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Poetry is, feelings coming alive with words
Inked with permanence, on paper
Words wrapped in unique ideas and creativity
Every piece is open to as many interpretations
Leaving the mind, wanting more
Prolific poetry flowing from every poet’s pen
Keeping the souls of other poets, replenished
Poetic liberty gives us poets, to venture beyond
Weaving a web of magic with each word
Poets drinks from the well of creativity
Every century has given a rich legacy of poets
Poetry is in nature, for we poets can feel
It’s omnipresent in every incident of life
Sometimes sad, or philosophical, or satire
Funny and full of Love, or even hatred
Poetry can dig the depths of feelings
To create mellifluous literature
We are all bound by the threads of poetry
Dedicated to all the HP poets.
In a world of over 7billion people you'd be amazed by the amount of variety
but sadly most people are similar deep down
we have the same desires
hopes, dreams
most of us spend the weekends the same way
the majority of us like films
so on a large scale we are unique but on a smaller scale we are the same

In a world of over 7billion people
I would have thought more people would hold my attention, that they would surprise me
so when I do meet someone that catches me off guard
someone that is truly unique, someone that surprises me I do my best to keep them in my life
I trust them completely
and I will always be their for them.
Not many people but all my best friends started out as someone that caught my attention and surprised me.

People that surprise me, I try to keep in my life
I'm a friend to everyone but my best friends surprise me.
 Jun 2014 Wileh Kama

If I could come to you ..

be there for you
speak no words,
just hold you
in my arms,
place my hand in yours ..

I would

If I could be there ..

let you know
with my eyes
that all will be well,
just sit with you ..

I would

If I could be at your side

take your pain,
caress the hurt,
kiss your tears
with my hand on your heart ..

I would

 Jun 2014 Wileh Kama
Tark Wain
There were 100 people in a village  
One was a girl  
So beautiful  
She was decidedly the most beautiful among them  
The 99 others decided  
She made them feel ugly  
So she was sent away  
When all she wanted to do was stay  

There were 99 people in a village  
One was a girl  
So beautiful  
She was decidedly the most beautiful among them...
 Jun 2014 Wileh Kama
"do you miss me?"

i love the way your eyes
under the bright sunlight
and how they are like
little lighthouses,
beckoning me to come
because your eyes are my home.

i love the way your
auburn hair
looks like
burning gold when the light
hits you
at a 70 degree angle.

i love the
bear paw shaped birthmark
at the small of your back,
they remind of you,
because you felt like
a teddy bear.

i love how you laugh
like all the grievances in the world
have vanished
and so much happiness fills you,
that it spills out of your being
and infects me and the others around.

i love how you cry,
when you sit on the shower
and let the water hit you
and you brush it off as nothing
but i can still see the tear stains on your
cheeks afterwards
and the swollen eyes give you away
and you eventually fall into my arms
as i rock you gently,
telling you that you are strong
but strong people can't be strong
all the time.

and even when you left,
i loved you.
as i saw you walk away,
i loved you.

so tell me, how could i not miss you?

"no, I don't."
 Jun 2014 Wileh Kama
Just Remember
No Matter How Sad You Are
That Tomorrow Maybe More Brighter
Than Today

Just A Random 15w Poem!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!! ~~~<3
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