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Bella Oct 2019
I looked through the files of my soul
and after searching, all I could find out is that I dont wanna die
And that's enough for me
For my body is a masterpiece
Not to be tampered with
Not to be harmed
Especially not by me
I want you to be alive
Bella Nov 2019
Its complicated
I'm complicated
and different and misunderstood and sad and lonely and energetic and loving and
Did I mention that I ramble?
I just want to be appreciated for who I am. I love human beings
Bella Oct 2019
To me
You hold more significance than the sun
For you shine bright
During my darkest nights
And then I know
that I'll hold you tight
For always
Just want you to know
Bella Nov 2019
Rain is a celebration,
an indication that
growth is to come

— The End —