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Apr 2022 · 176
April 4th
BB Tyler Apr 2022
like a sore thumb
begs your attention
the most fluffed young rooster
is the most afraid
he knows the
like a sore thumb
unwanted attention
wondering why the wait is so long
before the honey moon
the pleasant lull between
"maybe we should
**** him" she says, to save him
the pain, maybe grab a basket before
you break
another egg
"oh please let me be normal"
I can hear my grandma say
from an old play
I can't remember the name
like a sore thumb
stuck out in more ways
than one
in the deepening summer
will be the wedding
and after the heat
we'll swim in the river
and the rooster
will scratch grain
in a retirement home
Apr 2022 · 62
Poetry Month #1
BB Tyler Apr 2022
so like a flower
a bird
petal feather to show
a generation at a time
what is life

so like a bird
a flower
flying slow from the bud
folding to land
at rest
in fruit

so like sleep
the winter
both bird and flower
lilt to wilt
and color against the cold
as a dream before the dark

and at an ending
another spring

the seed
in the stomach
of a bird
still a flower
Feb 2022 · 76
BB Tyler Feb 2022
As I learn love with you
and we pass it between us
I might see for a moment
another of its spinning sides
catch the sun

As I learn love with you
it changes
and becomes the vision of
it gathers the texture of
and our fingers know
the time that has been taken
for love to confide
in us its true name
which is
Feb 2022 · 295
broken color
BB Tyler Feb 2022
a feeling of the dark belying color
the tension of failure in romance
near unbearable distance between those closest to you
a quiet walk in a garden
broken words unsaid on the ground
that we pretend not to see
absorbed as we were in the flowers
we planted in a
storied bed
inspired by i. tête-à-tête by Melanii
Oct 2021 · 245
warm hurt
BB Tyler Oct 2021
old hurts like river rocks
out all day in the sun
stay warm at night
under the star vigil
watching the water split
and come together
Oct 2021 · 150
BB Tyler Oct 2021
and I kissed the leaves
traipsing wanton
loosing something into the night

when your storied words
curled my ear
turn my mind to knowing fright

I left my own understanding of love
in an overgrowth of
thorny lusts and
and in moonlight
healing at your voice

forever not
to be another
wanton traipsing
***** dreamer
but a man
to count his fingers in the dark
Sep 2021 · 149
moon shower
BB Tyler Sep 2021
tendrils of bathing mist
preceded steps
and out of the flushing warm to the
waiting, not-yet-waning moon
no pockets with which to keep a word
but on my lips
as locked eye
the moon and I
renewing vows

In the jingle-rattle
old friends
new fruits
and the same two feet
on cold stone
looking up at you and I
what it is to be
what I am
when what I am is
Sep 2021 · 55
harvest moon
BB Tyler Sep 2021
harvest moon
hidden in the black oaks
on the hill crest
over the ridge-
pieces of a full moon
through the black oaks
reap that we may sow
that we may reap
that we may sow
over and around
the harvest moon comes again
watching us in deep equinox slumber
light to tend our dreamed beds
Sep 2021 · 111
strange medicine
BB Tyler Sep 2021
strange medicine
not sick, never better
but different
thru induced confusion
out the other side
and ah!
the moon is out tonight
Sep 2021 · 91
Way of Making
BB Tyler Sep 2021
What has been made is
of every lilting hand
a shape
of light in the

Dusted fingers
holding the clay particulate
mineral map of
star journeys to stretch
as a skin
on a drum
the path of water
in a bowl

Ringing children
tuffs of seed
a basket with bread
and fruit
and a glass jar of water

without pause or plan
the form finds itself
both the handle and the head
of an axe
to make an axe

Of a basket
of a string
such is the way
of being made
Sep 2021 · 181
full cup/ nothing at all
BB Tyler Sep 2021
I have a problem with
filling my cup and falling asleep
words come hesitant to my hands
or to my lips too fast
or not at all

A plague of excess
more letters than could ever be made into a
meaningful sentence
more wine than to ever be
pleasantly drunk

Lose my imagined person
to walk or speak
as a multitude
or a beautiful
nothing at all
Apr 2021 · 327
golf green piece (haiku)
BB Tyler Apr 2021
golf green peace
evening doves
hushed by sprinklers
Mar 2021 · 76
march haiku
BB Tyler Mar 2021
early Spring
old woman frowning at her flower bed
blanket of snow

(early Spring woman
frowning at her flower bed...
a blanket of snow)
Dec 2020 · 73
BB Tyler Dec 2020
In fruit flesh, the guru.
In water clarity, the guide.
The one true teacher
expounds on meaning
at a liminal space symposium.

The wind giving lessons to fall leaves
and leading by example.
BB Tyler Dec 2020
making flesh the metaphors
of a genetically engineered zeitgeist
to feed the hungry
when umbilical severance packages
leave so many hanging on ropes
of woven words

promises of the future truth
from mirrored hallway sages
grow dim
and fracture into color
when the glass is shattered
and made sand for
another casting

a new bowl
holding the only water we will ever know
Dec 2020 · 63
one at a time
BB Tyler Dec 2020
is the
of computers
Dec 2020 · 69
Fall To Do
BB Tyler Dec 2020
Blow roof and empty gutters
Cover crop
Spread hay
Collect seeds and deadhead
Wait for rain
Dec 2020 · 53
rock in my pocket
BB Tyler Dec 2020
there are those who say
the rock in my pocket
blue-hued and tumbled
is a boon to communication
so here goes

it starts with a question
is there an ending?
and if there isn't
is there an answer?
and if there is
when we get there
will we remember
and if we do
will we know the asker anymore

but I didn't come here
to blow smoke at tomorrow
you say
or drink the sloshing yesterday
I swim in
with any number of cups
I'd never touch the bottom

there are those who say
that pattern is
what it is
but we know only books
and their pages of mirror

I've never known a pattern
til it's over and done
and I didn't come here
to blow smoke at tomorrow
or drink the sloshing yesterday
I swim in
and the rock in my pocket
is a skull-crack gift
and a poem
Oct 2020 · 115
BB Tyler Oct 2020
like an October frog
Oct 2020 · 90
BB Tyler Oct 2020
in looking
is the seen
is the looking

is truth the facts
or the map?
Oct 2020 · 684
BB Tyler Oct 2020
there is beauty in decay
but take care not to make a model
or an idol of death
or ***** an effigy made of the mess
you meant to clean

fire from a distance is a guide
in the hand
only ash
Oct 2020 · 638
burning both ends
BB Tyler Oct 2020
a little extra light
from a twice burning candle
because no one ever told me
that one wick was an ending

I'll meet you in the middle
Oct 2020 · 71
BB Tyler Oct 2020
where are the whisper that we gave to the moon
we were the tellers but we lost too soon
the night that we knew for an unknown noon
seeing clear in the day but our vision marooned
Oct 2020 · 559
BB Tyler Oct 2020
like a map-maker
Oct 2020 · 46
giving forgetting away
BB Tyler Oct 2020
the whir of the mind-clock spinning
giving forgetting
to a dance in the dark
and I'm grinning
Oct 2020 · 62
this season
BB Tyler Oct 2020
this season
bringing more mantises
and fruits to the garden
on the hands of plants

this season
bringing smoke
and the breathing worry
of a future homesick

this season
a day-chain of blessing
of joys
and the tensions ripe with

knowledge of pain
the season bringing
no rain again

the wish
that my eating
could fill other bellies
makes me sick on the floor
BB Tyler Mar 2020
heat making the snow heavy
spring night in my lover's bed
lightning gunshot
under a weighted limb
no longer

the darkness lasted three days
so we went outside
even as the news
in a fever dream
was ever inward
Mar 2020 · 49
BB Tyler Mar 2020
Age is a sound.

Wind in the trees,
leaves green,
leaves dry.

Our voices sink into us over time.
Brilliant children, open where the light shines out.
From our eyes
to heart pattern,
until even our bones speak.
Eventually, talking to river-bed stones,
and finally only listening.
Mar 2020 · 147
BB Tyler Mar 2020
They say:
"you reap what you sow"
but, by deliberation
or by wont,
those who don't
find next year's fallow fields feral.

All memories,
echos and other lives
going on.
The othering intrinsic in calling "****".

Where sickle and *****
put down
there is re-wilding;


"Whatever doesn't get harvested
grows again."

my mother said.
Mar 2020 · 52
BB Tyler Mar 2020
Having never held a sword,
they have no weight in my dreams.

Not that they're light.
There's just no aspect of mass;
no steel sheen
or splitting thinness.

There is no difference between things in dreams.

Imaginings of vision blades
while waking,
and in my sleep
pulling out  teeth.
Feb 2020 · 51
future gifts
BB Tyler Feb 2020
lets make this cute

running into to the future to wrap the gifts

it’s the things we turn away from that turn up over time

put a cup of water next to where you sleep

encapsulated, like planting a seed

intentions are the vine that bare the fruit of action

it’s juice is waiting

i love you
Feb 2020 · 50
BB Tyler Feb 2020
leaving the *******
to heave itself out
i am no grace in the dark
taking my witness away
Jan 2020 · 49
BB Tyler Jan 2020
Folding makes things
smaller, closer together, and more discrete.

Self as symbols
on the letter i'm sending to you,
and our own folding,
inward and out,
defining what it is
that is us.
Jan 2020 · 50
what do you know?
BB Tyler Jan 2020
sciolist role-play
comparing pain
pretending to pretend
and all very serious
no food, no roof
but, man, full of meaning
giving it away
Jan 2020 · 49
BB Tyler Jan 2020
The life-of-its-own hunger
that is in me
grows my fingers
and widens my eyes.
My ballooned pupils leave not enough room for
my brain.

Even thought cannot escape a black hole.

is the lizard,
the fish,
the ape,
and the billions and billions
in the universe my guts,
labyrinthine viscera
that is also
my brain.

All calling out
in appropriation
or approximation of the voice
that had before
called to them.
That fundamental cry
or else changed
and split,
like a wave to a prism.

Echoing forever
are the incessant need
and hunger and pain
that is in the microbe
and the mushroom
the lizard,
the fish,
the ape.
Dec 2019 · 330
BB Tyler Dec 2019
What is to be done?
The day's continually the next,
and birth.

I remember
Walking up the river
on green, smoothed stone;
leaning forward so as not to fall.

To be still
in this current,
but I don’t want to say
that there is
the impossible.
Aug 2019 · 108
BB Tyler Aug 2019
Some people in your life will be rivers.
If you stay you will be contented.
If you make your home on the banks
you will lose your voice,
carried eventually to the sea.
Even some who attempt to cross
are swept away.

Others will be like cairns.
You will depend on them
but they are
the type of guide
you leave behind.

Some people are like ledges,
cliff and crevasses
too steep to reach
too deep to know
made unreal by fear.
There are those who live below a stark face,
some climb over,
some never see the next valley.
Some wishing they had let a river take them.

There will be plant people
and animal people.
You will love them
and eat them.
Your warmth
will be their pain.
You will cry in the night
beneath their skin.

There will be maps.
There will be a talisman.
There will be rot that finds you when you are away.
See these people.
Feel them in your pockets and around your neck.
Map kept close,
pragmatic tutor.
Close, though not so close as the talisman,
all comfort and beauty.
Not so close as rot,
with you always.

knowing people,
am known in turn.
We fold and flow
harden, drop
burrow, drift,
and soften,
becoming the cloth  
woven in waking.
A map, a river.

As clay,
at once
the hollow in
everyone's hand.
Aug 2019 · 98
BB Tyler Aug 2019
Met in the foothills,
already the valley rivers

Through that longest of
mountain trails before us
I can not guide you.

All the same
a way is made.

Alien boundary.
Dying stone
receiving sky burial.
We like foreign guests
do not speak,
bow our heads.

without hands,
without eyes.

You can not guide me
because we are the map makers.
the path as we walk it.

I can not guide you,
but I will beside you
reach the peak,
new eyes, new hands,
and when the moon shows
we will find our footsteps, together
down the mountain.
Aug 2019 · 95
runaway rest
BB Tyler Aug 2019
runaway rest
gets the sunrise watched,
electrical chest
counting cycles by notch

on a question stuffed stomach.
Gut turn and fingers
take space made
for nothing.

cricket left to sing
Aug 2019 · 198
BB Tyler Aug 2019
you are what slows time
to fit in the day
the smell of flowers
or an eyeful of cloud-curl

you bare significance
as a pin on your sleeve
to give away
to those that notice it

you are an evening witness
to the folding of morning glories
(and the next day they open
because you;re still there)
Aug 2019 · 95
BB Tyler Aug 2019
the shadows so long
they're gone

the shadows so long
distant fire, extinguished
line of missing stars

no moon tonight

the shadows so long
they're gone
Aug 2019 · 162
haiku 8/27
BB Tyler Aug 2019
on thorn of bramble
an effervescent dewdrop
is holding the sun

western ocean fog
rolling over the city
pacific buildings

moving in
weeds in the garden
dead yellow

cold street lamp circle
a cone holding nothing

kids like monks
plates clasped to their chests
watching steam rise
Aug 2019 · 87
BB Tyler Aug 2019
I couldn't see their face
watching the clock
on the far wall.

When shouts rose,
and the windows broke,
a wind or a bullet
sent me spinning.

watched the clock
as the floor,
the whole Earth,
broke my mouth.
Never caught the time.

"Accidents happen all the time"
I was never able to say.

no truth,
broke mouth,
handfuls of shattered glass.
Jul 2019 · 150
BB Tyler Jul 2019
stretching on the carpet
listening to a video
about ancient Mesopotamia
an approximation of a yoga routine
and I go to take a ****
thinking about Hammurabi

"the law was made between two rivers"
i think, and sigh
letting my stream go
Jul 2019 · 69
BB Tyler Jul 2019
a challenge ought not be taken as a sign to give up
a challenge ought not be taken
i will say
that it comes to all
time/place/space  depending

validate yourself
against the tides that are
counting down
to an end

and obliviate
the yoke is the gold
and gold is easily
Jul 2019 · 137
hungry ghost
BB Tyler Jul 2019
the lonely stoner
finds no haiku
for their hands stretch too long

is the art that we seek
in you?
is it in the world
is it already
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