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Dec 2020 · 52
Abraar Dec 2020
The sun gives us light & nourishes us during the day.
The moon gives us reflected light & blankets us during the night.

The sun lights our journey.
The moon illuminates our path.

The sun cannot be looked at directly, Often seen only behind the modesty of the clouds.
The moon can be seen directly by the eyes , bringing glimmer to otherwise dull surfaces.

In the day when light comes directly, we act out our life.
In the night we sleep...

Perhaps in the night when light comes by reflection.
We in turn should find light by self reflection.

When the moon is out. Man tends to reflect on things.
Finding light within...
while underneath reflected light.
Nov 2020 · 65
Abraar Nov 2020
Sleep lost & time found.
I see no reason to keep myself down.
Promises broken & truths realized.
I think of how these pieces aid to being wise.
Heart betrayed & purpose emerged.
I feel hope for now my voice is heard.

Senses numbed & trust forged.
No longer weary.
I have returned.

Sleep found & time used.
I see no reason for any form of abuse.
Promises respected & truth pursued.
I think not of the consequences that may ensue.
Heart honored & purpose nurtured.
I feel now I will always consider others fervour.

Senses restored & trust strengthened.
Rest easy.
I have awakened.
Nov 2020 · 39
A smile or A like
Abraar Nov 2020
I feel people forget that we are human.
We look upon screens & see gilded faces & edited smiles.
We see carefully constructed personas & glorious sunshine filled moments in the lives of others. We gaze so effortlessly into a screen & marvel at the sight of others.
But see us walk down a street.
Oblivious to the real thing.
Not smiling at strangers but judging them. After all you can't click like.
All you can do is judge right ?
That's what liking is after all.
Passing judgement.
Yet we have forgotten that we are human.
And that we all share doubt, sadness, pain, loss and even sorrow.
We share joy, love & light.
But we all choose to ignore this in the wake of everything we don't share.
Which if you take the time to see is inconsequential in the face of what we do share.
To see what this is, walk down a street with your phone away & your eyes to your fellow man.
You will quickly see what you share.
When you begin to see the smiles of others or the frustration in people's walks or someone smiling.
You will come to realize...
We share life.
And in life it is better to smile at a person. Than give them a like.
Because to smile at someone takes courage. More so than to click a button.
To smile at someone is to see them & allow them to know they are seen.
To like it just to look.
To smile is to see.
We are all humans who seem to have stopped smiling as we have chosen to do more looking.
There are those who look at life &
There are those who see life.
Choose your nature.
Or it will be chosen for you.
And society rarely ever makes decisions that benefit the individual.
Nov 2020 · 70
A Song
Abraar Nov 2020
There's a song that reminds me of a feeling.
A feeling not easily grasped.
One Vaguely remembered.
Is it innocence or is it passion ?
Is it ignorance or is it belief ?
I cannot distinguish between them. It's like this feeling is locked.
If I cannot feel this. I have to ask myself.
Do I want this feeling ?
Why pursue something that carries with it a tinge of sadness.
Why pursue something that makes my heart sink.
I suppose I just don't like leaving things alone or unanswered.
I like to know what I feel. And Why.
Shouldn't we all in some form be like this.
Wanting to know ourselves. Not by name Or preference
But by understanding...
There's a song that makes me want to understand myself.
And I suppose I start by being confused. And then acknowledging that confusion. 
Wherever I go from here will be better than where I started.
It's okay to not know or be confused.
For That is often The beginning of knowing.
And knowing precedes understanding.
Nov 2020 · 48
Abraar Nov 2020
Pain is considered an enemy
One we should all avoid
( Physical, mental or emotional ).
Yet in doing so you call for man to avoid pain by walking towards its opposite . Pleasure .
A generation founded on pleasure will often reflect shallowness and little to no self control  .
Why then is pain an enemy ?
Perhaps it seems that pain is the precursor to knowledge.  For in everything, we learn most through pain . Even the seed screams as it bursts open .
The muscle grows only after tearing .
The mind expands only after the destruction of old misconceptions.
Perhaps it is not pain that is the enemy .
But knowledge.  
To create a society of ignorance .
It takes pain to see passed this ignorance.  So the question becomes . What is pain to you ?
An enemy .
Or respected opportunity.
Holding meaning as apposed to loss.
Strength as apposed to weakness.
And compassion as apposed to fear.
How can you know that pain is the path to betterment if you avoid the path of pain in its entirety .
Choose your paths not by what you are told  .
But by what is right and gives to you
(beneficial) .

— The End —