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Bor ehgit Aug 2022
The temptation in the peace of nature, pulls at the essence of each of us. Calling us home to lay beneath the stars and clear our minds.
Bor ehgit May 2016
If the sky did ever fall my dear, it wouldn't spare but a moment for goodbyes. This is why you never heard me leave.
Bor ehgit Dec 2015
I wish to be that one constellation of freckles on your body that no but you knows about.
Bor ehgit Feb 2018
There’s something about the cold air, breaking layers down to skin. Warm lips against cold limbs. So we tumble in the blankets, all the dreams scattered about. You’ve got my head above the mountains, Love I ain’t ever coming down.
Bor ehgit May 2019
Staggering along the streets, just howling at the moon. I hope to hell you hear me, echoing through your room. Headlights on the move, I appear as they speed on.
Like how I knew your face, before you were gone. So I've been hiding out, I've got no coins left to throw.
Just a boy with tired eyes, and a ghoulish glow.
Bor ehgit Oct 2016
It was in the way you looked at me, eyes like a blood moon. Your hair was dancing like waves along your shoulders. The scenery was blurred, you were in focus. I wondered if it was really you talking, and not just the temporary dusting of comfort. We're all suckers for that moment, that one that never lasts.
Bor ehgit Mar 2023
It’s been another cold night, the once plentiful  firewood is becoming more scarce. The walk is getting so far, that I got lost again today. I almost didn’t find my way back. I moved out here to clear my head, but something tells me that revaluation may come too late. The crackling of the ice and water from the creek, are a welcomed symphony. The sounds calm my thoughts but the silence helps me focus. Each night I feel you clawing your way out, but I’m still not ready to part ways. Lagavulin, accompanied by a single shot glass. Sit positioned slightly to the left of the table, leaving the fire in full view. When the bottle is finished I will place this page into the flames, just as I did the day before. Una cicatrice d'amore, è la prova che hai amato.
Bor ehgit Jun 2020
In the soft shimmering of sunlight, your face is like static on this lake. I wipe my eyes, but your face comes more into focus. I blinked as your eyes meet mine, now it’s back to falling. The waves distorting your smiling face, as I continue to submerge, my skins getting a little colder. I’m just trying to keep your attention, I’m just trying to hold on.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
You are the winter camp fire,
These frozen hands are aching for.
Bor ehgit May 2017
She laid across the bottom of her bed smiling and biting her lip. She knew she had me like no one before. The Christmas bulbs that lined her ceiling, looked like icicles in the sway of the candle lights. Her room was glowing like the cosmos, as she sat perfect in the center. Her beauty touched my heart like a thousand piano keys. I settled somewhere inside the sound.
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
Her eyes were like black holes with galaxies spinning within them. I was eager to be a part of her, even if it meant losing all of myself in the process.
Bor ehgit Nov 2020
I’m afraid I won’t know when,
It’s really time to let go.
I feel like it’s been two lifetimes,
Since I felt your hands on mine.
I know the texture is different with age,
But the rest remains the same.

I’m hoping you still think of me,
In the warmth of his arms.
Closing your eyes like our first kiss,
As that carousel continues to spin.
I know the imagines still remain,
I see them everyday.

Sleepless nights are close friends of mine,
hours spent watching you dance, across the ceiling of my mind.
Bor ehgit Mar 2016
The moon settled behind the midnight clouds as its glow illuminated the landscape. I imagined you sleeping peacefully somewhere inside a warm pair of arms. Dreaming of waterfalls and mountain tops. No longer trapped inside a snow globe , taking in life a thousand miles an hour. You were always able  to free yourself from that birdcage you loved so much, you just weren't aware of how far your wings could take you. Now each night I lay beneath the stars waiting for the sun to slowely rise in hopes to get a glimpse of you soaring through the mornings orange and blue sky; free like you always should've been.
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
We were holding hands as the snow started falling. Your face was red, as if you had been crying. As it covered the trees, the scenery changed. The heat from your body met mine in brief stages. I was falling in love in the silence, you were perfect, wrapped tight in your scarf. I knew you became lost in your thoughts, mapping every feeling out. I never felt closer to heaven, as my limbs slipped away from brain.  I wished forever, to be stuck in that beautiful day.
Bor ehgit Jan 2016
Her heart was like a fall leaf, hardened  and always on the move. Losing little pieces of herself everywhere the wind took her.
Bor ehgit May 22
Was it where the oceans met, that you left my memory behind? I feel like I’m still falling through the depths, in a refraction of time.
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
He tries his best to ignore the beads of water forming on his eyelashes as he settles on a park bench. He stares blankly across an empty field lost in a memory from years back. Hand in hand two phantoms walked, barley visible as water blanketed them. He listened in as they spoke about the butterflies forming in their stomachs. Laughing uncontrollably every now and then, and about absolutely nothing. Question she says, " you think I'm beautiful?". I think your beyond beautiful he lipped without a single sound. Following the phantom's dialogue word for word. As the rain picked up, he snapped out of the moment; unfulfilled. At least I had it once he said, at least I know what it feels like.
Bor ehgit Oct 2015
I'm tired of thinking what if, ever think maybe we DID make the right choice. Maybe I am as happy as I will ever be and maybe I just haven't allowed myself to accept that. I'm constantly battling the perfect images from the big screen and trying to recite lines from the most romantic of poetry. The truth is it's simple and I see that now. I love her and she loves me. No need to try and be people we aren't, we are regular people and that's perfectly fine. Our kind of love tends to slip through the cracks or be brushed aside. Personally I think that's the best kind of love, the kind that is only meant for two people. A love that lives through you and dies with you. Something that truly is one of a kind and something that will never be mimicked. Your friends and family may never understand or accept the things you do but who really cares. It's your life and it's my life so why not live it for us and do the things that make us happy. Babe if your reading this you truly are the best part of everything for me. I couldn't imagine dreaming of you any longer, I'm glad I found you.
Bor ehgit May 2016
It's only the past I can recall now, the present and the future are non existent. I know your here but I don't recognize your face or your voice. Time has allowed you to slip into the cracks of my thoughts, I call for her but only want you. Everyday morning I awake to a stranger beside me and she kisses my forehead and rubs her hands on mine. I'm confused but comforted by her presence. As lost as I am I always seem to swim through my memories and find you. Frozen in time just a town away sleeping on the second floor of your fathers house. Julie at your side and our pictures cluttering the top of your dresser. Although I can never touch you I feel you and that is enough these days. Enough to get me by one more lonely and confusing day before I have to remember you all over again tomorrow.
Bor ehgit Oct 2015
I want to remember the little things, the very detailed little things.
Bor ehgit Jun 2018
I still pause,
before I speak your name.
As I steal another's breath.
In my dreams I'm still in love with you.
So at times you catch me when I'm awake.
I imagine galxies colliding,
if again I could look into your eyes.
Know my skin is still white,
From where your hands were gripping.
You sense that I'm still lost,
Somewhere between our sheets.
Twirling forever,
To the melodies of your breathing,
and to the twitching of your knees.
I would lay down for this battle,
you've already won my dear.
Hours and hours spent watching your ghost, dance over aging hard wood floors.
Rain taps steadily against the windowsill,
keeping one ear with the moment,
Knowing I can't lose myself in you.
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
Was it time,that really made us distant? The transition between strangers beds and arms. The words, the feelings, the promises, or the waking up after everythings gone. Here we are, back at square one trying to figure ourselves out. Pretending we are much stronger then we really are. I can still smell the perfume you wore our last night together. The words "I Love You" still appear on my mirror after a hot shower. The records are still in the order you left them in. I'm not sure I've ever really tried to forget you but I can't seem to remember your face.
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
Darling you are so rough around the edges and yet your skin is as soft as dandelion pedals.
Bor ehgit Oct 2015
It took Octobers chill to send you back through my bones. What a strangely pleasing gesture, it seems all of time is just simply stuck in different places.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
I never thought I'd be completely crazy over you. I guess I was simply too busy getting lost in your eyes with the hopes of slowly navigating my way across your body. Your skin was softer then a thousand flower petals and with each movement I felt you settling deeper inside my bones. Rewiring all of my faulty pieces, from the inside out.
Bor ehgit Feb 2020
Sometimes we think so much, our initial thought is lost. We find ourselves drowning within our own minds. Swimming over some feelings and right through others. Like a Rubik’s cube we gently run our fingers across them, trying to move them with calculation. Trying desperately to not change the mood. Every breath a fragile step, a pirouette between safety and sadness.
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
I need to move, much like an old shoe to a rusted can. I'm wasting away here, desperately in need of different scenery.
Bor ehgit Nov 2015
The clouds still remain and the sea still crashes to shore. I don't know how I wrapped myself up for so long. I almost forgot the feeling of sunshine on my skin or the weird satisfaction of seeing your breath in a winters mist. I forgot these things because I simply had no space for them. I held so tightly to the things you said my own voice began to fade. I've missed you everyday since until I realized how quickly I became nothing more then a person trapped in a photograph to you. I could have been anyone on that day and that wouldn't have changed a thing. So today I will I dig a hole on the beach and sleep beside it. I will allow all the beautiful memories to leave my head one by one as I dream of them. They will eventually settle inside the sandy hole I've dug for them and wait to be swallowed by the tide. I will awake tomorrow without knowledge of your existence and I will begin to remember myself.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
Your face is love, in its absolute form.
Your body is the canvas, I long to trace stars on.
Your laugh is the warmth, of a summer breeze.
My long time friend, you're growing in me.
Bor ehgit Oct 2018
You keep me anchored, while I was constantly at battle with the holes in my mind. Warm, soft, hands among freezing skin.
Bor ehgit Oct 2016
Snowflakes build on your eye lids, as we stare at one another. My thumb slowly settles along your cheek, hand behind your ear. I can feel your heart racing from your neck, as you

You nervously bite your lip. Your head tilts in as the moon creeps out from the cloud cover. Illuminating the tree line in the distance and casting our shadow on the pavement. We were a splash of paint on a endless canvas, but in that moment we were one. It wasn't long, but it will last forever in my thoughts. I'll still feel you when I'm 80 years old. Time may take my name but It will never take yours.
Bor ehgit Jul 2018
Call me selfish, because I couldn't learn to go. Only steps from the foot of your bed, but you don't feel much like sleep. Ripples are coming over us, and the fragments are coming together. Reminding us that there was no such thing as too broken. Even if the time comes and machines keep me breathing. Know you'll be half of every breath. The subtle twitching of my eyes will be a reel of memories. One last rollercoaster ride, you'll holding me tight. Preparing me for the things I could never face alone. Like being alone.
Bor ehgit Oct 2016
If nothing else, I'm sure us broken few are destined for some beautiful disaster. How close we are to it? We will never know.
Bor ehgit Jul 2021
Lonely, just ain’t like it used to be. I guess I’ll settle for a bottle of whisky, if the day moves too slow.
Bor ehgit Jul 2016
I guess the times are mine now
Since you've forgotten that we've loved
All the long nights
Every conversation
The feelings
Now seem Abandoned
Like all the wilted roses
I left for you
Still laying at our bedside
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
You said you would be that light across the dock, the one you used to speak of.  The one that even if the fog rolled in and engulfed everything in view, it would never dull . You said you would be like a compass if I had ever got lost. Well, that time has came and that light is no longer vibrant. The Wolves howl along the tree lines, and the moon lays perfectly on the lake. I'm trying my best to navigate through the darkness and stars, leaving small objects to be found by. I've ventured quite far this time and fear this trip may be permanent. I have to say the forest at night is quite peaceful, life happening all around you. The acoustics of the owls and cracking branches. The leafs blowing about and the insects chirping. There's just so much more going on then we care to notice. Something tells me I'll be alright out here. Something tells me I never needed that light to find home.
Bor ehgit Apr 2017
She dances as the sun creeps from behind the sea, a ghostly sequence follows each movement. I know I'll never forget her smiling face.
Bor ehgit Aug 2018
I know for now we will never be close or at least close enough for me to feel the heat coming off of your skin. Covering mine like the sunlight on a freezing day. I loved that about you, the storms that followed you. I loved being Swept Away in it, being pulled apart just to be pieced back together. Nothing ever felt the same after that. How the hair on my neck would stand when you would kiss me, or the hours we spent with our eyes closed, guessing who was blinking. Not knowing that one day we would regret not staring into each other's eyes. Because of how badly we would want that time back, the seconds we could have had, in love, together.

Knowing that we would eventually spend the rest of our lives, looking out windows into the past. Remembering the dialogue lightly but the feelings constantly.
Bor ehgit Mar 2019
You said to forgot you once that key turned in the door, stubbornly I choose to keep you close. No longer in arms reach, but tucked safely inside my heart. Sown into the fabric of every passing day. A place to retrace the steps that I never wanted to forget. Even now, that you have choose to not remember the feeling. I promise to never let the ambers go dark. I'll keep that warmth, and remember your soft embrace.
Bor ehgit May 2016
There are waves within this lake that hold memories, in its depths the feeling of your hands still remain. I've spent plenty of days on the verge of drowning for a graze of your fingertips. I'm almost sure your still here darling. Somethings happen once and others occur a million times, I'm still trying to convince myself you may exist in someone else. Something is never truly gone until you decide to stop looking for it.
Bor ehgit Jul 2016
I'm banking on the fact
that we aren't really lost.
I'm waiting for the signs
to pull us from the dark.
We can return to our shack
that's buried by the trees.
Drink all night
until we're rolling through the leafs.


for a second alone with you

my world exists inside your hands.

I feel every star collide.

as both our eyes expand.

The heat is on our skin
the chills are in our bones.
You my dear are a wanderer
but you my dear are home.
Bor ehgit Sep 2016
I don't want material things, or money. I just need time, just a little extra time. I need to see the mountains blanketed by waterfalls and smell the ocean salt on my skin.  airplanes, airports, and ***** white vans. Coffee, craft beer, and sunsets. That's about it.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
It was only when your skin grazed mine for the first time that I knew, something's burn hotter then stars.
Bor ehgit Mar 2017
They never told us that letting someone go meant losing those pieces of yourself forever.
Bor ehgit Jun 2018
So I hear,
You've finally settled in.
You've let your hair down,
And I hear your pregnant now.
The road has opened up,
Giving you breathing space.
I'm sure he melts like me,
Oh that pretty face.
Outside the bird's chirping in,
The early morning sun.
Another beautiful day has come,
Another night is done.

But now you don't know what to do.
Until he looks at you.
Your minds a racing mess,
But the creative type.
You place his hand on your stomach,
You both laugh as the kicks begin.
Your loves a garden dear,
That you've only begun watering.
Bor ehgit Jul 2017
There's no sleep for the traveling heart, as the mind is always ticking. Unable to keep steady enough hands, to ever hold another's properly. Her face stays tucked away for nights, when the alcohol brings her to the surface. In my head she's dancing through the streets of a foreign city, the rain falls as her hair curls and sticks together. She's smiling as the mascara runs from her eyelashes, and just as she runs her fingers across her head, she disappears within the mist.
Bor ehgit Aug 2020
I can tell from all your photos, your wish finally came true. Once you forgot about the feelings, you stopped feeling so blue. I heard you met your husband at a holiday retreat, and the small talk conversation lasted from that night through the week. He said that he could stare at you forever, and count the wrinkles as you age. He said that he could love you forever just like he loved you today. Then you fell for him like rain drops, and landed on his lips. His hands along your cheek bones, your heart now part of his.

I hope you can tell from photos, I’m still stuck inside that night. When you fell asleep beside me, but dreamed of another life. I remember listening to your breathing, as tears were running down my face. I knew I had to say goodbye, to someone I could not replace.
Bor ehgit Sep 2018
She was sleeping soundly when I arrived back home, her hands tucked beneath her pillows, she would've been a perfect still. I woke her from the sea of dreams and she tight roped her way back to me.

I couldn't have come closer, to trying to feel something. But honey I am selfish man, my heart will never understand.

So I'll take a beer for breakfast, you take the car to work. Now I'm drunk and lonesome, although I'm not alone. So I try to call you but no answers the phone. You should probably ring the doctors, all of my happy pills are gone.
Bor ehgit Feb 2017
She said I could never fall for anyone,
especially you.
Falling means eventually you will find the bottom,
and me dear,
I'd rather be flying.
Bor ehgit Aug 2016
My eye lids are made of lead
As I sort through our memories in bed.
No more dancing down at the lake
Firewood cracking or hissing snakes.
The smell of rain still fresh on the tress
mosquitoes waltzing with the bees.
I remember the locks of your hair
Sliding over your shoulders so bare.
I was in love with the way that it felt
To watch you so in love with yourself.
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