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Bor ehgit Apr 19
You speak of love like it’s something you lost, when truly you just chose to leave it behind.
Bor ehgit Apr 19
My eyes were wide, yours were closed. I couldn’t look away for a second. I still remember the way my nervous hands reached for your cheeks. Trembling fingers, climbing across your face like piano keys. I took a deep breath, almost as if I wanted to pull you inside of me and trap you amongst the butterflies. You smiled in between the locking of our lips, as you tucked your hair behind your ear.  The streetlights lit up behind you, and suddenly the world was brand new. I fell so hard, I’m still looking up for your face.
Bor ehgit Feb 28
Sometimes we think so much, our initial thought is lost. We find ourselves drowning within our own minds. Swimming over some feelings and right through others. Like a Rubik’s cube we gently run our fingers across them, trying to move them with calculation. Trying desperately to not change the mood. Every breath a fragile step, a pirouette between safety and sadness.
Bor ehgit Feb 21
If you can still feel them in your bones, and tomorrow feels the same way yesterday did. It’s time to tell them it’s not over.
Bor ehgit Jan 24
I stepped from the doorway, to find you waiting. My nervous eyes immediately fixed to the nearest piece of furniture. I guess looking was just to hard. My anxiety followed into the room, in awe of the beauty that was your flesh and bones. I remember feeling so drawn to you, as you just stood there in your dress. Your shoulders exposed, silently calling for my lips. The sunlight that escaped through the blinds, seemed to light your brown eyes ablaze. Highlighting every soft orange hue.

I don’t believe in these kind of things, love at first sight? My shaking knees steadily in disagreement. Every word that came to mind, I fought to try and mumble. Not a single sound passed through my lips. I guess I’ll admire you from here, for now. Quietly embracing your company.
Bor ehgit Jan 11
Its a freedom only few possess, to choose to pick up or stay without worry.
Bor ehgit Jan 9
Well I guess I’m living proof, that skeletons aren’t just skeletons. The dark clouds that follow, drowned out all the noise. So trap me beneath this rain. I want to shiver, I need to feel. Let me live inside my head forever, it’s the only place you are real.  I tried to trap you in these pages, but the essence fades away. They are nothing like the memories, they are nothing like the day. I still remember feeling weightless, as your hands keep me in place. I’ve filled my body up with everything, hoping to forget your face.
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