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Bor ehgit Dec 2023
They say time is important because it’s limited. Due to this, it’s supposed to make things more meaningful. The reality is, that no moment will ever be lived again, and that feeling will never return. Looking back at even the good times make you sad, because you know you can’t chase ghosts. Those moments have come and gone. So live as much as possible in those moments you know you will never get back.
Bor ehgit Dec 2023
I just want you to know that in that last life of ours, we weren’t wrong. I think we only scratched the surface, because I still feel you today.
Bor ehgit Aug 2023
I rushed to sleep tonight, as shadows cast along the darkened walls. I could feel your voice calling out to me, your breathing ever so close. The vail is passing, and you are almost back inside my arms.
Bor ehgit Jul 2023
I seen the cosmos within your eyes, and the countless possibilities. I could’ve lived a thousand times but none of it would matter without you.
Bor ehgit Mar 2023
Your hands are like anchors around my neck, ebbing with every new wave.
Bor ehgit Mar 2023
It’s been another cold night, the once plentiful  firewood is becoming more scarce. The walk is getting so far, that I got lost again today. I almost didn’t find my way back. I moved out here to clear my head, but something tells me that revaluation may come too late. The crackling of the ice and water from the creek, are a welcomed symphony. The sounds calm my thoughts but the silence helps me focus. Each night I feel you clawing your way out, but I’m still not ready to part ways. Lagavulin, accompanied by a single shot glass. Sit positioned slightly to the left of the table, leaving the fire in full view. When the bottle is finished I will place this page into the flames. I need you to think I’m braver then I am, leaving you to find no fault. Una cicatrice d'amore, è la prova che hai amato.
Bor ehgit Sep 2022
It slowly builds, all these gears forever turning. Speaking softly, so I don’t miss the important parts. Wipe the eyelash from your face, to break up the moment. Take a breath, remember times not infinite. Focus now, I think the room stopped closing in. Sweaty palms, searching hard for confidence. Line it up, inching closer to your cheek. Feel the warmth, coming gently off your limbs. Shake my thoughts, as I finally meet your lips.
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