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May 2021
Sober, for now
   Such beginnings reach a new high today, like never before
It didn't take a substance to get off
I inhaled nothing
Smoked squat,
    Was alone in my mind and
reality, set in. The calm clear eyed, looking at a clear sky,
Mid-day kind,
      How **** peace find its way there?
Could have been leftovers tripping or off- kilter stray endorphins, or serotonin somehow getting back through
The blocked numb receptors,
I give up.
It doesn't matter to me but I feel
Akin to some lab rat subject wired up and fed *******.
I truly might be.
It might all be just a hologram.
I'm game for any explanation
But quantum entanglement on a scale greater than  molecules or brain synapses or chemicals.
The whole experience was caused by me giving. Feeling empathy. Feeling a part of something more immense, instead of apart.
I'm rambling.
A better explanation, might have been in symbolism, perhaps that
Is the derivation of religion.
I just know, for a while
I was composed
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