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Bonnie Apr 2015
I've never been the best at expressing my emotions but I
Simply and honestly love you like a brother.
And not because I've known you forever, but because you're
Amazing, incredible and all around irreplaceable.
C*an you promise that you'll watch over me? Like my father...

rip my best friend. love you forever
Bonnie Apr 2015
i still love you like crazy
and miss you like hell
Bonnie Apr 2015
1:10 pm
"That's why I love you with everything I've got kid... and I'd trade everything I've got for you."

I want to believe in forever.
I want to believe that whenever someone tells you that they love you,  
       they really mean it.
I want to believe that true love really does exit and not just in fairytales.
I want to believe in.... you
      in your "i love you"
      in your wrapped, comforting arms
      in your good morning/goodnight kisses
      in your words....
  Mar 2015 Bonnie
Conner klarkowski
I don't want to let you go
For I miss you before the goodbyes
I drive home looking at the empty seat
I know it'll be filled tomorrow
But that's too long to wait
I go home and hold this pillow
In hopes for when I wake up its you
One day it will
You'll be there when I go to bed
You'll be there when I wake up
You'll be there when I come home
When I'm sick you'll take care of me
When I'm upset you'll make me laugh
When I'm old you'll be by my side
I'll love you till the day I die and then I'll search for you in heaven or hell
Till I find you again and love you till the end of eternity
You may not believe me till the rings on your finger
Soon that'll happen and you'll finally believe me
But for now,
I'll continue to tell you I love you a thousand times a day
I'll continue to hold this pillow and hope it's you
I'll continue to look forward to see you sitting next to me in that once empty seat
And after all this I'll continue to love you till you're forced to believe me
And it all starts now with an I love you
I love you so much
Bonnie Mar 2015
.                        you            either
                 have to be     tremendously
              insane or utterly in love to give
          your heart. You give them the power
             to build you up or destroy you in
                such a short period of time....
                   and if that doesn't scare
                       you one bit, I don't
                             know what
Bonnie Mar 2015
Promise that whenever she feels like
she's not good enough, you'll hold
her tight and tell her how perfect
she is & how her smile radiates.
Promise that whenever her wings get
heavy, that you'll pick up some of
the weight & carry her until she
gets better because she always
does, no matter the situation.
Promise that whenever she doesn't feel
like smiling, that you'll do everything
in your power to change that.
Promise that whenever she feels
unworthy of love, that you'll
remind her how great she
truly is because she's
my butterfly
*and I love her
Bonnie Mar 2015
Today I heard someone say that you were "perfect"
and I envied them...
I envied the way that her tongue wrapped around your name.
I envied the way her eyes lit up talking about you.
I envied the way that she couldn't stop mentioning you.
I envied the way that I had to act like I didn't love you...
                 and I e-n-v-i-e the way that I wasn't her
                       telling everyone how great you are.

                                                         because you're the light to every dark age
                                                                                   and I wish every one knew
                                                                                      that you truly are perfect.
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