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We walk out into the cold icy day  and see all the ice people looking at us with a very cold stare whilst we hurry along the  ice paths.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and point towards a lake frozen over  nearby.
The horses tell us to follow them and we  slowly walk along the frozen lake and into a secluded forest way from the ice city.  After walking a few miles we find a secluded  cave of ice and settle down  for  a time to rest.  
After a few hours we wake up and walk through the snow forest to look for a way out.  We all walk  far into  this frozen forest and see  figures in the distance  that look like animals.  
I stand and look in terror to see they are and to my horror they are  wolves made of ice looking at us with a glare of terror in their cold eyes.  I tell lieutenant megs to walk slowly and keep close the horses whilst the wolves crawl along ready to jump on our bodies.  
The wolves follow us with intense  and towards a  wall of ice  and corner us  with their frozen tongues.  We both jump onto the horses backs and we ride over the wall and into  a frozen  garden which leads to a large building in the distance

We walk slowly towards the  building and see a show covered roof with ice walls all around it. A man made of ice  appears at the door of the building  with a stick of ice  and point us to go though.

The horses lead us through the door  and we all follow the  man  into a large room with a table made of snow  and  a throne of ice at the front of the room. I turn to  lieutenant megs and  she looks in amazement at the splendour of this palace of  ice.
We are all taken into this room to rest  and told to lay on ice beds whilst we sit and think about  what we have  come into and what our fate will be in the strange place
written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler
journey to snow moutain
We all wake up in this great palace of ice and look around for the man to appear. I turn towards lieutenant megs to comfort her and the ice figure appears in strange clothing dressed like a wizard.

He stands  in front of us and says he is the ice wizard and wants to leads us through the ice forest  towards a place called snow mountain.

We all walk out through the palace and into the cold winter of the ice world.  The wizard tells us to follow him down a pathway of ice towards the gates of frozen eternity.

I start to walk along the path with lieutenant megs and the horses following the ice wizard  moving through ice trees with  snow leaves hanging down from our heads.  

The wizard leads us through the path towards the gate of eternity  and we all enter into the  core of the ice forest.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and comfort her with protective arms.  

We all walk through the forest  being lead by the wizard of  ice and into the cauldron of terror.  Walking through the forest of snow  we hear sounds coming deep  from the forest  depths  and see a large figure coming towards us.

The wizard tells us to run fast towards  an ice covering in the forest because the ice dragon has seen us.  We  hide in the  forest  and are protected by the horses force field until the ice  dragon has passed  .  The wizard warns us if the dragon see us we will be frozen by the dragons fire of ice  and never return home.

After a few minutes  we move on through the ice forest  and reach the gate of snow mountain but see other figures  watching us in the cold  sun of ice city.  The figures appear to be  ice  bears  with large ice teeth and green eyes  glare at our bodies with extreme intent

The ice wizard gives us a special key of ice to  open the gates but we struggle to open it because the lock is frozen stiff with the ice. The horses blow hot air from their mouths onto the key and it glows red  and ready  to  open the gates.  We enter into snow mountain and see  mystical place of ice beauty snow covered landscape.

The wizard waves to us  goodbye saying  be very aware and tells the horses to protect us from the perils of snow mountain  The wizard then waves at us and moves up into the frozen sky flying across the ice cold  sky and back to his home at ice palace.

We look up at ice mountain before laying down  and resting  wondering what will happen to us while we move up the  massive mountain of snow  that leads high above the clouds and into space

written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler
wayne mockler Feb 25
the hell of winter snow

We walk in snow over hills  and moutains high  with our feet pushing through the  long flakes that penatrates our soul  making us  shiver   within a deep  snowfall. Our bodies freeze whilst we push  our hands through the snow and try to escape  with our lives while we struggle with the cold  temperature of  the deadly  frost of evil  the covers the country for an eternity of life.
We hunger for food and look throgh the deep snow  and  search for food and shelter from  the harsh wind of the east.  Our bodies   carry on  walking  to  the cry of  a desert land looking for  the light  and the warmth of summer  in all its glory.
We search  for weeks and months  in the  hell of winter looking for summer  to begin and see the birds  run around the grass in search of  food  and  hear them sing  high in the trees. The  people of winter   wait for the summer  to  start  and see the sun beam down  on  a  horrible  and miserable winter  storm that has   pushed mankind down  and held us in its grip  in the  this   horror of  life with no money and hunger to  pave our path
The final day has come we sing  and dance  with the warm  and caring sun has come  to smile upon us and  bring is happines  and laughter for all humanity  and  animals alike.  We  give thanks to our sun  and  sit back and enjoy  its love  and tenderness until the cold of winter comes  back for all to see
written by wayne mocker
copyright and ownership wayne mockler
wayne mockler Feb 25
The  modern slave  

We al stand and cheer with every  life we see always helping others and making sure love and life  comes to all those who wait.  Live is life is everything but hope is hard to find  while the man walks down a ragged road earning every penny  pushing his  hands down the  ***** pit  of life.
A woman walks into the despair of  work and sees  a  life of slavery in every respect  working for a poor wage and down by a manager that loves ttheri money and power of sitting and thowing their hands about  and mouth opens uttering words  of of anger   and hate.  the woman works her  shift  and  and falls onto a   bed of exaustion abd ready for  night to end and day to begin  another  miserable  pit of salve  at the  shop of hell.
A couple walk in  to the  hell of  hope and look around with their gold rings and  smile of  greed while they look around at the poor souls  of despair working  for a  whip of  greed. The couple  walks towards their  big limousine  and thow the odd change at the beggar across the road and inot  the car back to their manson of love and money of cold to sit back and laugh at the worlds misfortune  of life.

produced and written by wayne mockler
copyright wayne mocker
wayne mockler Feb 25
The forest way

Walk along the forset with his  heat thunping  along a narrow path  way  across a   flowing stream of  water  and down a  step hill  among the trees of forever life looking at the crisp sky of  light. Standing upon the edge  he looks down at the flowing river  of  fish jumping  and  sliding  and  flashing  and crashing  into the  rocks  of a forest way. He looks aroud to hear a sound  of hope from the echo of a forest  way stand their is his maiden  and love of his life  to save him from despair  slowly  pushing him into her ams and taking him to her side and far way into the light of day laying him down to rest   and  keeping him safe from  the  rivers and  rocks of the forset way.  
produced and written by wayne mockler
wayne mockler Feb 25
The   indian tribe  

The carrage rides into  the town while look out amongst the plain of the land the hills that  stand high into  the sky and  the sun beams down on our horse drawn carage while we  roll down  the  enbankment  towards the city of   hope.
  The sound of war cry can be heard  while we look out in  to the western planes and  our guns fire out into the distant  land Indians can been seen pushing our horses into the  ground while the carrage comes to a grinding halt high into the mountains and away from the town of  heavenly  hope.
We get out of the carrage  and line up  along the  rocks of evil  whilst the indians look with  intent at our misfortune  while we stand in terror  and wonder what outcome will be and think of our loving family in this terror of the west . The indians walk up and down our group  and ponder their  next move.  
The indians single out  a  man  and woman in our group and holding out  their ponted  fingers take them away from us  behind a large  rock of shame.   Our eyes  beam with terror and shame    while  we hear screams coming from behind this massive rock.  The indians come back  with a twisted and satisfied  look on their  faces holding the clothing of the  man and woman and two sets  of hair that belong to each person.  
We look in disgust at the indians at  what  they have done to our fellow humans . We are then  escorted away from the rock and down towards  the tribe of terror thousands of indians  in the valley await our arrival  and our hearts  drop  with shame  and  terror waiting for our fate with terror in our eyes
written by wayne mockler
copyright ownership wayne mockler
wayne mockler Feb 25
The  star in the sky and the aliens  march

The star  in the sky shines  into the midst of a summer nights   glory of the sky  of love  making waves into the mist of  the  midnight sky. Travel like the speed of sound    though a great universe  upon a time travel into space to a great land of unknown  hope and  spear itself  high into a  land forgotten  and unknown by life.  
A  alien stands out from the crowds as it looks  into the great unknown from  its  sparkling and  radient   craft and looks out to wander and watch among the deadly night holding out  its  flashing  and  jumping hands  it  covers the world with its eyes  watch it   peer out from a moonlight  sky   looking and signals  with its powerful  robust  arms  thousands of  aliens descend  upon our dear land   to ravage and  probe and clutch our  people hiding in sheltered lands

produced and written  by wayne mockler
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