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  Dec 2020 yajushi
You weave
through my dreams,
like stars
through the infinite sky,
in the dark, beaming,
and I feel your light
all through the night,
by the morning
your presence is dimming.
And I am falling
into the darkness
just to wake up
and never remember you,
so is the dream.
And in the waking hours,
there is nothing to find,
there is nothing to lose,
so I fall asleep
to find you,
and the painful truth.
yajushi Dec 2020
All I did was gaze at you
But you looked at me worried
And then you touched my face
And gently wiped the tears that had somehow managed to betray my eyes and run down my cheeks
' don't cry for me...everything is over I am in a better place' you said
And I believed you
Then you leaned down and looked at my lips
As if asking for my permission
I met you in the middle
and as if the stars colliding I felt every emotion
I felt like I was swimming in the excelsior of life and youth
We parted
And you gazed at me
And I knew right then and there
This was where I want to be forever.
The last poem from the 'Autumn' series <3
yajushi Dec 2020
You told me how you went through so much pain in your small life of 18 years
You told me what your tiny 10 year old eyes witnessed
Something that no one should ever go through
You told me how your dad got in the claws of one of the worst sins
And how that was the start of so many more sins
You told me how you saw your mom suffer with those tiny eyes
How you tried to protect your mom
At such a young age and succeeded
You told me how karma got your dad
You told me how you saw your mom fight thru the pain for 8 years and became the strongest person you knew
That night
You told me everything
Everything that was good and bad
Eighth poem from the 'Autumn' series.
yajushi Dec 2020
You took my hand and lead me to your car
The drive felt like forever and too short at the same time
We stopped near a beach and you got down and took me to a cliff near the beach overlooking a million and one stars
The view was breathtaking but I was too enticed by you to notice it
We sat down and gazed at the stars
And I asked you the one thing that was eating me since the time I layed my eyes on you
'What is the story behind the pain in your eyes?'
Seventh poem from the 'Autumn' series.
yajushi Dec 2020
I took your hand and and made my way towards the dance floor
The whole while
We exchanged a thousand and one smiles
And our names
As if we didn't already know them
You told me how enchanting I looked in my peach dress
And made me feel like the most beautiful girl
The dance was nearing an end but I didn't wanna let go off of you yet
Somehow you read my thoughts
And you leaned down and whispered
'Am I allowed to take you some place special?'
I smiled and whispered back a yes
sixth poem from the 'Autumn' series.
yajushi Dec 2020
You didn't see me at first
But as I got closer you saw me,
With a look of familiarity in your eyes
As if we'd know each other forever
I walked closer and smiled
You still looked shocked
As if I hadnt already caught you staring at me throughout the whole night
I stood in front of you
And whispered a small hey
And you looked down as if shy
And whispered a small hey back
I didn't know what else to say
So I asked you to dance with me
You looked up  
And the light bounced off of your sharp features making your beautiful face glow
And then something happened
Something that made my heart skip a beat
You smiled
A smile so beautiful that even made the enchanting northern lights timorous
A smile that touched your eyes
Made them glow
And you said yes
Fifth poem from the 'Autumn' series.
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