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AJ May 2022
They say as the wind blows,
so too will a certain love be true .
In unordinary ways, you will find
yourself in awe of their shape.
Just let yourself wander through
the fields of limitless wonder.
Until you at last reach a point of
no return or impatience.
You will see a love in the shade of
purple floating through your heart.
AJ May 2022
Hey there one I've known
stretched out over time.
There's no bottle to put
you back into.
And it amazes me to find
that no damage is done here.

What used to be so intriguing
always pulling me further in.
Is still much of the same.
Even after all these long years,
you treat me with the same as before.

We will move on now, together, forever.
AJ Jan 2021
The new year brings
Many new things.
Last year was tough
sometimes really rough.
But now is the chance
for a new life romance.
My heart is ready
to go nice and steady.
and see what the new year bring.
AJ Oct 2020
From every break I catch,
I gain another lesson.
A thing forming inside of me
getting closer every time.
It gains another plaque
a flurry of feeling coming.
Sometimes a blessing
other times a curse.
The pain I feel alongside
every step taken higher.
I am gaining immunity from
all the mistakes I've made.
AJ Sep 2020
Onward I go
without an idea
of what's to come.
Just bringing along
the things I've learned
and keeping time with
the forever shifting pace
of onward...
AJ Nov 2018
out in the darkness
a strange voice whispers to me
and I disappear

— The End —