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 Feb 2021 Abraar
Ana Sweeney
 Feb 2021 Abraar
Ana Sweeney
I carry what you said with me.
The aching in my bones.
The bruising on my soul.
The scars on my skin.
It’s less of a choice, and
more of a sickness.
 Jan 2021 Abraar
summer fever
 Jan 2021 Abraar
i cant afford the therapy i need
so i take another drag
of stolen cigarettes and lips
that have no business near
my sharp tongue.
last year felt like you and i
were the only 2 alive.
this year i wish i could die
on command
 Dec 2020 Abraar
Take me to a place where smiles
Flow freely and easily,
Laughter circulates like currency,
And happiness is the first language.

A place that has sunshine year round,
Day in and day out.
The flowers can’t help but bloom and spread
In the prettiest colors
Just emanating energy and light.
True people that care,
will never let you have nothing alone to bear.
True people that care,
will wipe away the tears,
and say, Please have nothing to fear, for which I am here.
True people that care,
will say that I will never leave you,
Please don't feel so blue.
True people that care,
will do anything through fire and say,
I'll never call you a lier.
True people that care,
Are there for you no matter what,
even if you are just sitting on a cot.
 Nov 2020 Abraar
rage diet
 Nov 2020 Abraar
rage diet you keep feeding
with empty promises.
you want to hold my hand
while the rest of me falls apart.
i really like you, but a little less
when you touch me.
the rage is distorting my face
and you still call me pretty
 Nov 2020 Abraar
Ana Sweeney
You made my world so
Small and so dark that I
Got lost, and I couldn’t
find the exit
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