume you wore our last night together. The words "I Love You" still appear on my mirror after a hot shower. The records are still in the order you left them in. I'm not sure I've ever really tried to forget you but I can't seem to remember your face.
Jul 2017 · 257
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
The flower I placed behind your ear,
is withering dear.
In a way I never hope we do,
I'm only half of myself until I hold you.
You were always the better side,
Steering me clear in the darker nights.

I was skin and bones when I arrived,
But you loved me anyway.
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
There's no sleep for the traveling heart, as the mind is always ticking. Unable to keep steady enough hands, to ever hold another's properly. Her face stays tucked away for nights, when the alcohol brings her to the surface. In my head she's dancing through the streets of a foreign city, the rain falls as her hair curls and sticks together. She's smiling as the mascara runs from her eyelashes, and just as she runs her fingers across her head, she disappears within the mist.
Jun 2017 · 308
The sounds of settling
Bor ehgit Jun 2017
There's things I said to you, I can't get back. All the love you gave me and all the love I lacked. I know his hands are pressing, were mine did too. Are you falling love or just letting him fall for you. I know the seasons changing, snow is falling outside your door. I don't know why I'm always cold when I just ache for warmth. You know my head is stubborn. With all my racing thoughts. I just thought they'd slow dear and now it's all my fault. I know he's thinking of marriage but you still think of me. Coughing from the cigarettes or maybe drowning somewhere at sea.
Jun 2017 · 241
Bor ehgit Jun 2017
Today I forgot to remember you again, your ghostly hands are fading.
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