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Nat Lipstadt Jan 2014
it's the little things
that please me

color coded my earbuds
so I know my right from my left
in the pitch black.

it's the little things
that please me,
and the big things
that defeat me.

I'm rich in itty-bittys

There are no definitions available for itty-bittys.
Did you mean:
itsy-bitsy titbits itty-bitty-butts?

all three, thanks for doing the writing for me.

gonna get me a big big closet,
a whole closet room,
to store my itty bittys teeny weeny
tidbits riches.

if I make it to
just can't find it on my calendar,
but every morning
I wake to big things
wishing me cruelly
i smoke the ******, people take a wiff
i cant tie ma shoes but i can *** yo *****
i walk that streets wit my boombastic reggae styl
we go to ma doops bungaloo and he says *** and stay a while
we find some bittys wit a fat *** and tell them theat they fine
they say we're creeps witout jobs we say they need some wine
turns out they werent down to *** like an assembly line

tired i go home down tha empty reggae street
i light tha ****, i light tha spliff till i cannot feel my feet
a car puls up i drop my cup they say to get in the backseat
im ****** about the cup it had my last brew and i want to drop a **
i owe them money i have none they brake ma kneecaps what fun
they throw me out the car, away i scurry
she got a big ***** so i call her big *****
Ja feel?

— The End —