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The sound of the rain
the  scent of your hair
the taste of coffee
and the feeling of despair

Our late night conversations
is now only a memory
and now I'm up all night
reminiscing the time  when I was once happy
You and I admire the moon
and tonight I  remembered  you
The memories shared by you and I
As the haunting yet alluring rays of moonlight
passed through the windows of my room

And the love for you that never bloomed.
You and I accompanied each other
In this warm summer night the  radiant moon shines
with good food and empty bottles of wine
I am so happy that were spending time together
And I wish this date of ours would last forever.
I remember that one time
It was already past one
and everyone was asleep
you and I were a little bit drunk
we opened  up our souls to each other
we talked, laughed, cried and smiled.
If only that night could last forever
This is a simple poem
Nothing fancy
But I'll be true to what I am feeling
When I am around you
I cant Stop Smiling
I want you to know that I love you
more than anything
Even the brightest of  lights
could fade away in the darkness.
Even the most solemn promise
could be forgotten if given time.
Even if I say "I love you"
You will never be mine.
Set thyself free
and accept the bitter truth
that thy love for her
shall never bear fruit.
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