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Mar 2021
Able to approach most any subject,
Abject or object
With cursory concerns,
Taking them as they come
Or they go,
The detail we all face and
Where do we go,
Seems to be almost
Caught in my throat.
As with each year that passes
The inevitable becomes
Nearer and my choices
Clearer but my convictions,
A bit more dull.
I sometimes wish for a warning, sort of a message of
My time is up,
Then say, no,
Make it quick, just turn
The lights out.
But, I'm guessing I have
No choice.
I'd like to die with a
Smile and a hard-on,
Or watching the love of my life's
Eyes glisten.
I want to be able to take humor
To the next level.
And turn over,
On the autopsy table
Giving the medical examiner
A good scare.
Or sit up in the casket and high five the crowd during my
Or expel air, just when they lower me into the ground.
So they winch
Me back up.
I'm guessing,
I won't do any of that.
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