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Jul 2014
In a world of over 7billion people you'd be amazed by the amount of variety
but sadly most people are similar deep down
we have the same desires
hopes, dreams
most of us spend the weekends the same way
the majority of us like films
so on a large scale we are unique but on a smaller scale we are the same

In a world of over 7billion people
I would have thought more people would hold my attention, that they would surprise me
so when I do meet someone that catches me off guard
someone that is truly unique, someone that surprises me I do my best to keep them in my life
I trust them completely
and I will always be their for them.
Not many people but all my best friends started out as someone that caught my attention and surprised me.

People that surprise me, I try to keep in my life
I'm a friend to everyone but my best friends surprise me.
Craig Harrison
Written by
Craig Harrison  England
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