Aug 4, 2016

All I want to do is
to hide your beauty,
and my feelings for you
in Poetry, so they can last
- forever.

Maple Mathers
Maple Mathers
Feb 13, 2016

Just a Game. . .

In the comfortable stockade of my mind
Hide and seek cannot be won
Tip­toe away and find a hollow,
The solitary spot
Slipping between turmoil
Festering in alcoves
Always waiting; back tensed,
Adrenalin sheathing the silence
If I remain undetected
Perhaps the seeker will ease off,
Forget the ollie ollie in comfree
Leave me stowed away.
Much later, I could creep into safety
Call a truce, change spots...
Yet unmarred, the same old rules;
Vicious whispers that ask of unknown.
Meaningful glances and gritted teeth,
The shock of lush green eyes chasing down memory lane.
Wake up, Maple. Wake up.
But I wouldn’t, and it didn’t matter.
Because the stabbing whispers would continue inside;
Dueling emotions I long ago left at bay.
Reside there, waiting.

Ready or not,

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016.)
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oh my stars
oh my stars
May 28, 2015

She doesn't care where she ends up.
She just keeps on going.
Hiding away until she reaches
What she came for.
A smile plastered to her worn face,
Hiding the pain
Of growing up too fast.
More mature than her age.
Her laugh hides an injured soul,
Within her eyes
A sense of longing.
Terrible beauty
Deep within her

#love   #poetry   #hide   #scared   #beauty   #hiding   #her   #she   #firstpoem   #terriblebeauty  
Mohammad Skati
Feb 22, 2015

You hide ,then                                                                                                                   I seek ...                                                                                                                                I hide,then                                                                                                                                You seek ...                                                                                                                         This is life ...                                                                                                                         Hide-and-seek ...                                                                                                               If nobody hides nor                                                                                                               No one seeks ,then                                                                                                                This is something else ....

#play   #we   #all   #hide-and-seek  
Jen Jo
Jen Jo
Sep 28, 2015

You better run
The quicker the better
You better run
Run, run away from this place

You better hide
You better hide
Quick, you should be hiding by now
Hide, hide from this place

There's no place for you
There's no place for you here
There's no place for someone like you

You don't have to be here

Being at where you ain't made for
#hide   #run  
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