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Feb 2020
Marathon to the highest peak of the mountain
Breezes under my skin, still the ethic remains
Through brown vanes and the longer lanes
Ran a mind with those rusty trains
His name, covers up no shame
But effort courageously carries what he could claim.
Faster does the wind blows, and his speed matches when he goes
Like Inspirational Sounds, his empty soul astounds
The record goes round and round,
Sprinting in with an attitude so proud.
Pressure chases a hound
But it doesn't stop his running over ground
His calmness retains the underground
A Man setting a tone for the weakest crowd
A Man Keeping rhythms to maybe reach the clouds
A Man Believing with his voices so loud
A Man Reaching his dreams as the wind Shouts
"You Finally Did It".
Written by
Ademar Jr  14/M/Philippines
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