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how well do you know me?
how far can you go?
how high can you take me ,
every time I feel low?
he is fire, vibrant and wild.
I'm intimidated by his superior side
touch him and you'll be burned
to ashes you will be turned
the walls he made so no one can pass through
because he don't want to see you

he is fire, but i am the wind
i could **** him or make him stronger
he let me through the walls that he made
he let me see him in his vulnerable state
i warn you don't ever get any closer
you wouldn't like what you might get there

he is my fire; my beloved fire
i love the way he makes me smile
i trust him enough that he wont burn me
or destroy everything that my eyes could see
he is my fire that gives warmth to my breeze
all of my worries he's always there to ease

I'm his wind that keeps him grounded
i bend his flames that gets undaunted
and kiss him to tame him when he's getting wild
on the solace that we made with both elements
they say wind and fire combined explodes,
but why are we still alive?
why do we feel so alive?
my beloved fire.
for my beloved Reggie
I convinced myself that there is no such thing as demons,
but every time that I look in the mirror I lose every reasons.

I see a chaos just waiting to explode,
a tragic story that soon to unfold.

I'm sure they never expected that I'd be this bad,
but the truth is that, I'm just so sad.

I long for something that even I don't know,
could it be affection, or religion, or maybe I need to bind my wandering soul.
have you not see the restless soul
who is willing to take you out of you're hole
he'll write your name on all of the stars
trace with his fingers all of your scars

for once there will be someone not afraid of your demons
who'll be there for you without any reasons
it may not be what you wanted
but it might be what you need

to wipe away all your worries
and from grudges you'll be freed
its not easy to start over but its not too late to try
to refrain from enduring the things that makes you cry.
the more I ignore it, the more it grows
and every time I hide it, the more it shows
things are getting complicated day by day
whatever is happening to me, I couldn't say

would you dive in the deepest darkest ocean,
or go to the moon without any reason?
I know, for you, Its a waste of time
but I would do it just ta save my mind

I know there is no cure for this kind of desease
even the doctors have a never ending list
of people who died with their eyes open wide
witnessing the world that left them behind

people are afraid of things they don't know
and numbers of depression isn't getting low
don't know when or how it will be mended
but I hope its not too late or another life will be ended.

— The End —