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wayne mockler Apr 2020
The golden goddess looks around the cold dark house of horrors and see a large light shining from a room upstairs. The  golden warriors follow the horses up the stairs to look  at the bight light ad a large tunnel in a bright red room.

A frantic golden goddess leads  our army up towards the room while the black creatures begin to break down the cold doors of evil.  At that point the gargoyles fly down from the large black  mountain  and start to attack our brave bodies in the house.

We all quickly run down the  dimly lit tunnel towards another  bright light below. the evil black creatures begin coming up the stairs firing laser shots at our warriors  heads. Our army manages  to blow some of the dark creatures apart with  our glowing cyber swords of hate while running down the tunnel.

After reaching the end of the tunnel  we become trapped inside this big green world of plants and trees everywhere. The dark creatures turn back halfway down  the tunnel laughing at our warriors of hope.

All of a sudden  thousands of green goblins appear in front of us surrounding our full army with hate and anger across their deep red faces. We are all made to stand in a line on the  green grass of  goblin land.

The gremlins point their  big machine guns of hate at our bodies making us throw our weapons on the cold  green grass of horror.  An army of gremlins  march us down towards a bubbling orange river  and make us all strip to the smiling hordes of other goblin creatures.

I look in to the eyes of luitent megs while four goblin monsters force  the underwear off her shaken body. we are all made to sit in a big steel cage of horror while the goblins lead tow naked  warriors to a long  blue pole.
The golden goddess and her army watch while the  goblins begin to cut off each finger of the brave warriors  hand. We all scream anger at the goblins while they  begin cutting the poor souls  faces off with a large glowing red sword.

A disgusted golden goddess screams in terror while the bodies fall to the the floor faceless with eyes and noses lying in the thick mud of evil. The horses  bounce up and down in anger at the goblins evil  tricks of horror.

We all  lay down in the damp cold smelly cage of hatred  while the big blue moon shines over the world of the goblins.  The green goblins guards sit and watch our defeated bodies in cold cage of hate.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
adult horror
wayne mockler Apr 2020
The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors
after arriving at the big golden pirate ship of torture we are made to walk along the black plank to board the grisly ship.  The horses look around the deck while the evil pirates watch with nasty and wicked eyes of hate towards our bodies.

All of a sudden hundreds of ghostly pirates appear from their  city of spikes and watch  us on the devils deck of terror.  The patch eyed monster with one leg then shouts towards a dark room on the ships deck while the other creatures jump and scream with a mist pint of froth in  their red hands.

The golden  goddess screams in terror when a dark figure wearing a purple hat walks out on the red deck of horrors.  We all look in horror when the rest of the pirates  chain our army towards  the ships  rails of torture.

i comfort luitent megs with my outreached arm while the dark pirate figure without a nose  and mouth pulls out it jagged  red swords  of horror at our trembling bodies.  The golden goddess stares inside its deep purple eyes while it pulls two  warriors out  from the carnage.

The horses plead for mercy while the  creature drags then towards a small dark corner of the ship.  One of the warriors is then tied down on a long plank of wood while the other pirates begin to move forward towards her shaken bodies.

An angry golden goddess try's to break free from the chains of torture while the other brave warrior try's to save the poor old woman warriors body.  We weep with anger when the pirates begin to rip her golden uniform off revealing her  lacy white old underwear of modesty.

The pirate monsters then quickly surround the shaken mature  woman  and ripping  her underwear off with ease. We listen the the pirate creatures howl with pleasure  whilst exploring her naked body.

Two of the pirates hold her head down while  the ******* pirate  pulls out its small flashing blade and cuts off  her nose  while she scream in terror.  The other pirates then keep her head very still while the creature begins to cut her mouth and lips off while blood fires up across the ships cold dark deck.

A sick golden goddess then begins to throw up when the black pirate holds the woman's golden lips  in the air for all the other pirates to see  and enjoy. We all sink into a dark huddle when the  other warrior is pinned down and sliced open by the black  pirates  sword of horror.

The horses tremble and shake when the other  warrior is pinned by down by fifteen pirate creatures for the black demon pirate pleasure. We all look with open eyes when the demon black pirate carefully removes hes golden genitals and ***** for the screaming warrior.

We are all then taken below deck towards a long  black freezing jail while the pirates party  and drink on spike city of evil horrors.  The horses sit and wonder how to escape  the evil city while the rest of us lay down in the dark  cells of torture.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors part 2

After a long few hours in the cold dark cells of horror the  evil pirates bring us up on deck while all the other creatures watch  from pirate land of evil. The golden goddess and her army are led out first onto the golden ships deck with  me and luiteant  megs, white tiger and horses behind us.

We shiver and shake when we notice the plank of torture  hanging over the cold red water of evil.  One of the dark pirates comes towards our cold tired bodies and looks at us with  its green eyes of evil while its flowing  hair of snakes shines at our clouded minds of terror.

The golden goddess speaks out towards a smiling one eyed captain before being ******* with rope on a ships pole.  We be the captain for mercy but he's monster pull out two golden warriors and makes them stand near the long plank of wood.

One of the golden warriors is forced to walk the long dark plank while others look on in terror and suspense. The horses try and break free from their handcuffs but get beat down by  the evil pirate creatures of horror

A scared and  terrified warrior stands in the middle of the plank until a giant black figure emerges from the deep red river. The figure a shark with five heads and axe tail jumps at the golden warrior leaving a big deep cut on his forehead with golden blood flowing out everywhere.

I hold a terrified luitent megs tight while his head ***** open in the cold dark night of spike city.  The horses hold onto a shaking white tiger while the creature dives back in the deep red water.

The shark  monster  then jumps again but this time cutting the warriors head off while making the golden blood pour over the dark plank of wood.  The golden goddess begs for mercy until the pirates surround the fighting body of torture with eyes transfixed on her large ******* with glee.

We tell the pirates to keep of her  until  a black pirate with one arm begins to unbutton  her golden  blouse with ease.  The other creatures get closer towards her blushing red cheeks while the dark pirate begins to release the red buttons and exposing her large  ******* to cheers from the ***** pirates  creatures.

After getting  touched and explored by all the evil pirates a crying golden goddess is carried towards spike city drinking saloon along with the other golden warriors. We are  made  to follow behind a guard of pirates while the horses and white tiger  are chained up in the cages of hell.

Once in the drinking den of horror we are made to sit on big long stool while the pirates  strip a red faced golden goddess naked  while the captain watches with a barrel of ***.  we are then taken back towards the dark cage in spike city and locked up with the horses and white tiger.

We look over at the  other big cage from hell and see the army of golden warriors laid down  from the fight on hell.  The horses tend to to a distraught golden goddess with their warm fur of hope and look for a way to escape this hell hole.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

The torture on the golden ship of evil horrors part 3

After a long night of drinking and laughing the dark pirates settle down under a mist of red sky of horrors.  We sit alone in our  cold dark cage until the  purple light of sunlight shines though the next morning.

The pirate creature wake and walk around the dark spike city of horror until another ship sails in under a tunnel of torture towards the dark city's lights.  A scared golden goddess looks out and sees another pirate ship with orange sails come into spike  harbour.

We cringe with horror when the dark pirates cheer the ship while an orange pirate with six arms stands on its deck.  The  big green and blue ship then settles in harbour while the six armed orange creatures jump out and walk around the scared golden warriors cage.

A sadistic dark pirate captain  then unlocks the cage and drags out tow more golden warriors screaming and kicking for survival. The disgusting black captain then throws one of our heroes to the  orange horrors of lust.

The horses bang and shout at the dark pirate captain  until the orange creatures carry  the golden warrior woman towards a cold dark table of hate.  we listen to her screams while the pirates begin to cut open her golden uniform from to to bottom.

An angry golden goddess screams with anger when the creatures mange to prize open her golden bra  and ripping it off with loud screams of joy  from the other drunken pirates.  She blushes  red with horror when the  creatures  slip down her golden thong causing the  pirates to go wild with excitement.

We sit and watch with anger when the pirates begin  to touch her naked body all over while he screams in anger and hatred. The  creatures then carry her naked body towards the  creatures drinking saloon  of evil.

I hold and comfort luitent megs while the cheer's get higher and higher  followed by a dull silence. All of a sudden two evil  orange pirates  bring out her golden head before sticking in on a long pole near the river.

The golden goddess screams and kicks with anger at the glowing guards while  the other golden warrior is dragged inside the saloon of horror.  We then suddenly hear high pitched screams coming from the warrior inside until a pirate shouts yes in a loud clear voice.

Another  four pirates of evil walk out holding various  parts of the mans body in their glowing  hands of golden blood. The horses bury their heads in the  cage corner whilst the  creatures throw s his head and legs inside a big dark plastic bag of evil.

We all sit alone in the dark  cage of evil  while the orange and black  creatures toast and dance in the  cold evil  saloon of hatred.  The golden goddess and horses look around the dark cage wondering how to escape from the torture of the creatures hands.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
adult horror
wayne mockler Apr 2020
The strike of the rainbow warriors
After a few hours in the dark cages of horror we suddenly see a sharp light in the sky of evil. The golden goddess notices another ship coming towards the devils spike city.

At that moment the orange and black pirates run towards their  ships in dock and sound a long dark horn of terror. The golden goddess notices a large rainbow type ship sailing in firing laser rays at the pirates vessels of evil.

The ship sets into the dock of spike city while  some remaining  pirates get cut down and captured with blue laser nets of torture.  Our eyes  open with horror when  rainbow type creatures with bows and arrows jump out of the ship and circle our cages of horror.

A few of the black  pirate in the purple bushes try and shoot the rainbow warriors but get cut down with their laser fast arrows.  The commander of the rainbow warriors suddenly jumps down from the  ship and lifts up the cages with power and  ease while the warriors round up the captured pirates.

I comfort a shaking luitent megs while the commander shakes our hands before releasing the other golden warriors from their dark cage.  The horses bow their heads towards the commander while the golden goddess looks with hope in her beaten heart.

All of a sudden two rainbow warriors march out a swearing and aggressive woman  holding a long jagged sword and pirates armband. The rainbow warriors quickly zap her evil body  and hold her down tightly .  The golden goddess goes  over for a better look while her long tongue  of nails  cuts of a warriors head off  with ease.

The rainbow warriors  chop her evil tongue off with a swipe of the rainbow sword  before pinning her to the cold ground. two of the warriors then begin to peel  her black  dress of horror off while  other rainbow braves flock around.

A curious golden goddess peeps though for a better look while the warriors are  undoing her  small black studded bra of terror. The goddess looks on with a smile and twinkle while she screams in anger at her ******* bouncing in the dark cold night.

All of a sudden the commander comes inside the circle of torture  and begins removing her  devilish red ******* while the  warriors cheer and scream.  The golden goddess looks  on with  a content smile while  the  warriors chop her body up into bit with their  glowing swords.

After a few minutes the rest of the pirates are shot and executed with laser bouts  while we all sit watch with open mouths of  horror.  The commander then takes us aboard the rainbow ship of safety  while the pirates come back to evil spike city with four more pirate ships of torture.

We all sail across the red  evil sea towards a big large rainbow in the glowing  yellow sky whilst  being followed by two black  pirate ships.  Once we reach  through  the rainbows end we begin to notice the water  turning bright pink  and the pirate ships turning  back towards the red river of horror.

A relived golden goddess  turns towards her army and smiles while we we all jump about on the rainbow ship of safety.  I hold luitent megs tight in my arms while the green moon sets across the  blue landscape in the distance.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
adult poem
wayne mockler Apr 2020
The strike of the rainbow warriors part 2
We arrive in the  rainbow  land of mystery and see lots of rainbow people watching us while the  bight coloured green ship lands in the dock.  The golden goddess watches with delight when a golden sheet is laid down for  us to  walk upon.

The crowd  roars in laughter while our golden army is  taken down towards the big bright palace of illusions to meet the king of rainbow land.  After reaching the palace a guard dressed in bight orange  takes us through towards a big golden study.

A  confused white tiger looks around the strange bright  palace and starts  to feel very scared all of sudden at something in the air .  We all comfort the white tiger  while its mouth drops with shock at the moving roof above our bodies and the strange atmosphere .

All of a sudden  the king of the rainbow people walks in and stands next to his gold desk of power holding his bright hands towards the roof .  I hug luitent megs while the horses seem to become more concerned and unsure about the strange king  while the room begins to spin about.

The golden goddess suddenly grabs a door handle to escape but get thrown down upon the golden carpet by some sort of strange force .  At that moment the room becomes a mist of surprise and the windows have become metal shields of terror while we begin to run about looking for a means of escape .

We all stand in shock when the king transform's  into a large  pumpkin monster and his  bodyguards have  become  large fire breathing  dragon men with long  spiked tails.  The horses kick out at the dragon men's  bodies while they try and beat us down  but gets zapped by the king  laser gun of hatred .

The dragon men then escort us all towards another room with  yellow walls  while  the pumpkin king  throws  some magic powder over our scared  bodies of terror.  we promise to reveal the kings  secret to the rainbow people until a smiling  red witch with golden hair appears in the room and    says we will evaporate into dust  powder if we reveal  the secret  of the  pumpkin king.

All of a sudden a door opens and we are ****** out  inside the rainbow city with thousands of rainbow warriors cheering and clapping at our golden army.  We look with disbelief  while a  guard of rainbow people escort us towards our bight red hotel of multicoloured  glass.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
horror adult
wayne mockler Mar 2019
We walk out into the cold icy day  and see all the ice people looking at us with a very cold stare whilst we hurry along the  ice paths.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and point towards a lake frozen over  nearby.
The horses tell us to follow them and we  slowly walk along the frozen lake and into a secluded forest way from the ice city.  After walking a few miles we find a secluded  cave of ice and settle down  for  a time to rest.  
After a few hours we wake up and walk through the snow forest to look for a way out.  We all walk  far into  this frozen forest and see  figures in the distance  that look like animals.  
I stand and look in terror to see they are and to my horror they are  wolves made of ice looking at us with a glare of terror in their cold eyes.  I tell lieutenant megs to walk slowly and keep close the horses whilst the wolves crawl along ready to jump on our bodies.  
The wolves follow us with intense  and towards a  wall of ice  and corner us  with their frozen tongues.  We both jump onto the horses backs and we ride over the wall and into  a frozen  garden which leads to a large building in the distance

We walk slowly towards the  building and see a show covered roof with ice walls all around it. A man made of ice  appears at the door of the building  with a stick of ice  and point us to go though.

The horses lead us through the door  and we all follow the  man  into a large room with a table made of snow  and  a throne of ice at the front of the room. I turn to  lieutenant megs and  she looks in amazement at the splendour of this palace of  ice.
We are all taken into this room to rest  and told to lay on ice beds whilst we sit and think about  what we have  come into and what our fate will be in the strange place
written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler
wayne mockler Mar 2019
journey to snow moutain
We all wake up in this great palace of ice and look around for the man to appear. I turn towards lieutenant megs to comfort her and the ice figure appears in strange clothing dressed like a wizard.

He stands  in front of us and says he is the ice wizard and wants to leads us through the ice forest  towards a place called snow mountain.

We all walk out through the palace and into the cold winter of the ice world.  The wizard tells us to follow him down a pathway of ice towards the gates of frozen eternity.

I start to walk along the path with lieutenant megs and the horses following the ice wizard  moving through ice trees with  snow leaves hanging down from our heads.  

The wizard leads us through the path towards the gate of eternity  and we all enter into the  core of the ice forest.  I turn towards lieutenant megs and comfort her with protective arms.  

We all walk through the forest  being lead by the wizard of  ice and into the cauldron of terror.  Walking through the forest of snow  we hear sounds coming deep  from the forest  depths  and see a large figure coming towards us.

The wizard tells us to run fast towards  an ice covering in the forest because the ice dragon has seen us.  We  hide in the  forest  and are protected by the horses force field until the ice  dragon has passed  .  The wizard warns us if the dragon see us we will be frozen by the dragons fire of ice  and never return home.

After a few minutes  we move on through the ice forest  and reach the gate of snow mountain but see other figures  watching us in the cold  sun of ice city.  The figures appear to be  ice  bears  with large ice teeth and green eyes  glare at our bodies with extreme intent

The ice wizard gives us a special key of ice to  open the gates but we struggle to open it because the lock is frozen stiff with the ice. The horses blow hot air from their mouths onto the key and it glows red  and ready  to  open the gates.  We enter into snow mountain and see  mystical place of ice beauty snow covered landscape.

The wizard waves to us  goodbye saying  be very aware and tells the horses to protect us from the perils of snow mountain  The wizard then waves at us and moves up into the frozen sky flying across the ice cold  sky and back to his home at ice palace.

We look up at ice mountain before laying down  and resting  wondering what will happen to us while we move up the  massive mountain of snow  that leads high above the clouds and into space

written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler
wayne mockler Feb 2019
the hell of winter snow

We walk in snow over hills  and moutains high  with our feet pushing through the  long flakes that penatrates our soul  making us  shiver   within a deep  snowfall. Our bodies freeze whilst we push  our hands through the snow and try to escape  with our lives while we struggle with the cold  temperature of  the deadly  frost of evil  the covers the country for an eternity of life.
We hunger for food and look throgh the deep snow  and  search for food and shelter from  the harsh wind of the east.  Our bodies   carry on  walking  to  the cry of  a desert land looking for  the light  and the warmth of summer  in all its glory.
We search  for weeks and months  in the  hell of winter looking for summer  to begin and see the birds  run around the grass in search of  food  and  hear them sing  high in the trees. The  people of winter   wait for the summer  to  start  and see the sun beam down  on  a  horrible  and miserable winter  storm that has   pushed mankind down  and held us in its grip  in the  this   horror of  life with no money and hunger to  pave our path
The final day has come we sing  and dance  with the warm  and caring sun has come  to smile upon us and  bring is happines  and laughter for all humanity  and  animals alike.  We  give thanks to our sun  and  sit back and enjoy  its love  and tenderness until the cold of winter comes  back for all to see
written by wayne mocker
copyright and ownership wayne mockler
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