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22.4k · Jun 2015
Cicada Waves
BB Tyler Jun 2015


Cicada Waves

Teach me to Breathe

in the Depths of Breathlessness
9.2k · Mar 2014
BB Tyler Mar 2014
On the ferris wheel we steal a kiss,
careless zeal, no bits amiss,
slip into this, mind and timelessness,
twist wrist, spit lip like starshine, crisp.

Down below the kids get lit,
hair wind flipped out,
broke mouths sip doubt,
shout fire-light, ice pout,
grown out the hometown,
grown loud, a fun crowd,
one's got the know how,
the others got the low down,
one shot the sheriff,
then the others hit the ground.

When he shot the sheriff
he kneeled,
we saw it from the ferris wheel.
8.8k · May 2011
Black and White
BB Tyler May 2011
White is a combination of all colors.
Black is the lack of all colors.
Enlightenment is white because it resides in the ten-thousand things.
Enlightenment is black because, in its residence,
it is not present.
White is not Black
Black is not White
Enlightenment is not Enlightenment.
It is.
5.1k · May 2013
Shiva and Kali
BB Tyler May 2013
How many deaths  in the life
of a plant?
This is Lord Shiva;
This is His dance.

How much space
in the life of a form?
This is Kali,
She the unborn.

Together they sway,
forward in back;
Shiva the Fire,
Kali the Black.

As Lovers they ****,
put to Sleep, and Destroy,
With Grace and Love,
Compassion and Joy.
4.3k · Sep 2015
BB Tyler Sep 2015
greatest, grandest Mother

no metaphor here
but ten-thousand teats
all children
3.3k · Jan 2014
BB Tyler Jan 2014
Entropy is Ecstasy
a state of selflessness
in which
homogeneity is once more realized.

Osho said, "When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten"
3.1k · Jul 2010
the Mushroom and the Elf
BB Tyler Jul 2010
Said the elf to the mushroom, "Come with me!
Learn to walk, learn to be free,
come journey to the shining sea,
come, o come, o come with me."

Said the mushroom to the elf, "Why should I?
From here I can see the beautiful sky,
no need to walk no need to fly,
to leave here? I'd rather die!
why, o why, o why, o why..."
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
3.0k · Jun 2012
BB Tyler Jun 2012
the politics
of mirrors
lies out of sight
while the frogs in the pond
fashionably late
sing the swan song
of separation


the ******* tree fruits teeth
and eats itself on impact
leaving behind no trace
of heart beat
or throbbing veins
but instead remembers itself
on the earth as a skeleton
bones made of the
finest silver set of dining wares
for to feast
on the slack remaining
weightless brain of a thing
that spins the circles is sails
like a tailor
in a fire
2.9k · Dec 2015
Homestead Morning
BB Tyler Dec 2015
early morning
enough to catch the sunrise color
on a snag of wool
in a leafless tree
in the wind

seed to the chickens
hay the goats and the sheep
their turds on the frozen ground
like coffee beans
in the early morning
2.8k · Oct 2012
Rug Burns
BB Tyler Oct 2012
let's make love
let's push and shove
let's leave our skin
out on the rug
and turning over
back to back
to smack me sober

Let's make love
let's kiss and hug
and **** until
we get rid of
the liquid
that keeps us
from being released
and fitted
with riches
two gemstones apiece

let's make love
let's push and shove
let's leave our skin
out on the rug
2.7k · Oct 2010
Just Playing
BB Tyler Oct 2010
there's something about
the people you don't know
that makes you laugh

the old men escorts
babble while we whisper
they make you laugh

cold fingered hipsters
who talk **** cause they can
have made you laugh

"what are you doing?"
"just playing" i would say
and then you'd laugh

bleary blue eyed boys
good intentions twisted
have made you laugh

and yes even I
still blue eyed and bleary
will make you laugh

there's something about
the people you don't know
that makes you cry

the old men escorts
babble while we whisper
they make you cry

cold fingered hipsters
who talk **** cause they can
have made you cry

"what are you doing?"
"just playing" i would say
and then you'd cry

bleary blue eyed boys
good intentions twisted
have made you cry

and yes even I
still blue eyed and bleary
will make you cry
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
2.4k · Nov 2012
BB Tyler Nov 2012
We burn when we're
to cool down when we're
but as a sum
does it freeze?
does it smolder?
2.4k · Jun 2012
BB Tyler Jun 2012
You are a living breathing best day of my life
Had I a ring, I would make you my wife
With a chance, with a dance
With a cup and a knife
it just takes one glance
it just takes one night

Nostalgia is the heart's horizon
sun setting
and the light letting itself loose
I can't keep my eyes on
anything else
but your colors

this is good health
this is true wealth

You are a living breathing best day of my life
Had I a ring, I would make you my wife
With a glance, with a dance
With a cup and a knife
it just takes one chance
everything is alright
2.3k · May 2015
BB Tyler May 2015
no self
no sacrifice
Zen Christ
in each of us
keeping quiet
2.2k · Sep 2010
Water and Doves
BB Tyler Sep 2010
you cling to me like water does
when i emerge from a lush pool
two thousand droplets dripping doves
fall from a lucky fool

I'm lying 'low a lovely sun
the doves ascend as vapor
to lift my hand to the wall
of a love poem's paper

you left when i went too far
in your eyes the ice
melting alone in your car
the doves flew from your eyes
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
2.1k · Jul 2018
honua hanau
BB Tyler Jul 2018
a ring of stone under water
a breathless figure sits
between red coral-fingers
blue eye-fish
and from her hand the lava pours

running away with the motion of stone
leaving silent twisted images
basalt black
wracked back
spinal cord columns
to salt
and become green
and beautiful with algae

Violent underwater mother
birthing continents

all mineral
plant and animal
thru her
and the sand that is the
product of so many
ancient fey stone and glacier
meeting each other again
and again
and the sun
and the wind
the river
the hoof
the root
the heel
the rot
the sand that is
the mana
that make
the motion
the Aa
and Pahoehoe
slowly rolling new mass of life
that we are


a ring of stone under water
a breathless figure sits
between red coral-fingers
blue eye-fish
and from her hand the lava pours
1.9k · Jan 2011
BB Tyler Jan 2011
maybe someday I'll give a ****
and write something with substance

or maybe I'll keep the ****
so I can have something in abundance

and maybe I'll quit this ****
as a "*******" to redundance


super novas
seeding flowers
a woman's powers
late night hours
falling towers
jehovah jehovah
these flowers are novas
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.9k · Jul 2011
the Train to Prague
BB Tyler Jul 2011
again void of sleep,
carried over parallel lines
by blues.
Our names are engraved in our
neighbor's guitar.
The Korean man likes ecstacy,
and we all love music
and food
and ***.
Just like our parents.
We pass a thousand sunflowers at their day jobs.
These hills remind me of home
and food
and ***.
1.8k · Sep 2013
BB Tyler Sep 2013
You share a namesake with Aphrodite,
the Sea,
that which sparks a flame inside me,
seeks to turn the waves to steam,
to drift away as if a dream upon waking,
to see that there truly is no breaking of hearts,
and to start the making of stars born to be us
through combustion.

The dust and rust on a cosmic sword
without a sheath is bequeathed again to the sea,
and the back and forth of wave and flame
rocks us to sleep;
where the steam weeps
and we meet.
1.8k · Apr 2012
BB Tyler Apr 2012
that which you give,
let go.

generosity consists not of applying yourself,
but releasing the things that you think you are
onto another
with prayers of light
and love,
without the intent of

for the soul knows no compass rose.
1.7k · Jul 2018
fleeting greeting
BB Tyler Jul 2018
the friend you had

too far behind

to catch up
is this a senryu ? probably not
1.7k · Oct 2015
the Rum Down
BB Tyler Oct 2015
*** gave me some loose words that i could spill over into your head-place
see that? dripping down the wall, the leftover space we didn't want but couldn't waste
no haste needed for the telling of time
no truth seeded as i'm bleedin my rhyme
i'm free and i'm mine
says the *** to my head
nothing left open but the door to the bed
1.7k · Sep 2015
camera obscura
BB Tyler Sep 2015
The crystallization of thought
leaves behind tiny granules,
like diamonds, reflective and
geometric to fit together.

     Sand to glass
        for a window or
          fun-house mirror.

Brain grains made of waiting,
                                 of watching.
Recognition of patterns recorded.
                Faces in old photographs,
                     "Look! That's me!"
  The big picture, stitched individual pixels,
                             light thru the film
                                     projected on a wall,
                                 fuzz of dust on the vinyl.

          Motes of knowing
                                            but tough under pressure,
                                  and in the liquid of pure,
                                                           ­            transparent
                                                                ­       experience,

                                                    ­                     soluble.
December 2014
1.6k · Jun 2012
BB Tyler Jun 2012
you look like two dead leaves
and the trees between
in the distance
as if they'd never heard

give me your hand
the one that you **** with
and i'll wrap around it a bracelet
to keep the liquid
from reaching your

as if it was all determined
by the look in your eyes
when I told you
that which you already knew

I danced with someone three days ago
and she was smiling
and the light was orange
but I could not keep from crumbling
when you smiled
from behind
closed eyes
and then left into the night
weeping in my imagination
as if we wanted the same thing

is one part black
and three parts red

count me out
1.6k · Jul 2010
Mushrooms and Fairies
BB Tyler Jul 2010
Down by the stream where the mushrooms grow

a man is covered from head to toe

with the many joys of daily life

to dispel all of the cold and strife

with this joy he made the fairies

the fairies that live to enjoy and be marry

the fairys that live to dance and sing

in the yellow sunlight by the stream

for many years they lived this way

having fun until the day

the people came with their big bad guns

and shot the fairies one by one

then the man covered with joy

whispered away to not but a boy

the boy wandered for quite some time

and the yellow sun ceased to shine

and the mushrooms shriveled and died away

and the boy waited for the day

when joy would return to his land

the day when oaks tall will stand

until then he lays under a tree

look for that boy, that boy is me.
1.6k · Jan 2011
BB Tyler Jan 2011
Sometimes I scream
at the clouds...

and you never seem to hear me
until they release it
in a thousand
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.6k · Jul 2010
BB Tyler Jul 2010
You turn me on with 40 what?s,
and turn me off with the flip of a switch.
I am as ridged as glass, fragile as flesh,
and as transparent as both.
Copyright: Bennett Tyler- From Induced
1.6k · Mar 2013
BB Tyler Mar 2013
Let be the fringes of past,
for with all your hands
you cannot reweave
the rug soon to be
under our feet.

Step lightly,
there are beings here
and they have been here all along,
through our noises and *******,
and they do not celebrate
nor recoil,
but we must give them the space
they do not ask for besides.

I am in love with wear,
and white made of color,
and the black made of light.
The where to which we are going.

No amount of sowing can plant the seed
that is to be
these that will flower,
and still there is power there
in the empty air,
and it is shared.

Care not for my death,
for it already has your love.
Care not for sadness,
it is already sated.

I've waited for a sign from God
and here i find that his gift
is not to be had
but still is to be given.
1.6k · Aug 2010
BB Tyler Aug 2010
your the one
with the missing smile
who mistakes my honest love
for guile
and i know it may
take a while
for your mind to change

you'll always be on a horizon

i'm the one
with empty eyes
who is always looking toward
the skys
all i can do is
for the things i don't want

you'll always be on a horizon
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.6k · Nov 2014
Economy of Language
BB Tyler Nov 2014
If a picture's worth
a thousand words,
than the poet's opus
is to give infinite images
in just two handfuls.

Distillation of words

just a drop
of one
will get you
go read some haiku~
1.5k · Aug 2010
BB Tyler Aug 2010
The beast lays body down to rest,
on a bed of sleeping plants,
to it's close eyes for evermore,
to be one with the ants.
And the sky breathes deep,
and the earth lets seep,
the beast into the fire,
and bed of leaves and creeping ants,
will mourn over the pyre.
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
BB Tyler Mar 2014
In any convergence of creative-minded people there exists a massive potential for positive change. Internet platforms included. Let's make use of this energy and bring awareness to the things we feel strongly about!

I'm asking yall to write poems about change! Social, Ecological, Cultural CHANGE! Let's address specific issues! Let's stop fracking, and plastic, and war, and hunger, and child labor, and let's free Tibet! Let's bring attention to pollution and corporate crime! Let's heal our wounds and bring our ills to the light! I know we can~

I created a collection called poets for change
please post here:

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Our voices united are powerful and beautiful
tell your friends! spread the word!
Let's show the World~
1.5k · May 2012
the Shepherd
BB Tyler May 2012
like pathways walked over with
moccasins and sandals  
and ungulate feet.

the trail blazed by a tribe
is followed many times.
a line between
the time that seems
to snake through sand.

so fine,
i just want to *******,
on the sand,
so fine,

we've been here before...
1.5k · Aug 2010
The Paint Rain
BB Tyler Aug 2010
Walking down the street;
I had just slipped into something comfortable.

I saw your head between
the horizon and the sidewalk,
and smiled at your lips
you didn't turn.
i didn't want you too.
you didn't.

why didn't you turn?

suddenly the rain hit me like
i imagined the cityscape drowned
in the paint rain.

It filled the transparent drops of gray
with the sky,
and your eyes,
and that look on your face

surfaces striking simutaniously
and spreading reflected light into my eyes,
like a sunset.
the spilling of
the sky,
your eyes,
the look on your face

i took cover in a man hole.
the shaft of illumination
from above
making me
half a man

the paint rain still came down
dripping into my

i stayed there;
not due
to apathy, anger
or you.
but just so i could see
the paint rain fall

i drowned like the city in the paint rain.
drenched in color.
i drowned in the paint rain,
that wasn't gray today

i drowned like the city
in the sky,
in your eyes,

i drowned in that look on your face
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.5k · Sep 2010
Left Behind
BB Tyler Sep 2010
you left another shirt in my room
and soon after you left
i wept into the fiber like a liar
and the wires in the walls
made my skin crawl
and fall out of place
in any case, i saw your face
my saving grace when i misplace
the space in my mind
bobby pin left behind
underneath two grinding spines
still reminds me of the sky
your eyes and why
you said goodbye
that night
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.5k · Aug 2014
BB Tyler Aug 2014
The words in the lines of leaves
make for better poems
than any I could
put to page.
BB Tyler Nov 2010
I smile when I see your snowflake face,
unlike any other, the face of a mother,
making me awkwardly comfortable.
A face like mine beholding only my eyes,
not what's behind.
Often you see my complexion
a reflection
of ennui.
You think because it is dark,
that I
can not see;
But you behold my eyes,
not what's behind;
and the things that I find,
the thing that I've found!
The color and beauty and love that's around!
The sounds to be heard!
Don't think I haven't seen.
The frights to be felt!
The dreams to be dreamed!
Don't think I haven't noticed.
Your grace
and your snowflake face.
I smile when I see that face.
The face of a mother, unlike any other.
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.4k · Dec 2015
BB Tyler Dec 2015
Looking out over the forest.
  No mention of God here,
but the trees speak
   so well of themselves
           that I can touch
             and taste them.

In a darkened room
     with my solitude.
                            No talk of spirits,
   but I can almost hear
        my breath
        passing thru the walls.

I am a creature of seeking,
    but no matter how far I go,
     and no matter how well I
      understand the hills around my home,
when I lay down to sleep
    I am forever the dweller
        of a land unknown.
June 14th, 2015
1.4k · Oct 2012
Senryū #4
BB Tyler Oct 2012
When *** is a fight
the ideal outcome is
without survivors.
1.3k · Feb 2014
Don't Wait, Be Patient
BB Tyler Feb 2014
The soothsayer only smiles and whispers,
stays anticipation and decays til you kiss her.

Leaning in:

Posture is, as much as
a broken back,

stiff and bare,
in a stare.
"I'm not acting,"

I'm retracting my opinions
backtrack to begin again.
Pinioned by inclusion;
on the right foot, left
to my conclusions.

If it's a game,
then i'm losin'.
1.2k · Jan 2011
Expression Lesson
BB Tyler Jan 2011
Writing turns me into words
Painting makes me color
And I have no voice to be heard
When there's one without the other

Music makes matches of my ears
Striking on sandpaper notes
Voices turn me into tears
Pieces of me thrown from throats

Self-expression is some sort of healing
For the things that we think we're feeling
and when the paint begins its peeling
and your words begin their reeling
that's when you'll know how is why
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.2k · Oct 2014
October 2014 Haiku, Pt. II
BB Tyler Oct 2014
                                        the poet & the photographer                                  
                                                                ­                      marvel                                


felled trees                
                                nesting Ferns            


Temperate jungle
embrace all traces
of change


peeing in the rain                    
understanding the clouds


Leaf-fall carpet                          
conifer curtains                        
The living room


parallel the River                  
the road
much slower


bare-feet over needles                      
Redwood witnesses                          


                       under this
                                                            ­           a blank page


October sky                                          
the heat setting with the sun
                                               colors following


brush stroke clouds                                
                    the Moon shines through
the ink
Humboldt, CA
the Sierra Nevada
1.2k · Sep 2010
It's Raining Outside
BB Tyler Sep 2010
It's raining outside
These beautiful things
shining through my tears
will feel the drops
but never know my fears
how could they if I don't?

Rain drops
Falling from the trees
into the sky
and you never ask why
ignore the dots in the sky
they're not there

Rain  falls
on tattooed tough guys
littering sidewalks with spit
say they're trying to quit
cigs for the sixth time
and he's tired of lie
tied together to hide
his head when he cries
from better eyes

It's raining outside
Slight stirrings before sunrise
split seconds of conscientiousness
before slipping into a sea of dreams
I always have the most vivid dreams
while the sun is rising

It's raining outside
but not in here
not in my head
not in my bed
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.2k · Nov 2014
BB Tyler Nov 2014
slow formation of thoughts
the crystallization of metaphor
like smoke
like making rainbows
into everything

breaking white light
into color
in the

free-floating subjective
convect around and through
an empty space

the objective objective
purpose pole-star
centering concentric
star flung
all watching
the light that seems to shine
from the void-hole in the
galactic middle

great bending
spectral lender of
Hare Krshna
Om Namo Shvaya
1.2k · Nov 2012
Senryū #5
BB Tyler Nov 2012
Excuse me miss, I
couldn't help but to notice
your demon's peeking
1.2k · Jan 2011
I Lost My Crystals
BB Tyler Jan 2011
I've been working
very hard
on expanding my vocabulary
beyond "I'm sorry."
"I don't know."
and the usual gib-gab
that us gibs often gab,
but the more I think about it
the more I find resolve
in the conclusion that
what really needs to be said
is beyond words,
and any representation
of me
on any medium
is only a fragment.

And there,
they're right.
I know why I hate the fact that
I love to look at mirrors.
Keeping my shards to myself.
My fragmented sentences,
I often forget,
can still light fires
in places
than here.

Because there exists,
and I'm sorry.
Copyright: Bennett Tyler
1.2k · Oct 2012
Demon Keepers
BB Tyler Oct 2012
Demon keepers, we,
making cages of our bones to keep them,
faces into tomes to teach them
the way we weather.

The creatures in our trees,
not free for our weaves
of memory,
fall like leaves if you let them.
Easy like dying,
without even trying,
let them be there,
and when bare
are the trees
I see

I don't have demons,
the demons are me.
1.2k · Oct 2014
Love Made Morning
BB Tyler Oct 2014
When I ****** deeply,
I wish to be enveloped
in your flesh,
to become your breath
and to be exhaled
from your chest,
refreshed and burning
With each entry turning
over into dust,
wet and mixed
into yearning galactic pools,
coaxing each and every fleck
of spinning particulate
to the center

When I enter
make space for me
and you to be opened
in transparency
by the sunlight
morning glories,
watching in rapture
the sun rise over
the event horizon
1.2k · Apr 2014
March 2014 Haiku & Senryū
BB Tyler Apr 2014
on a streetlight unlit
a Hawk

the Moon
when the clouds roll over

the smell of broken Earth
the Color on my hands

the sharp and savory
acid scent of Juniper
sprung green from Granite

a pine cone
in the soft, blue alkaline
sweet alpine Water

termite hieroglyphs
drift wood Houses in braille
rough under fingers

sun bleached tree stump
on lake shore stones
one root in the water

Spring sun
snow patches
in tree shade

the lichen bright lime
making patient animals
of old growth Cedars

from leaf to leaf
the paths of ants

bent over
staring at the Earth
where is this poem?
1.1k · Sep 2012
Show me this.
BB Tyler Sep 2012
Bring forth your
whole self.
I do not mean
pronounce your name,
show your form,
or announce the game you play,
but the being that is
without death;
the blank page that was before
the writings of mother and father
graced its white

Show me this.

It may seem a difficult task,
yet it is done without being asked,
no trifle nor trouble,
and once completed,
seems to have been done before
you even set about
to begin.

For the self is selfless
and gives its isness freely,
thus leaves no mark,
holds no home,
sits not stark,
does not roam,
from where/when/why/how it already is.

abound with fruits
are flowers;
are seeds.
black and warm,
with no need
for audio/visual,
hands-on learning techniques.

a fire is simply
yet is not itself when so.

Show me this.
Wu Wei
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