Anwesha Sep 2017
Bold and belligerent
I sing, the
Ballads of battles
You fought everyday
Unwanted and uninhibited
I narrate, the
Tales of triumph
of the struggles you won everyday
I am the scars on your body,
Living chronicles
Of your journey
a warrior to a survivor
Anwesha Sep 2017
Dipped in enigma,
as dusk descends
from your serpentine curls ;

shadows murmur
solemn vows
like lovers on a secret rendezvous.

Melancholy memories whisper
prayers of healing as they
mourn in the lap of autumn breeze.

Hidden in the hinterlands of heart
a thousand thunders
scream in unison.

Amidst this eternal cacophony
my beloved
I seek your ephemeral symphony.
Anwesha Sep 2017
Drench me
                                    in your silken showers

                                              Drape me
                                   with your dewy softness

                                Drops of divinity will seep in
                                            rinsing away
                                        my poignant past.

                                 My sultry summer noons
                                              yearn you
                                     My nostalgic nights
                                               long you;
                               wondering, will you come as
                                      the drizzle of delight
­                               the downpour of destruction?
monsson musings of a mademoiselle

— The End —