Apollo Hayden
Apollo Hayden
2 days ago

Mind the skin you touch,
for there's no glove that could ever protect you from the worst of enemies.
Though the flesh is all you may see, you're not that.
But temptation gets so strong till we can't take it, and our bodies are open and bare, left with a heart that's naked.
There's eyes in the dark.
They've been waiting for you, to poke holes at your aura and like a snake they'll slide on through.
Passing from one to another, unaware of what we carry;
If we saw our true selves in the mirror, would the sight not change, or would it be of something scary?
It's hard to tell, even if you know them well their energy can deceive,
till they detach off them and onto your spirit they'll cling.
Sexually transmitted demons, relentlessly scheming to find away to stay alive, waiting for a sleeper to slip by not using their spiritual eyes.
How many souls you got clinging; from the merging of DNA can you still say you feel like yourself? Or is there so many thoughts inside your mind that aren't yours that you can no longer tell?
It's the exchanging of energies that can strengthen us or make us weak,  so mind the skin and if ever you should choose to miss the mark, be aware of the preying eyes,
waiting to cling to you in the dark...

I hate this world
I wish i was free
From this unhappiness i see

For everything that i can’t be
Not even her
But to you i’m not a priority

You look at her like she’s the world
and treat me like shit
you push me down, i get back up

just wait
my heart begins to drop
slowly awaiting what haunts me the most

death by love

The snakes sent by Satan,
Slither past our skin.
But you and I are special -
You and I are beyond sin.

The apple is forbidden,
But you and I have set our eyes,
On something that is much beyond
The realm of Paradise.

Everything that we hold dear -
Destroys us.

We keep holding on.

Sometimes reality will unfold
in such a way that
you actually wish it was a bad dream
that you could wake up from...
that isn't the case
and although life tends
to throw
the most unexpected situations our way,
more often than not,
we are only ever left with one ultimatum...

...and that is
to brave through it all,
as best as we possibly can.

Nothing that happens in life
is by mistake or default,
It is a conscious decision
that one chooses to endure
(whether good or bad)
and regardless of the outcome,
Always look forward to the fact
that there is always something
that is meant to come of it.

what I write,
to understand my
thoughts & feelings.

The key to understanding most poets is to read what they have written, with the intention to gain an understanding into what is playing out in their mental space.

Today I Saw My First Love

In that moment...
There was a burst of cheer in his tone,
His grin slightly stretched further than usual,
His eyes had a momentary sparkle in them;
One that had his heart peeled out,
Just so I could see how much jubilance is flowing within it.
Each stolen gaze made me want to sneak in just a few more seconds...

In that moment...
Each word uttered,
Turned into a melody my heart danced merrily to...
That moment,
As short as it might have been,
Reminded me of why I ever exposed my heart to love.

In that moment...
He wasn't the person I used to love,
Nor I,
The person he treasured with his entire being,
We were just...
Him and I.
No mention of a we,
Or us that ceased to exist...
We were just two individuals who chose to be civil,
While still embracing each other's company.
After all,
That is what drew us towards each other,
And what continued to keep us so closely connected.

In that moment...
I was overwhelmed by so much,
I couldn't bring my head to speak to my heart,
Or my heart to speak through my mouth...
I was so glad that he was this happy,
While part of me was dying because it was not because of me.

Bittersweet reality of still being in love with someone you can never really be with.
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it feels almost as if my strength is caging in on me,
constantly calling upon my weakness,
while I am left at a crossroad between...
...a heart that is tired of carrying my stubbornness
and a head with it's fist high up in the sky shouting:

so, with the smile on my face,
I carry myself through this inner conflict
after all,
no-one ever questions a smile,
but people are too quick to question tears running down your face.

so I'll leave my heart to ail,
while carrying my head through it's quest to keep itself up...
because that's what I do...
remain the strength that carries me

You could never handle the fire within me,
That crimson always burned too viciously for your liking.
Your eyes could hardly gaze into mine,
Without flinching over the solid stare that mine gave off.

My words cut so deeply,
It was almost as if each utterance was finding a vein to rip.
There was never any warmth in my touch,
I guess you got to feel what my heart is like...

No words to utter,
No emotions to feel...
Just another experience turned sour...
Because I forgot how to love.

It was never about any mutuality,
But rather,
My constant urge to satisfy an insatiable desire.

Wanting and wanting,
While you were always willing to give...
Your time,
Your feelings,
Your coitus,
Your entire being...

All to me.

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