The Sad Family Saga (Q.D.)  (9 followers)
The story of a girl's intent to drown herself, a father's intent to turn his body to paste and smear himself across the landscape, and ...
Family Values  (6 followers)
Family Life  (1 follower)
For all those moments, be they happy, silly, sad, heartbreaking, embarassing, or enraged, that we live in one way or another being part of a ...
family  (1 follower)
this boat
Family  (1 follower)
Meta- Family Farm  (1 follower)
Meta- describes self Family is related Farm cultivates growth Haiku , rensaku, tanka, and any other verse that discusses itself or its source is meta- ...
Family  (1 follower)
I have a wonderful family. A lovely, patient mother; a ridiculous but hard-working father; a beautiful big sister; five-going-on-six younger brothers and sisters; one niece ...
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