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Now that I feel elated, I can be who I am.
Now that I have taken all the heat, I can rise up leaving back,
All the residue that I had collected.

Now that I am pure enough,
I can be whatever I want enough
I can coalesce and be a drop
And rain over acres of prop.

Such is life with cycles to learn,
Descent in rounds from heaven in this earth.
Are you perfect? So much not,
But you always need to make your plot.
prop. - Property, fields, lands etc.
That last conversation we had was the one I hate the most ..
That conversation made us what we were years ago "Strangers"
But now we only "act" as one
No.. I can't block you anywhere neither Facebook, WhatsApp nor Instagram
For those blockages are temporary
For to test my mettle I have to let you settle and drain out of my brain ..
Maybe every love isn't the Shakespearean comedy nor it is a tragedy ..
Some love are just meant to be incomplete..

Time elapsed , tears collapsed and now I'm ready not to let you go but to accept the fact that I can't let you in anymore ..
For I can't write this down again and again...
This is only for one last time ..
Yes you'll be missed in every phone call that exceeds the safe time limit
Yes you'll be missed every time I sit in that back row seat, this time watching at the screen
Yes you'll be missed whenever I have a news to share

I don't know the reason for the breakup you gave, that too just a few days short of our 7th anniversary...
My best guess is I'm not perfect..
Maybe you expected more from me than it was humanly possible to give ...
Maybe I sometimes forgot, when you needed  me the most ...

So, thanks for bearing with me all those years ..
Which were the best ..
Now I have story to tell...
And an aching heart to feel the emptiness..
An emptiness which is too deep to be filled ..
So, guys love is beautiful until it ***** ..!!!
So long it has been off
So long I did better off without you
So long that I hated you
But hatred is still another form of love, they say.
It's not that I never gave it a try,
I thought that I really did move on coz it was sick
I even courted a girl and pecked
But missed, the passion, the love which we had
Now that you show up again and confess
And show me the love which I was in need
How could I possibly let go of you?
Knowing you're the only person I can't resist.
Her shell's not so gorgeous
But she is beautiful, that's obvious.
She's such smiler
Who revives the freshness to a miler
And her cyan attire ...
Oh ! that just takes the breath away !!

Let's see her life from his* view
He might be wrong as he is new
New in describing her in few
Few words won't be perfect as morning dew.

She was a girl like anyone of you
She too had a dream changing the world to anew
She could have done this forsaking a few
A few whom she called her Pearl and her dew

She had to be an ice for her dew
She had to shell and protect her pearl
She cares for the rest, who have done their part and made her a girl whom she knows as her.

But her start was such she had to move,
To be a dew and be a shell
To make **** sure that no-one fell,
Heart swollen, teary eyes she bid them all melancholous good-bye.

During her flight she might would've thought, if somehow this **** plane could've stopped
She'd hug her love so **** tight
Be pampered as kid who'd fight
Fight to see his care again.
Coz fight does show that you care like rain.

Three years since that flight, her love is gone.
She scoops out popcorn out of a cone
Besides probably a person with whom she seeks
That love, care and respect which she needs.

Now she knows when the sun sets in
And shows her path the reality lies within
That path is sure for all, it's hard
But she travels this path with a smiling facade.

Still lies inside her a childish girl
Who wants to play and rock the world
But this world is not an easy place
She knows it now to her every breath.
*his - refers to the friend of the girl
She scoldes me, "Why do you love?"
And explained to me why I get hurt
Her plan's so simple with boys she had, Just feast and go and move ahead.

No, she's sure not the girl to be with again
But the way she looks her life ahead
Sweet aroma of her dancing hair
In harmony with the passing air.

All such things just intruiges me well
And makes my heart for her, to swell
So is it still wrong to love a girl
Who scoldes me for I fall and fall ?
I miss you meddling at my door
Whene'er my head ties up a knot
My head resting on your lap so soft
With you giving me a smiling nod

I fail to reach your heeding hand and be with you again and again
I fail and fail and fail and fail, destined not to be the same again.
(Title suggested by Naina, Gracious mio amigo)

— The End —