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Hally wally Dec 2010
and so he said, ' What's on your mind?',
'The purpose of life I must find,
and yet the quest seemed to riddle the heart,
on to which place do i start ?.'
' Look deep within your soul,
there you shall find the truth, the path to your eternal goal.
Open you heart to me,
and you shall see.'
adele horn Jan 2012
Dear God
I know you are a crutch,
created by a scared species,
to make the dark nights warmer.

I know that millions of lives are spent,
in your name,
and of those other pray to.

I know people flock to buildings,
bruise their knees in abeisiance,
hoping for eternal life.

I know that millions fight for you,
thousands speak for you,
and none ever see you.

I know that the universe is vast,
complex and unknown,
but not created by you.

And yet,
it would be easy,
if I could clasp my hands together,
murmur words of needs longed for,
and recieve a miracle at my door.

Dear God,
If you had indeed been real:
Then the slavery of religion would disgust you,
your followers' grovelling would embarrass.
Teh demise of your word created,
would fire you into action.
To save us.
To guide us.
To teach us how to live.

In the absence of an allmighty,
all I see is a sentient species:
Bent of self-destruction.

There is no Divine in the **** of the infant girl.
Prosaic Sep 2011
He nurtured his love
as a delicate flower,
thought of it as from above,
like an allmighty power.

But love is not for one,
Could it ever be?-
She shot it with her gun
looking in the face of thee.

Time passed--
,and was wiping love's core
he felt the same,never more.

The heart with bullets was filled,
she remained near, to see if it is killed.

Emotional funeral,
Burial of thy heart,
she was standing there,
still beautiful like art.

She played the last card-
Glowing over 'its' grave,
she gave the last look
and with gentle hand,the last wave.
MKing Diagne Aug 2016
Life is a temporarily trip that
Only God can determine
The end. Things done in your lifetime
Impact on your other life that
Just your actions can help you .
Struggle to shake yourself in kindness way
And the Allmighty will offer you
Tomorrow to walk to the paradise way
The best ever poet
In this vast universe is
Corina Dec 2014
became human
helpless baby

and i will never
write a poem
or find the right words
to thank Him enough

— The End —