Birth of heart, lost in time
Like old light, soul of water
Firey sea , wave of mind
Cold white sky, hollow trees
Softened dreams fall and rise
Fear is lost, fallen power
Beneath bones hope lives wild
Quiet heat, sense of self
Gentle death, God, and night
Spirit lines, silent grasses
Spring of stars, moonlit smile
House of steel, looms of darkness
Angels dance, brightly veiled
Body song, world forgotten
Ancient feet, talking trails.

Nov 19, 2016

Mother! Father!
Moon and Star!
How I wonder what you are....

By Fire's light and Earth's own pull,
You've stirred the waters of my soul.

I've felt you closer than my skin.
A dance with Death;
Life's one true kin.

But don't despair,
My Winged One;
I'd never ask you fly alone.

Nov 4, 2016

Light as a feather
We flow like the river,
Treading so softly
The grass never quivers,
Laughing and loving
And threading our fingers,
May friendship and beauty
Be all we let linger.

Oct 13, 2016

Seated on the edge of the riverbank
Watching raindrops fall across the city light's reflection;
A living Monet of color and fluidity and the sutble refractions of life.
The bridge above me is humming with traffic,
The railyard to my left fills the cold night with the timeless bellowing of midnight trains,
Used syringes lay amongst the driftwood here.
A crudely painted swastika adorns the trail head,
Overgrown with brambles bushes and blackberry vines.
A solitary beaver cruises the shallow dregs of shore
On an endless quest to find her mate,
Painfully unawares of his fate,
Fallen victim to a poacher,
Some careless fool with a greedy and discontented heart.
The tents and tarps of Portland's homeless, the lost and forgotten, line these hillsides;
Their many dreams and hopes lie broken amidst the rubble of this everyday existence.
I sit here often, smoking and thinking, and watching the ever changing lights.
Every now and again I take a picture, gather a stone, or fall asleep to the sound of rain
And the smell of earth and leaves and rushing water.

Aug 25, 2016

Walk a mile in this soul
And you'll see what I see
All that loves turns to gold
All that's lost sets you free

No matter the cost
I'ma keep being me
Ain't no price for what I've bought
Except my own pair of wings

Shout out to Harlon Rivers for the inspiration for this from the title of his collection, and to the old homeless man I met in Mobile Alabama who shared some of his poetry with me, for he is the subject of the matter.
Aug 20, 2016

It matters not what lies behind
Or what may lie ahead,
When waking dreams and evil things
Reside in each man's head.
They rattle chains and haunt our brains,
They feast upon our fears;
Consuming joy and hope and trust,
And all that we've held dear.
We hear their cries and stoke the fires,
Descend with them to Hell;
We share their shame, but not in blame,
Then fight amongst ourselves;
'Tis rare one sees
That which he flees
Is but a timeless mirror.
From brilliant men, to hapless hearts,
To wicked, wretched souls...
They are no more, nor less, than we;
But fractions of one whole.
Though he may lack in this or that
While others seem to reign;
With better looks, or smarts in books,
More power, wealth or fame;
We mustn't bend to arrogance,
Nor envy, just the same...
For he who dims his brothers light
Still hath no brighter a flame;
Instead he lessens all our sight
And squanders his own gains.
Have faith in ALL that's here below
Was ordered, first, above.
And suffers much, the eldest man,
Outliving all he's loved;
While rich men live, as paranoids,
And poor men toil in pain.
The simple man, a laughing stock,
And genius feels insane.
While beauty's forged the darkest hearts,
As shallow, they became.
And lives of ease have yielded sloth
And left good bodies lame.
So none can measure, nor divide,
The worth of Moon and Sun....
Like bird and beast,
As Earth to Sea,
Dependent on the One.
The seasons change,
As well they should,
And ne'er can we forget....
We're nigh but little cosmic spokes
Whom churn the Infinite.
And so these planets and their stars
Keep wheeling 'round the sky,
The watchmen keeping track of time,
Our souls all keeping ties.

Aug 15, 2016

She is a starry eyed, moonstruck wonder,
Heart full of hope, pocket full of thunder,
She bows her head, still blushing red,
Lies trembling upon his altar.
She's a faery sparkled, sunshine lover,
Who sought these dragon's wings for cover,
A barefoot lass, hair all a mess,
Though halo bent, still shines above her.
Her body sings like ancient winds,
Thus when she dreams, sees unseen things,
Goes surfing waves of earthly pains,
Her soul, an open harbour.
Though scarred and stained, her strength she's gained,
So takes the vow: Love shall remain;
'Tis why her Angels guard her.

Aug 14, 2016

So many creation stories,
Myths, tales and legends...
Too many answers,
Yet so many questions.
An excess of words,
With an absence of feelings.
Time to make my own song,
My own verse on these sheets,
One God means One love,
Just One heart,
Just One beat....
The truth is as infinite as our explanations of it.
Tired of mourning.
Tired of crying out in the darkness.
Tired of vibrating from the mouth and not the spirit.
Fear has no place here.
I'll embrace the unknowing,
I shall cast down my sorrows,
And get my lamp glowing.

Jul 26, 2016

Mind is where my spirit lives while in between dreaming

Jul 23, 2016

She was like a ray of light
dancing among the shadows:
Elusive, bright, and hot to the touch;
Intangible, fluid, and uncapturable.
Meant to be a source of hope,
A flickering of inspiration;
A contrast to the darkness and
A shock to the system;
A beam of truth,
Sent to penetrate the leaded glass
Of the Windows,
Those heavy, distorted pains of life;
She gives light to the house,
Yet reveals those layers of dirt
Which Time and Space and Earth
Saw fit to meter out,
Here, upon the sill.
Love her still.

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