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Dánï Feb 2019
Depression isn’t just having bad days, it’s having good days with a bad state of mind.
It’s having days where you seek and seek but you cannot find.

It’s wilted flowers and bright sunshine,
It’s a straight path with jagged lines.

It’s a turn signal that has 3 lefts and 2 rights.
It’s seeing a bird with clipped wings in flight.

It’s confusion when there should be clarity,
It’s the betrayal you feel when everyone seems to lack sincerity.

It’s a smile that reaches all places but the heart,
It’s knowing where you want to finish but not knowing where to start.
Dánï Nov 2018
i can't shake this weight off,
i can’t take this heavy load.
i can’t breathe, i feel lost.
i can’t do this alone.

i take two steps forward,
and twenty back.
i'm stuck in this corner,
and the walls are closing in fast.

how much longer until i learn to keep people around?
how much longer until someone notices?
how much longer until i give out?
how much longer until my family is getting condolences?
Dánï Apr 2015
The road is long, rough, tough and winding, it needs a pair of strong and stable feet,
And though I despise anything man-made, I might need and have to learn to accept an automobile to help set me free.
This road is forever engraved in my mind. It just lingers, sort of like fog and I am stuck with this altered and tainted view for the rest of my life. Seems like there's no other way.
It's the road I always go back to, and sometimes the fog clears up, it clears up for seasons time, but it comes back, *always and all day.
Dánï Feb 2015
I'm trying to calculate how much I don't need you,
But I keep coming up with zero..
I'm trying to not want you,
But you've invaded and stuck to my necessities like crazy glue and I am crazy for you.
With you I'm a blue, a red, sometimes a lilac, too.

All the colors in the world, even the ones we haven't thought of,
All the droplets in the world no amount of Suns can dry up,
All the words I haven't wrote,
All the lines you have yet to quote,
All the shapes in the world we haven't sketched,
All the places that have yet to be felt,
All the sounds in the world you haven't emitted,
All the dreams we haven't dreamt-
Don't amount to what we are,
And though I ask that, I already know and am left in aw..
I don't mind the scar that is going to be left whether you stay or not,
These cheeks have been wet and with you it could be of happiness or of being forgot.

We both know I don't know what love is, you know I don't like that word and I don't know if I'm feeling it,
But it is what it is and it's far too late to quit this.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
And though this is said often I mean it.
I'll be everything you want me to be, (I rarely ask for anything) but please just teach me how-
Scratch that, all I ask for is patience,
Lead any way, babe, no doubt I'll always be down.

I want to help you grow and vice versa,
This us is timeless, baby, no circa.
Dánï Jan 2015
do not stand on unstable ground,
do not lean against a crumbling wall.
do not so much as look at a petal-less flower,
no, do not depend on me at all.
Dánï Jan 2015
To move things you have to have emotional muscle. You can't ask someone to love you and they don't have the emotional muscle to pick up your love.
Dr. Llaila Afrika
Dánï Jan 2015
Don’t** run along the bend,
Go down the road you cannot mend.
Don’t stop until you see the river form,
It's a sight that's sure to make you quiver even more.
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