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wounded words Dec 2016
1.Writer’s Block: “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing”
2.Writer’s Block: “a consoling phrase to get sympathy from others, who actually don’t give a (****) about your editor’s deadlines”

I’ve told you before I’m a night owl
It’s the longest part of the day and it was when I got to be loved by you.
I always wanted to try new things with you, but I didn’t have a headboard.
Maybe that was the whole problem.
I told myself the puppet strings would guide me,
But that’s not their purpose.

Where you’re going I can’t follow you
take me where your ocean finds it’s blue
But where you’re going- I can’t follow

i’ve sat here so many ******* times with a pen in my hands and
for the past 2 years i’ve been writing with invisible ink
They say writer’s block is temporary and as I’ve learned,
Everything is-
And I’m sorry.

To Whom It May Concern: the next 10 (?) parts never ******* mattered (besides you)
Sometimes the editor won’t be able to see the piece for what it really is and you see deadlines are a funny thing-
When you finally reach them,
they’re declared dead

But like they say,
Love is colder than death.
wounded words Jan 2015
They say deer only wander a few square miles their entire lives
And I am realizing now we are like that too-
You are like that.

You always said I had the eyes of the doe and maybe that's why you can't bring yourself to look me straight in the face during hunting season

Tell me why we are drunk on the idea that love is a game
To love and be loved
(To **** and be killed)

Every time I see you I must run before the shot is fired or
you will catch me
you will catch me
you will catch me

I'm running faster and faster until I can't tell which way is which
And you are hungry because your last catch just didn't do it for you

Tell me why am I the one

I'm convenient.

And right as you pull the trigger
I escape down the hill
I am gone
I am gone
I am gone

And I bet you didn't see the car coming by in time to block the bullet from ricocheting back into your chest
  Oct 2014 wounded words
Some stories are frozen in time,
           not even the strongest of flames can melt them*.
wounded words Oct 2014
You are the sun
And I am the moon.
I will chase you around this world for eternity-
*But you will never be caught
wounded words Aug 2014
Standing under the red oak tree and the leaves are falling for every sin we've ever committed
And if after 3 hours if  they are still falling don't be worried- for they will come down the rest of our lives and that is just how it will be

We can blame it on the whiskey,
we can blame it on the loneliness, we can blame it on the wonder but we cannot blame it on ourselves

I know
I can't  I can't I can't dance with you and here I am with your hands on my hips and your lips on my neck
Music replaces my thoughts and my worries are shaken out with every step I take and
you are mine you are mine
you are mine

I am not in love with you I never was I know someone who is
She always will be
Please go to her I am not her I never will be

I lost myself in you for 2 hours too long and you are running too fast for me to catch up

slow down slow down slow down
we are causing a scene and I am notorious for bringing the world crashing down

Smoke trails behind you as you run into the desert and as you look back I know I have committed the
worst crime of all

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
I must leave but before I forget:

I never wanted to be the reason behind that cigarette
wounded words Aug 2014
I don't know what love is and I'm not sure I'll ever know but your name is burning in the back of my throat and
I want you to take my body and rip my chest apart because it would feel better than the absence of your words
when we speak but nothing is said.

I couldn't tell you why I left because I'm still trying to figure that out and I'm losing you when I never had you.

I'm lying here in this bed thrashing where you would be and I don't know what to do with myself

I need you to say you'll calm me down but how is that possible if our skin has never even met
I don't know how long I can romanticize 189 miles and you're fading faster than the early morning fog and I don't know how to stop it

There's a lot of ******* things I don't know- but I know I don't want to go on with out you.

What have you done to me
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